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Writers' Cafe / Facebook ads during kindle countdown deal
« on: May 09, 2018, 07:47:05 AM »
The kindle countdown deal for "The Ancient Tripod of Peace" is this week. Have a few promotions stacked on the weekdays and it is having its best week, though modest by some posts I've seen.

Question is on running facebook ads and bid prices - how high to go. The facebook ad I have isn't spending its daily, but the CPC won't cover the amount paid per copy even if 100% if I go higher. With other promotions running, is it worth it for the "deal week" to run it higher anyway?

Writers' Cafe / Bowker ISBN's without pdf upload required?
« on: February 17, 2018, 06:42:19 PM »
Admittedly, has been awhile since assigning ISBN's from myidentifiers, but it never asked for pdf upload of file this time. Did require jpg cover. Not sure if glitch on the site or things have changed that much since several years ago. In processing now.

Anyone else use this recently?

While still waiting for final decision from kindle scout on ebook publication, went ahead and reworked description for paperback version of novel (and possibly ebook if self-pub as is likely). The description is for "The Ancient Tripod of Peace." Let me know what you think of the description -

Teens Lexi and Gil face relic-thieving secret societies.

Plagued by loneliness, vegan Lexi hopes to make like-minded friends in high school. But, her dad's job is jeopardized when relics are stolen from his museum, changing her priorities. And she wonders why her new teachers dislike her.

His dad in jail, cipher enthusiast Gil hopes freshman year will provide a clean slate. But, hiding a secret of his own while paired with Lexi, he discovers secret codes within a Shakespearean play. Finding the code embroils them in a mystery with family already involved.

The teen sleuths join forces during the burglary investigation. The secret societies' activities center near an aviary housing majestic birds in the Lake Erie Islands community. The societies' factions fight over a powerful relic, the stolen Tripod of Peace.

Lexi holds an age-old key the thieves will attack for. Gil's quick thinking may not be enough to keep the teen duo safe. What chance can young adult sleuths have when criminals wield an instrument of astounding power that can be used against them?

The Ancient Tripod of Peace is the first book in novelist Kalen Cap's Teen Thief-Catchers Series. If you like stories with artifact treasures, thieving and fighting secret societies, and spunky protagonists, you'll love this novel.

Grab your copy of The Ancient Tripod of Peace today and join Lexi and Gil in this enthralling adventure.

July 26th is the final day my debut novel is free via the KDP Select program at Amazon.

I'm within 10% of goal of giving away 5000 copies via free downloads to date.

Writers' Cafe / Launch scheduling - feedback sought
« on: February 15, 2012, 12:54:29 PM »
My thinkng about my upcoming launch for my first novel has changed a bit recently. The schedule I'm thinking about now is - 

KDP Select on Kindle digital exclusive for the first three months.

Launch the physical book about midway during the KDP select time (primarily via Createspace and Amazon, though have own physical copies as well).

Then after the three months have a broader digital launch (possibly via

Sometime during all of that, formally schedule a virtual blog tour.

It isn't like I have a lot of financial resources for the author services involved in that, but I'm even more strapped on time resources. Particularly, considering all the concurrent posts and activites involved.

Hoping those with more experience can give me a heads up if that sequence sounds like it would basically be okay for a first novel. I realize there are no guarnatees and a lot depends on the individual author's resources, experiences, and proclivities. I'm simply trying to be sure that sequence makes sense with the current self-publsihing framework.

Personally, I'm partial to not launching the physical book the same time as the first Kindle launch in order to not overload both sets of tasks involved at exactly the same time. But, I understand more experienced folks may see those as better if coiciding.

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