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Hi everyone
I am a welshman living in Scotland. 12 years ago I gave up my business to concentrate on my writing. With 11 books in print I have a good following here in the UK and have been proactive at getting out and meeting people.  I do agricultural shows, Christmas Fayres, Rotary and Book club talks. It works but its hard going. We really only started promoting e-books about Christmas - to be honest I feel like a bit of a dummy. I am not even sure how to use this forum. I tried yesterday to get all my jackets in the signature and failed miserably. My 23 year old son is coming tomorrow so it will be a case of!!!

Anyway, I am excited to be here and want to tell you about my free book A Million Tears, this weekend.  The book is about America at the turn of the century. From the hardship and poverty of Wales in 1890, it is about  the Griffiths family and their journey to succeed in the new country.  It is the first of 4 books about the family which is written against the backdrop of the early 20th century in Europe and the US.  
I hope you download it and see what you think.

I have read some of the other threads and I like the supportive nature of what is being said.  I have one of my titles with a mainstream publisher and they have done very little to promote this (they haven't even got it on Kindle even though my wife offered to do it for them). Thank goodness I still have all the rights of my other titles.  

I hope to be a regular here and while I am a luddite with a lot of the social media and online stuff we have done well at off-site promotion and I am happy to share ideas on this. For example our local paper Stirling Observer yesterday did an article on the free download for this weekend. We do lots of Press Releases - it is amazingly easy to get into your local papers. (you can see the link to the press article on my website).

Thanks for reading this and any tips will be most welcome

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