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Writers' Cafe / NetGalley's new privacy policy #GDPR
« on: May 24, 2018, 06:06:44 AM »
That they're selling our email addresses to third parties. The new privacy statement that they force all members to agree to includes that they'll use your email address to
To communicate with you about offers and promotions offered by NetGalley and others we think will be of interest to you, solicit your feedback, or keep you up to date on NetGalley and our products;

Sorry, no. I already get an epic crapton of spam, don't need more. Plus Netgalley has been getting less and less member-centric, so I bid them adieu.

edited title to reflect email from NetGalley.

I'll be there, and if you're attending, be sure to stop by and see me. Here's my schedule:

5/24: LL Exhibitor Hall 6 - Booth 1566/1568 /w Bard's Tower 5PM - 8PM
5/25: LL Exhibitor Hall 6 - Booth 1566/1568 /w Bard's Tower 10AM - 7PM
5/25: N 126C "Marching Orders" panel: 1:30 - 2:30PM (with Scalzi, Ikenberry, Neuvel, and Snodgrass)
5/25: N 120CD "Drinks with authors" ($ /18+) 8:00 - 9:00PM
5/26: LL Exhibitor Hall 6 - Booth 1566/1568 /w Bard's Tower 10AM - 7PM
5/27: LL Exhibitor Hall 6 - Booth 1566/1568 /w Bard's Tower 10AM - 5PM

I'm also playing Magic: the Gathering tournaments on Fri & Sat

Other authors with me at the Bard's Tower booth:
Jody Lynn Nye
Mercedes Lackey
L.E. Modesitt
Melinda Snodgrass
Larry Dixon
Alan Dean Foster
D.J. Butler
Brian Lee Durfee
Christopher Husberg
Kevin Ikenberry
Amity Green
Kuta Marler

Bought some used paper books and they reek of cigarette smoke. Any tips on getting the stank out of these books?

Writers' Cafe / Italian translation spot proofreading needed
« on: May 07, 2018, 02:40:29 PM »
Hello, everyone. I had my short story translated into Italian, and normally I get a good vibe from the translator/translation, but I'm suspect on this one. Can someone check out a translation for me and reassure me that it's good, or steer me away? The entire story is only 14,000 words, and I don't need the whole thing checked out, just spot checks.

Writers' Cafe / I'm sad - one-star review missing
« on: April 26, 2018, 10:45:01 AM »
So, I had a vitriolic one-star review of my wuxia novel, Champion Standing. The reviewer basically accused me of appropriating Chinese culture for profit, and that the entire book was an offense to Chinese people everywhere. Today, I went to show it to a screenwriter friend of mine, and I discovered that the review is missing! I loved that review that I was able to get such a response to my writing, but alas, it's gone. I wish that I'd done a screen shot...

Writers' Cafe / Chinese numbered chapters & wrap-around advice
« on: April 15, 2018, 06:48:15 AM »
Look at that! The Chinese characters show up instead of a question mark inside a diamond.

I'm working on formatting my wuxia novel, and I have a question about chapter numbering/headers.

What is the functional difference between 第十三章 and 章十三 ? They both say "chapter 13," and 章十三 is recognized by my writing software, but the translators used 第十三章.

Would a Chinese reader care? Is one more acceptable than the other?

Followup question:
How is pagination in a Chinese book? The writing software just uses Arabic numeration. Is this correct?

Here's the draft wrap for the paperback. Suggestions? (obviously, ignore the Portuguese book description.)

Writers' Cafe / prequel cover advice (branding and/or art)
« on: April 08, 2018, 08:29:25 AM »
Hey, everyone. I recently wrote a prequel to Days Until Home- the collaborative space disaster I did with Greg Dragon and David Kristoph. It's a short story, and I used a bunch of stock and creative commons art to put together this cover. In order to make the branding consistent, I've matched the fonts and positioning from the full-length novel. Is my attempt at cover design good enough? What colors should I consider for the title and author name?

The name of my story is actually Sundered Rock, but I'm hoping I can convince Greg and David to do their own prequel short stories, and the key is that they all take place in and/or around Luna Station, so the title could also be "Sundered Rock" if they both decline. If it were to be "Sundered Rock," then the title would be more similar to Days Until Home, with "sundered" being a smaller font, and "rock" being larger like "home" is in the other cover.

Writers' Cafe / Hardcover back color scheme help!
« on: April 08, 2018, 08:17:24 AM »
I'm toying with the idea of swapping the art for the hard cover of War of the Worlds: Retaliation to maybe make it prettier. I'm having problems with text color of the back cover endorsements. It just doesn't look right to me. So my question for the hive mind is two-fold: 1. Is the new green/blue cover more exciting than the orange cover that's now a year old? 2. Suggestions on what color to make the fonts on the bank cover and/or back flap.

Sigh. I knew to stay away from KDP print. As if not having expanded distribution wasn't enough...

So I decided as a method to test KDP print, I would transfer the two paperbacks that have been translated into non-English so that they will show up on the KDP dashboard as sales for better accounting. I don't sell a lot of these books digitally, and paperback sales are practically nonexistent.

Monday of last week, I migrated the Spanish Dieciséis Ocasos, translated by Tizzy, and the German Krieg Der Welten: Vergeltung, translated by Frank Dietz to KDP print. They both transferred fine, I reviewed them, etc. Dieciséis Ocasos was available for sale the next day. Krieg Der Welten: Vergeltung reverted to draft. I'm like WTF? So I review it again, and I can't see any reason why it's draft. So I complete the process again.

I check this morning, and Krieg Der Welten: Vergeltung is draft again. WTF? I call Amazon. Of course getting transferred to KDP is the biggest pain in the arse. None of the amazon call center scripts know how to deal with someone wanting to be transferred to KDP. Sigh. I finally work my way up to a supervisor that has a clue, and she transfers me to KDP. The print department is closed on the weekends. Createspace is open on the weekends... I guess we're just not supposed to have any issues on Saturday or Sunday.

Well, I go through my spam folder, and see that at 23:21 yesterday, they emailed me saying that the pagination is incorrect for Krieg Der Welten: Vergeltung. Presumably, there should be another email for from Tuesday, but no email could be found. So, I check the PDF of Krieg Der Welten: Vergeltung. Usually pagination issues are in the front of the book, or the back of the book. I start in the back because I've been known to insert a blank page front and back to separate the story from the back matter, or to further separate sections in the back matter... nope, all the pages line up... Off to the front. The prologue begins where it's supposed to, on page one. The front matter is fine... oh wait a second. I used arabic numerals in the front matter instead of roman numerals.

Createspace didn't care about using arabic numerals. Plus, how about some sort of indication on the KDP dashboard indicating that the PDF was rejected? I mean, I never got the email on Tuesday, and if there was some sort of message or popup on the KDP dashboard, I could've address this on Wednesday what KDP print was open. Instead, I'm forced to wait until Monday.

KDP print has no support on the weekends, no message on the dashboard that a title has a problem, their email system is apparently broken, and they don't like pagination in the front matter if it isn't paginated with roman numerals.

Writers' Cafe / Multi-language paperback advice
« on: March 22, 2018, 12:44:52 PM »
Hello, all!
I'm assembling the paperback version of one of my shorts, and it includes the five most popular EU languages. I understand that not everybody can read all the languages, but you can let me know how the elements are laid out, etc. What do you think?

Writers' Cafe / Spanish translation help
« on: March 19, 2018, 08:09:35 AM »
Hello all, I'm putting together a Spanish edition of a book under my M. A. Gardner pseudonym, and I need some book descriptions that I haven't hired a translator for translated. Here are the english versions of the titles:

Score of Silence (?)
Retired FBI agent, Tupper Jones, has made a name for himself as a private eye. But today isn’t his day. His partner and right-hand woman, Caroline Collins, has woken up next to the dead body of theFBI’s star mob witness with no memory of what happened. Tupper and Caroline must solve the mystery of what happened before the FBI puts Caroline away for the murder.
Days Until Home (?)
On a routine mining mission in the asteroid belt, the crew of the Kerwood is mired in their personal concerns: finishing quickly, getting home, and earning a fair share of the profits. That is, until the ship experiences catastrophic failure on the return journey.

Now they must put aside their petty worries if they’re to have any hope of getting home alive. Will the crew find a way to set a course for Earth with their payload, or will they discover the disaster was orchestrated by someone who doesn’t want them to return home at all?
Warmache (Maquirra)
After discovering that he is the reincarnation of a fallen ancient king, Abraham must travel aboard the fishing boat Zeebedee to confront an ancient evil that has plans to enslave humanity, and remake the planet to its whims. Abraham won’t be alone on his journey, as people, places, and things are not as they appear to be.
Thanks in advance. (kBoards screws up accented characters, but if I quote your response, I'll be able to see the accented characters correctly in the reply window.)

Writers' Cafe / Minor Italian proofread needed.
« on: February 26, 2018, 11:11:17 AM »
I'm scrambling to have paperbacks for the Italian and Spanish editions of book one in my superhero series before my appearance at the Verde Expo next month. I'm hoping to get eyes on an Italian series title. In english, "Sixteen Sunsets Saga Book One."

For simplicity from what I remember of my great grandmother speaking Italian decades ago, I went with "Book One of the Sixteen Sunsets series," but I'm not married to word order. For the Italian cover, I went with, "Prenota una delle serie Sedici Tramonti." Am I about right? I haven't spoken or heard Italian for 35 years, so I'm extremely rusty. Also, which way does the spine go for Italian-language books?

Here's what the Italian cover looks like right now:

Other covers for comparison:

(Sorry, no German or French edition, yet.)

Writers' Cafe / Warnings about BHC Press in Livonia, Michigan
« on: February 20, 2018, 07:29:20 AM »
So this is a warning about BHC Press out of Livonia, Michigan. They represent themselves as a traditional publisher, but from what I can discern, they are a subsidiary publisher at best, and a vanity press at worst. I've pieced together their business model from direct interactions with their representative, Joni, and ancillary interactions from another author who asked for my advice.

I'm keeping the name of the author and any identifying information from the contract private. I'll weather the backlash just fine, but a new author may be harmed if BHC Press decides to retaliate in the form of a 1-star campaign. I have no proof that they'd do something like that, but it has happened to authors by other vanity and subsidy presses in the past.

They offer no advance. Per BHC Press email: "No advances are offered." They tried to suggest that this was due to my work already being published, but both the work I submitted, and the work my author friend submitted had never been published. Perhaps it was that we both had portions of our work up on Wattpad? They do specify in the publishing contract in section 21, "the Publisher does not support the community of Wattpad and asks that Author not post any excerpts of this Work in that community."

They state that they're not interested in book series, but they still talk to authors who have submitted books in a series. There is nothing on their submissions page ( ) to indicate that they are not interested in series work. They also state (via email) that "developmental and line editing costs are the responsibility of the author." That seemed odd to me. After all, if BHC is a traditional publisher, shouldn't they handle all aspects of getting the book ready for publication? Well, in section three of the BHC publishing agreement, it states, "Author shall pay Publisher the total sum of eight hundred dollars ($800) for book production costs." So I've got to front the cost of editing, and pay BHC a sum of $800?

Other gems from the publishing contract include a non-compete clause (section 14): "Author agrees that they shall publish no other novel-length Work for four (4) years from the signing of this Agreement that includes any characters, likenesses, or any other material derived directly from the content of the contracted Works unless agreed upon by the Publisher." Section seven is humorous: "The Author acknowledges an administrative fee of $50 shall be paid by the Author to the Publisher for paperwork, administrative costs, and filing fees for copyright preparation."

On their submissions page they claim, "We've developed a unique publishing philosophy that we're passionate about." Also, "If you're tired of worn-out publishing options, we'd love to talk books with you." It appears that BHC, like many vanity presses out there is really passionate about separating an author from their money. If that isn't a worn-out publishing option, then I have no idea what is.

I wanted to independently verify what I already knew based on the interactions with my author friend, and when Joni wanted to set up a phone conversation with me at a time that is not conducive to business, she hit me with the scarcity trap nugget, by offering to reschedule the conversation a month later. She was also only available from 9AM until 1PM Eastern. Since my day job is 7AM until 3PM, I obviously would have to make arrangements. Who doesn't consider time zones when acquiring distribution rights?

The final item I noticed about BHC is that they're republishing works by prominent authors that are in the public domain. Yeah, yeah, I know - my own novels based on The War of the Worlds had to wait until it fell into public domain. But mine is a sequel, BHC seems to just be putting out public domain works in an attempt to boost name recognition. There's nothing wrong with this, legally or ethically, but it just strikes me as scammy.

Obviously, a sampling of only two instances does not a study make. And after years and years of dealing with traditional publishing, and the onerous contracts I've seen from them, I am a bit jaded and cynical. I've rescued more than one author from vanity press hell, and my jaundiced eye tends to see monsters under every rock. So, if anyone has first-hand experiences with BHC Press, I hope that they'll respond. As it is right now, I'm warning anyone who'll listen to avoid BHC Press.

{edited to fix smart quotes and em dashes.}

Hello, All,
I commissioned the same comic book artist that I had for Sixteen Sunsets, and Moonrise, to do the cover for the third book, Starfall. I received the pencils, and approved Joel to move on to ink the cover. This is where I may have run afoul. I've shown the inks for Starfall to a few other writers, and shared it on Twitter, an I've gotten some feedback that says that the female police officer in the bottom panel is "too busty." I've also gotten feedback saying that her face is too masculine, and even more suggest that her hips are too small. I would expect a woman in that role to be athletic, and the character herself isn't too concerned with fashion, or the societal ideas of beauty. I know a lot of women who are in the military and law enforcement, and many of them confided that they use sports bras to not accentuate their bust. The good news is that since the characters are separate layers, if I ask Joel to do a different drawing of the character, it shouldn't be super difficult, although he may ask for an additional fee. I've asked Joel to hold off on coloring the cover for now while I get feedback from the hive mind.

What do you all think?

Here are the inked versions of all three covers for comparison. Click on any of them to embiggen.

(The woman on the Moonrise cover is Anne Henderson, an immortal super, and the art in question is Betty Patterson, a "defect" or "normie," i.e. no super powers.)

Updated with color cover on page four of this thread.

Writers' Cafe / German blurb/title/bio proofread
« on: January 10, 2018, 07:09:20 AM »
Hello again, kBoards denizens!
I'll be adding a German translation to this wrap-around cover:

The issue I ran into was that some of the translators translated the title, Escape, into a verb, and some a noun. It's too late to change them, so live and learn. The German translator never translated the title, and then had a baby, and disappeared from the internet. Since the interior was accepted, I can't cancel the German translation contract without penalties. What is your suggestion for the German title?

Here is the [updated] title, blurb, & bio for a quick proofread (The kBoards forums don't allow some accented characters, but if you quote this post, you can see the proper text in the quick-reply window.):
Zachary sitzt am Vorabend seiner Hinrichtung mit einem Journalisten am Tisch. Der Journalist hat eine einfache Aufgabe: "Erzählen Sie mir Ihre Geschichte."

Die Frage hallt nach. Wie kam er hierher? Er redet sich ein, dass ein Zusammenhang mit religiöser Verfolgung besteht, aber wie erklärt er seine eigenen Taten? Taten, die ihn auch Jahre später noch verfolgen...
Mark Gardner ist Schriftsteller und Rundfunk-Fachmann. Er lebt in Prescott, Arizona, USA. Sein Großvater führte ihn in jungen Jahren in die alternative Geschichtsschreibung von Harry Turtledove ein, was der Beginn einer lebenslangen Liebesbeziehung mit spekulativer Fiktion war. Nach dem Rauswurf aus einem undankbaren Job als Verkäufer begann Mark damit, seine eigenen Geschichten zu schreiben. Sein Werk ist ein rasanter, unverblümter Ritt durch verschiedene Genres, darunter Science Fiction, Superhelden, Dystopie sowie historische Romane.

Writers' Cafe / Quick Chinese transcription/translation
« on: January 05, 2018, 06:09:31 AM »
Hello kBoards. The Chinese translation of my wuxia novel, Champion Standing, has finally made it through the censors. I saw the proposed cover, and I'm curious about the text on it. Since I don't have access to the original files, I need someone to transcribe them from the cover. A translation would be appreciated, but transcription is of paramount importance. Can you transcribe and/or translate the text?

(updated 2018-01-06)
Hello kBoards denizens!
I'm hoping that one or two of you can take a quick look at this wrap-around cover and do a quick proofread of the blurb and author bios:

Click on it to embiggen.
Here is the text for easy quoting, etc (The kBoards forums don't allow the accented characters, but if you quote this post, you can see the proper text in the quick-reply window.):
Em uma missão de rotina, minerando em um cinturão de asteróides, a tripulação da Kerwood está imersa em suas preocupações pessoais: terminar rápido, chegar em casa, e ganhar uma parcela justa dos lucros. Quer dizer, até que uma falha catastrófica interrompe a jornada de retorno.

Agora eles terão que deixar de lado seus interesses mesquinhos se quiserem ter alguma esperança de chegar em casa vivos. Será que a tripulação vai encontrar uma saída para voltar à Terra com sua carga? Ou descobrirão que o desastre foi orquestrado por alguém que não quer que eles voltem de forma alguma?
* * *
David Kristoph vive com sua admirável esposa e dois pastores alemães barulhentos.  Gosta muito de leitura, é um grande videogamer, um bom jogador de xadrez, um ciclista mediano, e um corredor medíocre.  Também é membro da Planetary Society, patrocinador da Star Talk Radio, astrônomo amador, e entusiasta de assuntos relacionados ao espaço.
* * *
Greg Dragon nasceu em uma pequena ilha caribenha com cerca de 2,8 milhões de habitantes.  Mudou-se para os Estados Unidos e cresceu na ensolarada Tampa, na Flórida.  Ele sempre trabalhou com projetos criativos. É um curioso incorrigível, em constantes buscas, e vive muito bem com isso.
* * *
Mark Gardner nasceu em Tampa, na Flórida.  Atualmente vive no Arizona com a esposa, três filhos, e um par de cães mimados.  Mark é graduado em Sistemas Computacionais, Comportamento Humano Aplicado, e em breve concluirá sua graduação na área de Justiça Social.  Trabalha num grupo de rádiodifusão no Arizona.
The English trailer, if anyone is interested:
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

A routine mining mission in the asteroid belt

Catastrophic failure on the return journey

The crew must work together to survive

Do they have what it takes to make their way home?

Or does someone not want them to return home at all?

Its been showing "Unexpected error" for the last 9 hours.

Writers' Cafe / Minor Spanish-language proofreading
« on: November 28, 2017, 09:52:49 AM »
Hello all. The Spanish translation of my first superhero novel has been rife with peril. The project is finally done, and I mistakenly approved the translation not realizing that there is a paragraph in which the word spacing was somehow deleted, resulting in a "word" that is well over the with of the page. I've not heard back from the translator, and I want to get this translation off my plate. Can any of you help me to fix this paragraph? I've bolded the problem area. "Kristoff" is a character name. The forum is killing the accented characters, so you may need to paste it into word or something.

Krystal se despertó en la mitad de la noche. Escuchó a Kristof respirar a su lado, un ronquido liviano pillado en su garganta. Ella no era una persona mala. Tenía miedo de poder convertirse en una. ¿Podría ella realmente dejar a Kristof? Si no, ¿podría ella vivir con el de esta forma? Ciñó la colcha alrededor de su cuerpo escasamente vestido y se sintió avergonzada de su reacción impulsiva hacia su breve heroísmo–ella lo amaba, pero él era diferente ahora–. Él intentó vivir su vida de la manera que era antes del superpoder, antes del cáncer, pero no era lo mismo. Él era un héroe, o, al menos, podría ser uno si solo intentara. El pensamiento de perderlo la aterrorizó, y a pesar de que horas atrás ella se sentara en frente de él en aquel restaurante pensando en dejarlo, ella no podríapensarverdaderamenteunavidadondeKristoffueracompletamenteinexistente. Krystal se odió a sí misma porque ella no podía dejar ir; un recuerdo de felicidad que no se repetiría.

Writers' Cafe / Inktera suspending D2D authors?
« on: November 14, 2017, 01:20:03 PM »
From the email:
Inktera is temporarily suspending all eBook distribution.
We have received word from Inktera regarding some changes in progress, and we wanted to ensure that you knew what was happening, and why.

Over the past few months, Inktera has begun revamping their business model, in order to better serve the indie author community. These changes include an update to their sales platform.

Because of these updates and changes, Inktera is temporarily suspending sales for all books in their catalog.

Draft2Digital enjoys a good relationship with Inktera, and because so many of our authors use the service as part of their eBook distribution, they have asked us to let you know what was happening behind the scenes

Publishing—and particularly independent and self-publishing—is a constantly changing industry, and it's not unusual to see providers and services come and go, or to pivot and redefine themselves. Inketera has long been a great resource for authors, and will continue to be so.

We are happy to see that Inktera is improving their service, to serve the author community even better, and we look forward to seeing their success!

At this time, we have no projected date for when Inktera will resume distribution, but we will notify you the moment we have new information.

If you have any questions regarding Inketera's temporary suspension of distribution, please feel free to contact us at

Happy writing,
The Draft2Digital Team

Writers' Cafe / To pen name or not to pen name.
« on: November 07, 2017, 12:30:17 PM »
Okay some of you know my big five pen name, (no, I'm not telling,) and that I indie-pub and small press under my real name. I'll be launching a murder mystery series next year either through a small press or indie, and I got to thinking about pen names. Currently, I write Historical fiction, and a myriad of scifi. Adding murder mystery to the mix will certainly further dilute my "brand." I was wondering if I should rebrand my non-scifi stuff and possibly my murder mystery series under pen names. I also have a YA psychological thriller that could be out in 2018 or 2019.

At current count, I have 11 English-language works across a few genres. I'm going to include 2018 releases in my factoring below:
6 are solidly in the scifi genre. (I put both war of the worlds sequels in this category, even though they're alternate history.)
2 are superhero, and that could easily be considered scifi.
1 is scifi, but it is written like a historical fiction piece.
2 are solidly historical fiction, but could also easily be classified as wuxia or fantasy (just without magic.)
2 are steampunk fairytale retellings.
1 is definitely low fantasy, and I'm thinking of a few other that could be classified as fantasy.
1 is a YA psychological thriller.
2 are murder mysteries.

I have unfinished projects for another YA story (fantasy), a zombie novel, and another YA fantasy. there are plans for a third steampunk, and a third superhero. I'd like to do another scifi story, but nothing is planned.

So how should/could I divide my existing and near-future titles? If I do move some to another pen name, how would I go about doing so? Is it as simple as just rebranding the existing books? What am I missing?

Writers' Cafe / Proofreading of a Spanish translation
« on: November 02, 2017, 12:32:17 PM »
Hello all!
I had a translator translate my superhero novel, Sixteen Sunsets, into Spanish, and there were a few bumps in the road to fruition. Normally, I wouldn't hire a proofreader until the rights revert back to me in seven years, but this particular translation had enough issues that I'm considering having it proofread before publication.

Like many of you, I have no money to put toward an edition that I expect to make nothing on in royalties, so I'm looking for suggestions. I don't think I can afford a professional proofreader, and I don't know that I need something as detailed as a proofreading, just someone to look over it and let me know that there aren't any glaring issues, or if there is something intentionally mis-translated. (I'm not saying that the translator did this, I'm just illustrating what kind of errors I'm looking to have corrected.)

Please let me know your thoughts!

Writers' Cafe / Apparently, I'm not me.
« on: October 18, 2017, 07:36:40 AM »
I was performing a google search on myself because, well, I seek attention, and it's good practice to google yourself to see what people are saying. Anyway, I did a search for my co-written novel, War of the Worlds: Retaliation, and discovered that it was written by John J. Rust (it is) & Andrew Houle (huh?) When clicking on any google Andrew Houle link, my bio is accredited to him. He's an artist and a frequent congoer, but unless something's going on that I don't know about, he's not me, and I'm not him. I'm assuming that somewhere down the chain of the inter webs, something glitched. Any suggestions on what to do? I feel like that comic book character from Legends of Tomorrow where the scientist and the kid are merged to form the superhero, Firestorm, which would be kinda cool if I could fly and shoot flames from my hands and stuff... but I digress. I don't think that there's anything nefarious going on, but it's been a rough morning as a writer (got 4 rejections last night!) So maybe I'm politely venting about the ethereal and tenuous connection we have to the internet and each other, and LOLing that my identity was stolen [not really stolen, that's a joke. I make bad jokes when I'm grumpy, or tired, or breathing.] Suggestions?

Writers' Cafe / Maintaining branding across different languages
« on: October 05, 2017, 07:01:33 AM »
Hello all. My steampunk Snow White/Terminator collaborative novella just got the German treatment, and I'm trying to ensuring that the branding maintains consistency across the languages. How does the title treatment of Der Messingmann work for you?

Click on any of the images to embiggen.

Writers' Cafe / D2D adds free eBook templates
« on: August 31, 2017, 07:50:57 AM »
Our new Pro-Quaity Templates come with some in-demand perks:
Drop caps - possibly the most-requested feature on the list!
Header styles - Graphics, flourishes, and text treatments that give your book some professionally designed flair
Scene dividers - Beyond *** and on to eye-pleasing alternatives
Operating system agnostic - No software to download! You can log in from any web browser, on any operating system, and choose the design you love
Available for eBook and print - The style you choose is automatically applied to both your eBook and print layout (for use with POD services), keeping the look consistent for each

And, of course, because it's D2D, we had to make it free! You don't even have to distribute your books via Draft2Digital to use these templates. The eBooks you produce are yours to use anywhere and anyway you like.

Of course, if you'd like to reach readers worldwide, through our global network of distributors, we're always happy to help with that!

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