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With the sale and some other promo's, I went and got the basic kindle in white. I figured it would make a good daytime balcony reader. I didn't really expect much. Wow that thing is nice. Even though it has no light, the contrast is fantastic. Like the older kindles used to have before the light layers and touch layers. This one I think works with side thingies to register the touch, rather than a layer on top. So you can touch it with anything basically. But it also means there are no additional layers on the screen and they are pure as the older kindles, while still having touch for navigation.
If they had put even just wee buttons on the bezel, or side, this thing would be fantastic. I still have the older basic also that has the buttons, but it of course has none of this software and I can't sync collections on it.

Its so light and small I can even hold it in one hand from behind and I have small hands.

I am also really liking the white. First white kindle I had since the very first one. Made me all nostalgic.

And the fonts are much darker naturally than any of the lighted devices. Not so much an issue anymore with the bold function, but it also has lower resolution and for me that is actually a good thing. Makes the fonts "fatter" and less thin. Just like the older kindles. I think this will be my daytime readers and I'll use the Oasis2 in bed.

There is something about the simplicity of it. I named it "book" for now.  ;D

What my goal is with it is not putting a bunch of stuff on it. I have it set to basically only show books and downloaded. And I am sending only the next reads on it, like max of 20. Cause I already did all the sorting on my Oasis.

Oh, and it solved the issue I have been having with all the high resolution kindles. Font size. I seem to be always either too large or to small. With this one just like my older kindles, #3 is perfect. Again, I think its because of the lower resolution. All other kindles I have to use #4 and sometimes its too big, depending on the font. But #3 is way to small on them. Its just so comfortable to my eyes. I am going back to old school no light.  :-X

Its adorb.  8)

New update

For new Oasis, O2 this enables you to disable the touch screen. I am really really liking this. Access from the book menu and it stays off until you either turn off the kindle with the power button or it goes asleep. Its temporary, then you have to turn it off again. Its nice to grab it anywhere, lay a finger, brush something off.

All the kindles seem to have this update numbers, but not that one feature of the touchscreen turnoff. Just general fixes.

So touchscreen disable is only for the new Oasis.

There is one other update that is just for the Kindle 8th generation. The newest of the kindles without light. It gets Audible now, what the Oasis2 already has. Because that kindle has bluetooth built in. I don't think any other kindles have that.

eta: spoke to soon, audible also for the O1, old oasis.

Not Quite Kindle / OMG its snowing
« on: December 07, 2017, 06:05:02 PM »
Snow, like actual real snow. My car is covered in SNOW.

I am in south texas, San Antonio to be exact, I only remember "snow" once a few years ago and it was more like ice pebbles. This is actual fluffy snow. And our power went out half an hour ago. Running the modem on UPS backup.

And its cold, almost down the 32 and now we have no heater. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

My neighbors were all standing in the yard with their kids and cats and dogs and what have you. You could make a snowball fight off whats on my car right now. But now the cold is creeping in and I hate the cold. I so hate it.

Snow and the city is on standstill, along with the power apparently.

At least I have a couple of charged kindles with light. There is that at least.

This update includes general performance improvements and the following new features:

  • Bold Control: You can now set the boldness level on all reading fonts for enhanced readability and eye comfort. The new bold option can be controlled from the Display Settings (Aa) menu in books.
  • More Font Sizes: You can now choose from 14 different font sizes to suit your reading preference.
  • Redesigned Search Results: See chapter headers with in-book search results to help you find what you are looking for.

Here is the page to get the update manually. Make sure you pick the right device from the left. Easier with the Oasis and Voyage, since there are only one. A wee bit harder when you have to figure out your paperwhite. First paperwhite as usual is excluded. Only the ones that came out from 2013 on.


There are more ways to personalize your reading settings on Kindle Oasis than ever before so you can enjoy your book the way you prefer:

New Font Size and Bold Settings: Now choose from more font sizes than ever before—and five levels of boldness—for whichever font you choose to read with. Combined with the new, 7-inch Paperwhite display, you can personalize your books so it’s perfectly comfortable for your eyes.

Starting today, the new size and bold settings as well as ragged right alignment will be delivered as a free, over-the-air update to Kindle Paperwhite (Gen 6 released in 2013), plus all newer Kindle devices.
I took out some of the stuff only pertaining to the new Oasis.

I never read Mary Stewart and I have been waiting for some time for them. The paperversions, new ones have been available for some time. And for a brief moment a couple years back there were kindle versions, which were promptly removed. Not sure if they weren't authorized or what. I never got a chance then.

They are now all on kindle via Hatchette and on sale too. Figured it needs its own thread.

99 cents



I can't make a link for 2 more, but they are also on sale. Rose Cottage and Thornyhold. You'll find them in the authors list. Don't know why I can't get the kindle links for those.

I am trying to make a link in link maker but it wont show up. So I am clicking on something else that comes up to get the KB code and then click through my orders.

Go to "available from these sellers" and you'll see a list of all amazon warehouse deals. The merlot and the walnut are in the $12 rage, the walnut I think is $11. The black is more expensive. I have the merlot coming tomorrow. I figured for $12 I'll give it a shot to have as backup. Someone had posted that on mobilereads, I had no idea.

They say some minor cosmetic imperfections. I will see tomorrow.

Anything Else Amazon / Kindle Unlimited on sale for Prime day
« on: July 02, 2017, 12:21:15 PM »
So they are doing the KU sale again for either 6 month, 12 months or 24 months.

Just for info, I still had my 24 month subscription running until July 30th. I got it 2 years ago on prime day. I wanted to add a 12 month to that one and wasn't sure if I could as I am not on a month to month yet. July 30th though would be too late. So I went ahead and ordered in anyway. And it added it to my current 24 month subscription just fine. Now it says that on July 30th, my 24 month subscription will roll over to a 12 month subscription. Before it said it would roll over to a month to month.

So anyone that has a still current prepaid sub, you can extend that with another prepaid sub. I got the 1 year this time instead of the 2 year. Its only like 60 cent difference per month and its a bit less money up front for now. I think 12 month is like 6.60 or so a month.

The Book Corner / Anyone a Historical Mystery fan?
« on: January 19, 2017, 03:18:53 PM »
I did do a search, but it might be my search fu is broken as I can't find a specific thread for HM.

Besides historical romance, historical mysteries are my other love. I got hooked on a few, but I always look for more.

My favorite must be CS Harris St. Cyr series. I know I am not alone in that and its probably a tough one to ask for more series in that quality.
I do also really love Ashley Gardners Captain Lacey series. On both of them I now have to pace myself as I only have 3 books left before I am caught up. Then what.  :o

I started the Victoria Thompson series, although its set a bit later than I like in time period. I think the reason I love the CS Harris series so much is because the investigating is done around regency time and there are no modern things like electricity and all that. Its the same for me when I read HR. I just don't want to be to modern. But I did like the first Thompson, Murder in Astor Place. Not as much as the others, but its early yet.

I already started the Amelia Peabody one and its a bit tougher for me to get into the characters to be honest. Although I do love the setting in Egypt.

Course I love the Lady Grey series by Deanna Raybourn.

Another I am also totally loving and awaiting the next in series is Anna Lee Hubers series. Wonderful.

Also exited about Sherry Thomas new series with A Study in Sherlock women is the first. Will be a loooooooooooooooong time for the next though. It was really really good though.

For standalone I read a couple of Simone St. James that I liked, they are on the gothic side, also set a bit more modern.

I read a Tracy Grant, but didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I should. Same with the Anne Perry Thomas Pitt where I read the first one.

And now I am panicking that I am running out of the good historical mysteries. Series especially, although I am not opposed to standalones of course if they are good.

Can we clone CS Harris?  ;D Every single one of those books has been a 5 star read for me. I am going to pout the day I am caught up with that series.

Allright, lets have it. What HM did you like, or wanted to like, or are wanting to read, have heard of.

I feel like needing a thread also for mysteries that are not cozy. Or maybe not as I always get confused at what cozy is or isn't.

Let's Talk Kindle! / New Kindle Update 5.8.5 Oasis/Voyage/PW/Basic
« on: October 18, 2016, 12:06:29 PM »
Some changes that some have waited for with the view of sideloaded books.

This update includes general performance improvements and the following new features:

Improved Manga Experience: Reading manga on Kindle has been improved with faster page turns, zoom, and panning around a page. You can also press and hold for fast, continuous page turns.
Redesigned Settings Menu: Settings have been refreshed with an easier-to-use design.
Library View Improvement: Books that were manually loaded to your device will now appear in both the All and Downloaded library views.

I am manually updating as we speak. Previous latest version was for references. Once My Oasis is updates, I will do the Voyage. I am curious about hte changes in the settings menu. I don't read manga so those changes I will never see.

Anything Else Amazon / Got a FireTV box on Prime day
« on: July 14, 2016, 09:19:06 AM »
I been a long time Roku user. Well still am, 2 TV's in the house. My main Roku is a roku 3 and upstairs I have the Roku 2. The Roku 2 has been having a lot of issues so we think its going out. So I was hoping there was a sale on the FireTV for Prime so I could use it in main TV and the Roku 3 upstairs. Our TV is a 4K TV and although it has the build in apps, they are a pain to use and not always updated.
I was thinking of getting the Roku 4, which is 4K, but its much higher in price and there have been reports of noisy fans. A

I have a first gen Fire Stick which I can't really use. It has a lot of buffering, skipping on music and so on. I got it for the $19 sale when they first came out. I think later models are better. But I wanted something a bit faster overall. I did notice that some of the streaming apps I used on the stick had some features the Roku apps didn't.

I was concerned that I would really miss the universal search that Roku has. It searches anything you type over now 50 streaming apps. So then you can pick where to watch it. Really helpful if you have a lot of services like Hulu, netflix, starz and HBO from the provider, etc.

The FireTV does not a very extensive universal search. I think it only searches through amazon, Hulu, starz and HBO. Not in netflix. I hope they add those later.

But there is something that the FireTV has that the roku does not. A universal wish list. So basically I can add whatever I want to my instant wishlist. Then I can browse through it and if its available say at starz, it will say on the bottom in the more ways to stream.

When I first plugged the FireTV in, I was freaking out when trying to use Netflix. It wouldn't loud and looked like blocks of colors and dots, kind of like when a video card dies on a computer. I was bummed. After restarting, removing and adding apps. I finally thought, let me check for an update and sure enough, there was one. Everything was fixed after that. Duh.

That thing is fast. It loads everything incredibly fast.

One app in particular i use is YouTV. I can basically watch most basic german channels on there as they are shown in Germany. I was so giddy when I found that service. The quality on some of the HD programming is just astounding. But on the Roku, there was some skipping here and there. I thought because its streaming and the quality is so high. But the Fire has no issues with it, I hadn't had one skip yet.

Only thing is sometimes the remote doesn't want to cooperate. I might try different batteries.

Once I got used to the different way the FireTV displays the stuff, I have to say I am really happy with it. Now I am pretty dialed in to amazon services, music storage, prime, photo storage, etc. But it doesn't keep me from all the other services I have.

It took forever though having to resign in to all the different stuff where you have to go to your TV provider and sign in and its like on and on and on. And having to type the email and passwords with a remote is no fun.

I totally love the voice search though. It even opens my apps for me and of course I can us it as Alexa. Although the Echo is only like 10 feet from my TV.  :P. But of course its handsfree and always on.

I am getting closer and closer to cutting the cord.

This is making me really sad. RT Magazine is the only magazine I subscribe to and I have always had it in paper. They had an additional digital version out, but I never bothered as you have to go to a website as suppose to an app and I really don't like reading articles from tablets. It was fun to drag the paper version around the house and mark books I was interested in.

This is the email I got today. I had no idea or warning really.

Dear Subscriber,
RT Book Reviews has at last succumbed to the massive changes that digital technology has imposed on the publishing industry. As our production costs have risen to a prohibitive level, it is with a heavy heart that after 35 years we announce that our July 2016 issue was our last print edition.
But plans for the future are bright as we transition the magazine into the digital realm on We have created an “RT VIP SALON” portal that will include all the content you’ve come to love and expect in your RT magazine. There you’ll find some beloved features like Publishers’ Previews, Parting Gifts, interviews and articles; you will also find new content like entire first chapters and in-depth excerpts of much-anticipated books. And, of course, you’ll have 200+ advanced reviews monthly (formerly found in RT Book Reviews magazine). We will also be adding many more surprises so stay tuned…. The sky is the limit with this new web-based format!
Because you are currently a subscriber, you have been automatically enrolled into the RT VIP SALON paid portal. Just go to and log in with the same username and password you have already created — the one you’ve been using to access your digital magazine — and you will have access to the RT VIP SALON portal.
If you are not registered, go to and sign up using your Membership Number noted above.
In appreciation of your support and loyalty over the years, we have doubled the number of months left on your subscription so you will have additional months of free access to the new RT VIP SALON portal!
We love the RT print magazine as much as you, and we’re sad to see it end, but we are very excited about this new format that allows us to showcase more content than the magazine format allowed. Let us know what you love about the new format, what you’d like to see more of and what you’re missing!
The RT Booklovers Convention and the RT Readers and Writers Roundup have grown to record attendance and we look forward to many more face-to-face RT events in the future! Atlanta is up next for 2017 so mark your calendars for May 2 – 7. We hope to see many of you there.
All the best,
KATHRYN FALK, Lady of Barrow

This is really putting a damper on my day. I love this magazine. I keep every issue and have stacks and stacks in the house. I don't want to have to read on a computer and sit there like broccoli, I want to carry it around. I only have 6 and 7 inch tablets and there is no way I can read anything on there without zooming in so much I can't even tell where I am on the page. I have a fold around touch screen laptop that goes into tablet mode but its much to heavy to carry around.

The last issue, now really the last issue is sitting next to me on my side table now. 

Sad is me.  :(

Let's Talk Kindle! / THE DOTS ARE BACK - 5.8.1
« on: June 14, 2016, 08:59:06 AM »
new updates with dots back.  ;D

lemme find the links

This update includes performance improvements and the following new features:

Reading Progress Dots: We listened to feedback from our customers and brought reading progress dots back to your library. You can now see reading progress and relative book length for downloaded books in the library list view.
More Ways to Share: Recommend books to friends from About This Book.
Kindle Unlimited Recommendations: Try Kindle Unlimited for free and see recommended Kindle Unlimited titles after choosing your favorite genres.
Save Wi-Fi Passwords to Your Amazon Account: Save your Wi-Fi passwords to your Amazon account for future convenience. We can configure your compatible devices so that you won't need to reenter your Wi-Fi passwords on each device.

I could have sworn I saw a thread not that long ago about KU recs, but its possible I was thinking of the writer one in the bazaar.

So I thought it would be fun to have a thread for those of us that have KU. Most of the books would of course also apply to the KOLL, monthly prime loan.
So if you read something recently that is in KU/KOLL and you liked it, lets share some of it. Might be fun to discover some new authors, new books this way. Since browsing on Amazon has become such a pain, especially within KU. I also always like to get the views of someone that actually read something.

So I'll start with a series I am currently plowing my way through. Amanda M. Lee Avery Shaw series. I'll list the first here.

I have to say it took me a couple of books to get into it totally, although I liked the first 2 fine. But to me they really got better starting at book 3.
These are what I call mystery. I don't know enough about what is considered cozy, but these have some humor in it that won't be to everyones taste. I love Avery, so there is that.  ;D. I like the setting with her being a newspaper reporter, I like the other characters that float around her life and of course the cray cray family. Some of the mysteries are really good, especially after the first 2 books. Some I really didn't quite guess and some really surprised me. Also even with the humor in it, there are moments of deeper emotions and I like the balance of that.

My plan is to finish series if I find series, especially in KU. Assuming of course I like it. I am getting way to overwhelmed trying to keep track with all the series I follow and need a bit more of a sense of accomplishment.

Books I like reading are romance, with all subgenres especially historical romance, historical mystery, mystery, urban fantasy, etc.

But its not just about what I like, its for posting any kind of genre and recommendation here. One never knows what might tickle the fancy so to speak.  ;D

Twice now a book I got through KU was checked out twice. And bringing the total of checkouts to 11.  :-\
I didn't do anything different, just checked it out through my Voyage. Both happened to be the same author. I did not get screenshots the first time, but it just happened again and so I took some.

It doesn't seem to happen all the time as another book by the same author didn't do that. All 3 were checked out from the Voyage.

I didn't know its even possible to check out the same book twice at the same time.

eta: I probably should have put that in the kindle forum not book corner.

The Book Corner / Anyone a Science Fiction Romance fan?
« on: February 01, 2016, 09:41:59 AM »
I could have sworn there was a thread on this already. But I must have dreamed it. Good sci fi romance is harder to find than the elusive unicorn it seems. So here is a thread to share the stuff we liked, read and want to read.

Today I got an email about the Galaxy awards they gave out and I am already digging through the lists. They are really open about the themes and stuff and on the right of the list, you can go to all the rounds. The first listed is the latest #7.

Unfortunately, a few I thought looked oh so interesting and when I found them, they were only novella length series. Sigh. I pretty much only read full length stuff. But there is still plenty of other things to find for me I hope. I like that they lay out the stuff that interests especially SFR readers. As suppose to just SF readers.

I'll start here by listing a couple of SFR that I totally loved

Yes same author.  ;D

I think I lean more towards earth connected sci fi, if that makes sense. I think if its new species and new planets and not a atom of earth included in a story, if feels a lot like fantasy to me.
First contact, new colonies, or even SFR without aliens at all. But I am open to anything really. I mean I love the JD Robb series, flove it. And there are no aliens in it. Although its not SFR in that sense, more like a SF procedural with a romantic line going through? How does one categorize that series. I have not find anything even remotely like it. Brilliant is what it is. Just read #21 in the series and it was the best yet for me. Yet, I do not like Nora Roberts romances, go figure.  8)

Anything Else Amazon / PrimeNow...who needs drones
« on: November 21, 2015, 01:58:59 PM »
Ok, I know this is only available in some areas and it finally came up in San Antonio a few weeks ago. OMG  :o :o :o

Yes, I used it, yes I used it several times already.  :P First time they offered the $20 off so I got a Voyage cover and let them drag a 30lbs cat litter bag up the stairs. It wins just for that.

In my case, even regular prime orders are now mostly shipped by USPS and in my case that means they are delivered to the office, not the apartment. Its what USPS does in our town. Then I have to drive to the office, drag into car and drag upstairs. First I have to catch them when they are in the office. And they are closed on the weekend.

So prime now, even with the limited stuff they carry, makes this so much easier. And today they added some produce. I kept saying if they start carrying some carrots, kale and things like that and there it was. So I just got my order of kale, carrots, beans, almond milk, other stuff and I didn't have to go to the store on a weekend. Cost, funny enough was actually a tad cheaper for the produce then my local HEB. And most of it is local texan, go figure.

Tip is optional, but it pre-fills in recommended which seems to be around 15%. I have no issues paying some tip. For the cat litter it was actually like 8$ less than at the store, which I have to drive and then drag home the large bag. So it makes up for the tip in those cases. But again, its optional. You can even change the amount of top for 48 hours after the delivery. I guess in case your delivery dude or dudette was either nice or not. Or something.  8)

Anyone else have this?

Only issue is that it seems hard to find my apartment as the number on the building is not visible. So I try to wave them down. They can also call you.

I don't need no stinking drone, this works fine.  ;D

The Book Corner / 7 Book OUTLANDER bundle on sale (SALE IS OVER)
« on: August 03, 2015, 11:43:44 AM »
Sale over. Back to 59.99.

I have no clue if that is a mistake, it was posted over on mobile read. It all looks fine as far as publisher goes. The page count is right. So snap it up while you can.

Not Quite Kindle / TV shows cancellations and renewals
« on: May 08, 2015, 12:27:06 PM »
I am so sad. They axed yet another show I like watching, Forever. What the heck. I am not even caught up yet and I guess I won't even finish watching  now. Why do they always kill off the few shows I like. So much stuff now on I have no interest in. All the CSI variations, NCIS, not an ounce of interest. All the cartoon comic shows, no interest. Yet, they put on one show I like and bam, they cancel it.  :(

Its why I have so few shows to watch. They either get cancelled or are more rare than unicorns. I am sure they'll find yet another regular cop show to add to the line up, or another reality show about stoopid people. Sigh.

Here is a list of stuff that made it. Only a few were cancelled on ABC and of course Forever was on of them. Hmpf. At least I get to have some more Sleepy Hollow and Grimm.

The Book Corner / Bertrice Small RIP
« on: February 25, 2015, 10:42:25 AM »
Very sad day in romance land.

For those that don't read romance or never heard of her, Sarah from SBTB put up a blog post up.


I like how Sarah puts it in the post, Bertrice Small pushed the envelope 30 years ago with what some think is being pushed today in romance and erotica romance. Her books are the ones that take you on a memorable ride.

I am glad she could at least get her lifetime achievement award before she died, but she wasn't able to attend.

eta: can't make a direct link because of the filter on KB. Just put a "i" for the *.

We romance fans have a mega thread for historical romance and we have one for PNR and UF. I think we need one for
contemporary romance which I think would include romantic suspense.

I just heart from a reader in the HR thread that Grace Burrowes came out with a CR. She has only written HR so far as far as I know and has been pretty prolific. Curious how switching genres like that will go with her hard core fans.

I am always looking for good contemorary romance as it is the subgenre of romance I have the most issues with finding interesting stuff. Not sure why that is. So bring them on.  ;D

Not Quite Kindle / Philae lands on speeding comet - Rosetta Mission
« on: November 12, 2014, 08:09:15 AM »
Anyone else watching this? 10 years in the making. Apparently they know it landed. Well, they just dropped it 7 hours ago. But they have no info yet on conditions or anything. Pictures suppose to come also.

So far this is pretty incredible

Not Quite Kindle / Eurovision Song Contest 2014 - Copenhagen
« on: May 04, 2014, 12:22:13 PM »
Yeah, I know. I'll be the only one watching around these parts.  :P

The opening ceremonies are just starting right now, live stream here

The 1st semi final is on Tuesday and the 2nd on Thursday. Then on Saturday 10th is the final. The events are live streamed and start at 21:00 Central European Time. That is 2pm central US time.  ;D

I am amazed every year how huge this event has become. I have been watching it for a very long time.

I just got my Romantic Times magazine and there is Gennita with a fantastic review under romantic suspense for Warrior. And she got her cover also listed, which only happens to a few reviews per sub-genre. Its quite eye catching. This is the one.

Its always nice to see Kboarders in this magazine.

I should also mention that Bella Andre also got a great review for "Always on my Mind" in contemporary romance.

Bella also has a full page nice article in there. Such a pretty smile in the picture too.  :D

Congrats.  ;D

I hope I didn't miss anyone.  8)

Let's Talk Kindle! / PW1 (2012 model) New Update (4/12/14)
« on: March 06, 2014, 10:15:09 AM »

The software update includes general improvements and the following new features:

Kindle FreeTime
FreeTime lets you create personalized profiles for kids, and give them access to titles from your collection of books. Kids can keep track of their personal reading progress and earn achievement badges. To learn more, go to Kindle FreeTime

Goodreads on Kindle
Connect with the world's largest community for readers from your Kindle Paperwhite. See what your friends are reading, share notes, and rate the books you read. To learn more, go to Find and Share Books with Goodreads on Kindle.

Cloud Collections
Use Cloud Collections to organize your content in custom categories. See your collections in a Collections view, and customize where your collections show on your device. To learn more, go to Organize Your Content with Cloud Collections.

Page Flip
While reading, you can skim the book page-by-page, scan by chapter, or skip to the end for a sneak peek without losing your place. To learn more, go to Go To Other Locations in a Book

Enhanced Bookmarks, Highlights & Notes
Access and manage all of your bookmarks, highlights, and notes more quickly and easily. To learn more, go to Bookmarks, Highlights & Notes

Smart Lookup
When you look up a word or character, Smart Lookup provides you with dictionary, X-Ray, and Wikipedia information.To learn more, go to Explore Your Book with X-Ray.

Vocabulary Builder
Words looked up in the dictionary are automatically added to Vocabulary Builder. View the definition and usage of the words, and quiz yourself with flashcards. To learn more, go to Expand Your Vocabulary.

oh boy

eta: added 5/8/14 now new update to This is up from the last one which was

Not Quite Kindle / Sochi 2014 Paralympics
« on: March 06, 2014, 07:58:02 AM »
For the first time here in the US, we get some coverage. I think they only showed like 5 hours in the last Olympics on NBC. This year they will show about 50 hours of the 300 hours on TV. Bad news for some is that most of the broadcast will be on NBCSN, which is the NBC sports network. I have it in my package, but its usually a higher package necessary to get it.

Here is the TV schedule for those in the US

The Opening ceremony is tomorrow Friday and it will be broadcast live on NBCSN at 11 am ET. And they will show a shortened version on Saturday at 1pm on NBC.

The first event is shown on TV live Sat 1 am ET. But not everything will be shown, even on NBCSN. So they have some sites you can stream everything live. All the events 300 hours I believe. Its just a bit early of course.

They'll have the live streams on these sites


The last one I am gong to try to make work on my Roku3, which has the youtube channel finally.

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