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Writers' Cafe / March KENPC Rates by Country
« on: April 20, 2018, 08:31:51 AM »
Sorry folks, I was in Mexico for the last week and the resort was lacking in a secured internet connection. Can't find the usual monthly thread for KU rates, but here's my breakdown by country:

(note that I didn't have data this month for Japan or last month for Mexico)

Store   Currency   Rate   Change from Prior      USD    0.0044927    -3.6%      GBP    0.0034456    -3.6%      EUR    0.0030660    -3.6%      EUR    0.0044611    -3.6%      CAD    0.0044176    -3.6%      EUR    0.0044611    -3.6%      EUR    0.0044611    -3.6%      INR    0.0873882    -3.6%   AUD    0.0038585    -3.6%   BRL    0.0108659    -3.6%   MXN    0.0747704       

Writers' Cafe / February 2018 - Headline KENPC Rate 0.0046601USD
« on: March 15, 2018, 11:30:42 AM »
4% increase across the board, about what I expected after a sharper than usual January drop.

Store         Currency   Rate   Change from Prior      USD    0.0046601    4.0%      GBP    0.0035740    4.0%      EUR    0.0031802    4.0%      EUR    0.0046273    4.0%      JPY    0.5775726    4.0%      CAD    0.0045821    4.0%      EUR    0.0046273    4.0%      EUR    0.0046273    4.0%      INR    0.0906437    4.0%   AUD    0.0040023    4.0%   BRL    0.0112707    4.0%

Writers' Cafe / KENPC Rate 0.0044795
« on: February 15, 2018, 12:22:48 PM »
11.4% decrease across the board, the expected January crash.  (Last January, for comparison, was a 9.3% decrease)

Store   Currency   Rate   Change from Prior   USD    0.0044795    -11.5%   GBP    0.0034355    -11.5%   EUR    0.0030570    -11.5%   EUR    0.0044480    -11.5%   JPY    0.5551911    -11.5%   CAD    0.0044046    -11.5%   EUR    0.0044480    -11.5%   EUR    0.0044480    -11.5%   INR    0.0871312    -11.5%   AUD    0.0038472    -11.5%   BRL    0.0108339    -11.5%

Writers' Cafe / KENPC 0.0042229 for June
« on: July 14, 2017, 11:37:12 AM »
Another 2.7% down after last month's five percent hit.

Store   Currency   RateChange from Prior   USD   0.0042229 -2.7%   GBP   0.0032387 0.0%   EUR   0.0028819 -2.7%   EUR   0.0041932 -2.7%   JPY   0.5233897 -2.7%   CAD   0.0041523 -2.7%   EUR   0.0041932 -2.7%   EUR   0.0041932 -2.7%   INR   0.0821403 -2.7%   AUD   0.0036268 -2.7%   BRL   0.0102134 -2.7%   MXN   0.0702803 -2.7%

We've gone from steadily acceptable (in the high .4s, IMO) to a steady slide and I'm not going to pretend I'm not concerned. Not pulling the trigger on exit plans yet, but starting to make them with rather shorter execution timelines.

Writers' Cafe / March KENPC - $0.004604
« on: April 14, 2017, 09:55:17 AM »
A 7.5% kick in the pants across the board, that's a bit of an ouch.

Data by country:

StoreCurrencyRateChange from Prior
Amazon Kindle US StoreUSD0.0046035-7.5%
Amazon Kindle UK StoreGBP0.0034368-7.5%
Amazon Kindle DE StoreEUR0.0031416-7.5%
Amazon Kindle FR StoreEUR0.0045711-7.5%
Amazon Kindle Japan StoreJPY0.51700790.0%
Amazon Kindle CA StoreCAD0.0045265-7.5%
Amazon Kindle IT StoreEUR0.0045711-7.5%
Amazon Kindle ES StoreEUR0.0045711-7.5%
Amazon Kindle IN StoreINR0.0895439-7.5%
Amazon Kindle AU StoreAUD0.0039537-7.5%
Amazon Kindle BR StoreBRL0.0111339-7.5%
Amazon Kindle MX StoreMXN0.07661480.0%

Writers' Cafe / February KU Rates by Country - USD $0.004974
« on: March 15, 2017, 10:42:58 AM »
Headline USD rate is 4.9741 cents / KENPC.

We're up across the board except in India. We seem to be settling into a range for the moment, with a few months in the .48 to .52 cent range.

Store Currency   Rate   Change from Prior
Amazon Kindle US StoreUSD   0.00497414.6%
Amazon Kindle DE StoreEUR    0.00339464.6%
Amazon Kindle UK StoreGBP    0.00371344.1%
Amazon Kindle AU StoreAUD    0.00427204.6%
Amazon Kindle CA StoreCAD    0.0048910 4.6%
Amazon Kindle FR StoreEUR    0.0049392 4.6%
Amazon Kindle IT StoreEUR    0.0049392 4.6%
Amazon Kindle ES StoreEUR    0.0049392 4.6%
Amazon Kindle BR StoreBRL    0.0120303 4.6%
Amazon Kindle IN StoreINR    0.0967530 0.0%
Amazon Kindle Japan StoreJPY    0.5170080 4.6%

Rates by country and delta from prior month:
Store   Currency   Rate       Change from Prior
Amazon Kindle US Store   USD0.004575218    -4.9%
Amazon Kindle UK Store   GBP0.003083835    1.0%
Amazon Kindle DE Store   EUR0.003327356    0.0%
Amazon Kindle FR Store   EUR0.004543231    -4.9%
Amazon Kindle Japan Store   JPY0.507470968    0.0%
Amazon Kindle CA Store   CAD0.004498733    -4.9%
Amazon Kindle IT Store   EUR0.004543231    -4.9%
Amazon Kindle ES Store   EUR0.004543231    -4.9%
Amazon Kindle IN Store   INR0.093087093    -11.0%
Amazon Kindle BR Store   BRL0.011067038    0.0%

So that's a five percent hit in the US and some European markets, and a nasty kick in India (is anyone getting significant reads in India? I'm not).
Last month was a 2.3% slide, so we're down quite a bit from  June's high.  I'm not calling the sky as falling just yet, with 30 days in September versus August's 31 I suspect we'll see the number bounce back up a bit in September, but we are definitely returning to the downward trend.

Writers' Cafe / KU KENP rates by country for April 2016 (MERGED)
« on: May 13, 2016, 11:46:30 AM »
Released early due to the weekend, I get the following detailed rates:

USD       0.0049566
GBP       0.0031460
EUR       0.0033274   (
EUR       0.0049220   (Other EU stores)
CAD       0.0048738
INR       0.1077592
BRL       0.0114021

CAD, GBP and USD are up 3.72%, INR is up 3.5%, the other two are stable.

(Note my EUR number is .de, I don't keep historical numbers on the other EU rate).

Definitely moving in the right direction, showing a lot of promise for the 'Zon's anti-scammer efforts

Writers' Cafe / KU Rates for March - USD 0.004779
« on: April 15, 2016, 11:37:39 AM »
USD :  0.004779
GBP :  0.003033
EUR :  0.003330  (
EUR :  0.004751  (
EUR :  0.004740  ( and   
CAD :  0.004699
INR :  0.104035
BRL :  0.011402

Tiny, <1% decrease, everywhere except Germany which had a 5% decrease and India which had a tiny, <1% increase.

Hope this is a sign of stability going forward, but I'm still using 0.0035 for my estimates :)

The Book Bazaar / Starship's Mage 3: Voice of Mars
« on: March 04, 2016, 07:41:26 PM »
Hi everyone,

I've just launched the third novel of my Starship's Mage series, Voice of Mars.

Happy reading :)


When accusations of piracy and mass murder are laid against his homeworld, Damien Montgomery is sent to resolve the crisis.

As counter-accusations fly and an old flame re-enters his life, the newest Hand of the Mage-King of Mars finds himself in the midst of a bloody interstellar shadow war. With the death toll mounting, Damien must decide whether he should trust the world he came from - or the world that asked for his help.

The wrong choice will trigger a civil war that could shatter human civilization.

No pressure.

Voice of Mars is book 3 of the Starship's Mage series.

Writers' Cafe / Saying Nice Things about Book Barbarian XD
« on: January 05, 2016, 10:52:06 AM »
Today my free promo hit an ugly snag in that Amazon had been showing me Canadian prices in the US and hadn't actually price-matched my book in the United States.  About 50/50 my fault / Amazon not letting us directly set free prices if we're not in KDP-S.

I had two promotions running today: E-Reader News Today and Book Barbarian.  ENT did exactly what they say they will do in their policies and when the book wasn't free (on Amazon only - they had the other retailer links where it WAS free) at 6AM EST pulled it from today's email. Not a blip of communication, not even a heads up that they'd done so until I saw the ENT mailing.

Still haven't heard anything from ENT.

Book Barbarian, on the other hand, saw that the book was free on the other retailers but not on Amazon and reached out to me. I was, sadly, asleep. They looked up the book in question, saw it was an omnibus of five episodes, the first of which was perma-free, and ran the ad with a compromise: the Amazon link was to Episode 1, the other retailers linked to the Omnibus.

They did this entirely on their own initiative (zzzz ;)) as an alternative to cancelling the promo.

I'm hugely impressed with their customer service and figured I would share my experience as a tiny thank you for them going the extra mile!


The Book Bazaar / Castle Federation Book 2 - Stellar Fox
« on: December 21, 2015, 06:05:26 AM »
Hi everyone,

I've just launched the second novel of my Castle Federation Series, Stellar Fox

Happy reading :)


Captain Kyle Roberts delivered one of the Castle Federation’s few victories in the early days of the war. Even losing his ship in the process didn’t prevent him being elevated as the hero – the “Stellar Fox” – his country desperately needed.

His status with the public demands a worthy command, and he finds himself on the bridge of the Federation’s latest supercarrier and headed to the front lines of the war.

But the Navy sees his promotion as a public relations stunt. His subordinates and superiors alike question his lack of experience – and enemies at the highest level of his own government manoeuvre to destroy him.

As the war heats up around him, the Commonwealth may not be the greatest threat to Kyle Roberts or Avalon.

Writers' Cafe / Books Butterfly Q?
« on: November 19, 2015, 11:17:23 AM »
I was silly and forgot to sign up for Books Butterfly when I scheduled a promo with them. :-[

Could someone who is receiving their emails confirm for me whether Space Carrier Avalon went out in yesterday's email?


Glynn Stewart

Writers' Cafe / Amazon & Incorporation
« on: November 02, 2015, 04:30:33 PM »
So, for a slew of reasons unique to my own situation and jurisdiction, yadda yadda yadda, I am incorporating my writing business. There will be a CCPC (Canadian Controlled Private Company) responsible for both electronic and physical editions of my book, under license from me.

Has anyone else gone through this process or its local equivalent?

How do you transfer over accounts at Amazon and the rest? Is it sufficient to change the banking and tax information on my existing KDP, etc, accounts or do they require I set up a new account and somehow transfer the titles?
(If the latter... how do I transfer the titles?!)

Advice is appreciated. Understand that I have a solid handle on both the legal, finance, and tax implications of the corporation on my end, I'm only concerned about how to set up the transition with the distributors.


Writers' Cafe / Pricing Change Oddity
« on: October 17, 2015, 06:17:15 PM »
Hi folks, I'd like to beg a small favor from someone in the US.

I updated the prices on three of my novels this morning, and the dashboard is telling me everything went through correctly... and City in the Sky is still showing at a price of $3.99 when I check it.

Can someone please check it out here: City in the Sky and let me know what they see?

Appreciate it!

Writers' Cafe / Price-matching: how long does it take to become not free?
« on: October 01, 2015, 08:19:26 AM »
I used price-matching to set the cost of the first novel in my Starship's Mage series to free on Amazon as a promo for the release of book two.

Now the promo is over everywhere else, and, as I expected, Starship's Mage is still free on Amazon.

How long does it take a price-match to wear off? Not too concerned, but I'd be more comfortable with an idea of the time frame.

The Book Bazaar / Starship's Mage Book 2: Hand of Mars
« on: September 26, 2015, 07:46:11 AM »
Hi everyone,

I've just launched the second novel of my Starship's Mage series, Hand of Mars.

Happy reading :)


Three years ago, as Ship’s Mage of the starship Blue Jay, Damien Montgomery was pursued to the edge of human space by both the agents and enemies of the Mage-King of Mars — before being brought in from the cold.

Now, trained in new skills by the Mage-King himself, Damien has been sent to the planet Ardennes alongside Alaura Stealey, Hand of the King. A rebel movement there has destroyed cities fighting a Governor seemingly lost to corruption.

But not all on Ardennes is as it seems. As allies becomes enemies and an entire world comes apart in chaos around him, Damien will find both his skills and integrity tested to the utter limit.

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