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Writers' Cafe / I've joined The Awesome Ranks of the KBoards!
« on: May 25, 2016, 06:08:04 AM »
This board has been phenomenal in all of the advice and information. Two days ago, I pushed the famous "publish" button then waited for over 16 hours for my book to become live. Luckily I had other work to do or I probably would have been going crazy. Anyway, CLASS ZERO is finally in the world. Because of netgalley, I already have a few reviews on Goodreads, but like many have said, Netgalley readers are a bit more difficult to impress. LOL I'm hoping that Hungry Author Services (who did get my book late) will help my review  score. Either way I'm happy to see reader's views on the characters and the world. It gives me a lot to think about and to work hard on.

Book 2 and 3 are written already and I hope to get them out ASAP, once I've had my edits and proofreads completed. But honestly, I feel great. Thanks so much to everyone. The list is far to long for me to start giving personal accolades, but I'll say that I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the kboards. YOU GUYS AND LADIES ROCK!  :)

Also for fun and because my big promo is coming up in about 2 months after I launch my 3rd book. I'm putting out a quick clip from my trailer which will be lice action. My background is in indie movies.  ;)

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Writers' Cafe / Blurb Feedback needed. (Help a young author in need.)
« on: April 14, 2016, 02:21:28 PM »
Ok, Well book comes out next month. YA, Sci-Fi Dystopian. I have two blurbs. One from the perspective of the character. The second from a generalized perspective.
PG-13, Violence, light romance, light cursing

Character Perspective Blurb -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Me? My life is great.  I'm sixteen. I'm  p*ss  poor, and I steal to eat.

Also in my brilliance, I decided to take care of two hungry orphans. Oh yeah, I live in a world where the government controls everything and half of the country lives in poverty.

On my way home from my best friend, who is 50 by the way because I have no friends my age, I ran into a mysterious boy with intense gray eyes. After his merry friends decided to blow up a security drone worth billions above my head, he let me know that "change was coming."

As my luck would have it, a camera recorded the whole event. Now, the government thinks I'm a part of the organization they have been trying to eradicate for last seven years. Because the gray-eyed guy's face was covered, the only face they have on record is mine. All the government's resources from police officers to gigantic robots are being used to track me down and eliminate me--awesome right?

I was perfectly okay with all of this until they decided to go after the two orphans that I love. That's when I knew it was time to fight back.

From responses below decided to try to rework the version above only.
Generalized Perspective -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Sixteen-year-old Paeton wakes up every morning with one thing on her mind--survival. After a revolution in which two-million Georgians were killed and the rest of America thrust into the "One-Starred Order," the lower-class has increased to record numbers. Living in and out of wayward homes for the last two years, she hacks the computer systems inside of ATMs to steal money to provide for herself and the two orphaned kids she has adopted. As meager as her life is, she wants nothing more than for her life to stay under the radar.

Everything changes when she meets a strange gray-eyed teenager.  During a two minute conversation with him, a security drone worth billions explodes over her head and falls into a street four blocks away. Searching for answers, the government finds a video feed of Paeton speaking with the gray-eyed teen. Now, every police officer, security android, and homeland security agent want to bring her in for questioning. However, Paeton knows that under the new law jail is a one-way door. Above all, she has to protect the two orphans.

When the government kidnaps the orphans to use as a bargaining chip, Paeton agrees to join the Rebel organization, and in doing so, inadvertently becomes the face of the movement. With time running out and the government's net tightening, she will have to trust her new found allies, rescue the orphans, and free Georgia from the government's hands. Oh yeah, she also has to stay ahead of hundreds of officers, androids, and car-sized, tank-like robots trained to find and eliminate threats like her.

Hi all,

I've been around Kboards for about 8 months and I'm preparing to join the ranks of all the awesome people out here with my first book--ever.  :D

I've been working on a book cover. I'm trying to decide if I should use what I have, try to rework the cover a bit more, or just hire someone to do the cover for me. I do have lots of Photoshop knowledge and some marketing experience. I want to make sure I'm putting the best product out there.

The Book is YA, Dystopian, Sci-Fi. The world is NOT bleak and destroyed with people wearing gas masks. INSTEAD the world is full of beautiful buildings, but the decline of the working class has created a vacuum which has lead to a world much like DIVERGENT without the factions.

Thanks for your input.


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