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Hi, folks! Welcome to the discussion thread for NAM Editorial.

I offer beta reading/manuscript critiquing, proofreading, and line editing for independent authors. My background includes a BFA in creative and professional writing, nearly a decade of beta reading experience, and positions as a university writing tutor, an editorial intern, and an editor (content, copy, and final line edits) for multiple publishers. Check out my website for specifics regarding my work experience.

Without sacrificing the author's voice and vision, I provide meticulous and constructive feedback via MS Word's Track Changes and Comments features. My current rates are as follows:

Beta reading = $.0015 USD per word. This includes in-manuscript comments and a multipage write-up.

Proofreading = $.003 USD per word.

Copy/line editing = $.006 USD per word. Free 1000-word editing samples are available upon request.

See my website for testimonials and details about each service:

Introductions & Welcomes / Toe-dipping, etc.
« on: February 28, 2016, 06:33:54 PM »
Hello everyone! I decided it was time for yet another writing forum membership--excited to be here. I grew up in rural Minnesota (aka Junior Canada) and, after earning a degree in Creative and Professional Writing, am currently dipping my toes into freelance beta reading and line editing.

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