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Just to say that this problem hasn't gone away. I only update periodically now instead of every time I start a new book, because of the frustration of having to save the changes about ten times before I can get most of the blanks to go away.

I tend to just do it till the panel which shows in the footer of posts is populated and ignore the fact that half a dozen are still missing from the rest of the list.

Are we still assuming this is a problem with Amazon UK servers and not a problem we can solve from this end?

Not Quite Kindle / Re: Outlander - Starz - Season 3 September 10th
« on: December 05, 2017, 08:32:39 PM »
I'm doing the same with season 3 as I did with 2 - I'm not watching till it's finished then I'm going to binge watch the whole lot. Merry Christmas to me!  ;D

Season 1 had 16 eps and season 2 had 13. So is episode 13 next week the last one for season 3?

Still free for prime members, $1.99 for all others ... been that way since the start, I think.

Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk

Ah, I see. I hadn't realised that KF books were available a month early to anyone, not just Prime members. I suppose as I'm always signed in it always shows Prime prices for me on the UK site, but on the US site it showed the non Prime prices.

Still, nothing's jumping out at me this month - even for free.  :o

Here in the UK we're still 'Kindle' First, with a slightly different list and no mention of short stories.

Am I reading the US page correctly in that the Kindle books, although available a month early as usual, are no longer free, but $1.99? If that's what's coming for us too, I doubt I'll be getting any - I struggle most months to find one I want when they're free!

Not Quite Kindle / Re: Android ad-blockers
« on: November 21, 2017, 08:50:21 AM »
Adblock Plus FTW

That's the one I use on my PC - somehow I didn't realise it was also available on android.  :-[

Job done! Thanks!  ;D

Not Quite Kindle / Android ad-blockers
« on: November 19, 2017, 04:24:17 PM »
Does anyone know of a good ad-blocker I can use with Firefox on an android tablet?

Not Quite Kindle / Re: Pound-A-Week Club
« on: November 19, 2017, 04:22:32 PM »
W/e 18th November - YES!!  ;D

The Book Corner / Re: What's the One Genre You Won't Read?
« on: November 17, 2017, 03:19:43 PM »
There's no way I can pick just one!

Horror - I don't like gory bloodthirsty stuff

Mills and Boon type romances or historical "bodice-rippers"

Westerns - I have zero interest in all things cowboy

Books with an overt religious message - I don't care to be preached to and some of them are about as subtle as a sledgehammer, to the detriment of the story

War / battles, either historical or modern

Apocalypse / post apocalypse - you know, the world as we know it has ended and there's these few intrepid people left trying to stay alive while surrounded by cannibals, or plague, or zombies, or conquering aliens etc

So-called 'literary fiction' - in my experience that usually means dull, depressing and self-indulgent (your mileage may vary)

Not too keen on fantasy, made up worlds - faeries and dragons and the like

So yeah, I didn't realise I was so picky  :o  ;D

The Book Corner / Re: "Most Read" kindle books, per Amazon
« on: November 16, 2017, 10:52:23 AM »

I guess I'm an outlier -- I've not read any of them.

Me too - it's the same as the Goodreads poll, I haven't read 99% of those either. I don't think I read really obscure stuff, but perhaps just not the most popular genres.

I think it's also true that people buy particular books because it's the "in" thing to do, like the 50 Shades series. But how many of those books are read, and how many of them do people actually like? As you say buying is not reading, or liking.

The Book Corner / Re: GoodReads Choice 2017 -- voting open
« on: November 14, 2017, 08:57:08 AM »
Final round is now open.

Both of the books I've actually read made it through to the final, which is amazing enough in itself.

I just went back and looked at the results for last year. I've never heard of either the book or even the author that won. In fact, as far as I can tell, I've only ever heard of one author in the top twenty - and I've never read any of her books. Clearly, my taste in books doesn't seem to match the popular taste. Or maybe there are just so many books out there and the voting list is so relatively small that it's a mathematical thing that you're only likely to have come across a small proportion of them.

I'll be interested to see who wins this year.

Not Quite Kindle / Re: Pound-A-Week Club
« on: November 12, 2017, 03:26:09 PM »
W/e 11/11/17 YES! Finally got myself under control again.   :o  ;D

I'd usually be trying to be really good at this time of year to make up for the inevitable overeating during Christmas. But this year I'm spending three weeks over Christmas/New Year visiting with my brother in Spain - he's very big on walking and exercise, so this may be the first Christmas in forever when I don't gain squillions of pounds!

Not Quite Kindle / Re: Pound-A-Week Club
« on: November 07, 2017, 08:05:23 AM »
After a six week hiatus, I weighed myself at the weekend and, not surprisingly, I've put on a good few pounds.  :-[  :'(

However, the sight of those figures on the scales has kickstarted me back to some serious calorie counting. I can't afford to let things slide any further and undo all my hard work this year, so at next weekend's weigh-in it will be vital to see some of those pounds starting to come off again.

*fingers crossed* *determined face*

The Book Corner / Re: GoodReads Choice 2017 -- voting open
« on: November 07, 2017, 07:58:24 AM »
Wow, I've actually read two of the books this year.  :o ;D

I agree about the yet to be released books. In fact, I would say it makes more sense to only include books which have been released for at least six months, so that enough people can have read them to have an opinion on them, otherwise they should be held over till next year's vote. I suspect a lot of people will vote for favourite authors, based on previous books, even when they haven't yet read the book on the voting list. For example, I will at some point read Andy Weir's new book and, based on how much I loved The Martian, I expect to enjoy it but I'm not voting for the new one when it hasn't even been released yet.

I wonder how they choose the initial books to go onto the list - is it based on the books listed by members or just chosen based on the preferences of the people who run Goodreads, or maybe even just chosen randomly?

The Book Corner / Re: Kindle First - November 2017
« on: November 01, 2017, 07:59:19 AM »
A slightly different list again this month for Kindle 1st in the UK.

Nothing really leaps out at me at the moment - I might come back and revisit later in the month when there are more reviews available.

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: Kindle Watch! -- New Oasis
« on: October 31, 2017, 06:45:23 AM »
Just read that review and this caught my eye:

The other thing to note about the Kindle Oasis is that there's no "special offers". Lower tier Kindles get these adverts in exchange for a slightly cheaper price. On the Kindle Oasis you're spared that option.

I don't think that's true. The one I ordered I expect to come with Special Offers; I could have paid $20 more to get it without. Maybe the difference is they're a UK reviewer?

You're correct, Ann. Neither the Oasis nor the Voyage have a 'special offers' option in the UK - only the Paperwhite and the Basic Kindle. No idea why though.

I'm using the Samsung Galaxy S6, so an older version of the phone and my app only just updated today. It now has a completely different icon and no carousel - it's almost exactly the same now as the app on the Fire.

In MYC&D it still shows my phone registered twice - once with the old Kindle app icon and once with Kindle for Samsung app, so I must have had the Samsung version of the app on this phone at some point, but I don't seem to have that version available now.

Luckily I never was too fond of the carousel!

Thanks - just had a look at the kobo and looks as though it will do the job - don't really want to faff around stripping DRM off of books (!)

I have a Kobo Aura One for reading library books as I couldn't find any viable work around for getting library books on to a Kindle. It works well as it has Overdrive built into it - once you get your head around how it works, it's pretty simple.

I'm not sure why there is no support for Kindle in UK libraries but when I made enquiries they said there were no plans to change things in the near future so I figured it was worth the investment in a Kobo, as I don't much care for reading on a phone or tablet.

For me it didn't how until my phone rebooted. I had had the update for like 2 weeks already and still had the carousel.

But then my phone acted weird and I rebooted it and suddenly carousel was gone. It was still the same update. No idea why it went like that, but others have posted the same thing. I don't know if the samsungs will act the same. Just reboot/restart your phone and see.

Well I rebooted the phone and the carousel is still there - the OP may have to get a Samsung device if they want the carousel badly enough.  :o

Anything Else Amazon / Re: Audible books
« on: October 20, 2017, 03:34:55 AM »
You get the Audible app for your phone or iPod or whatever, then log into your Audible account and it will show a list of the books you've bought under 'cloud' and then you just tap on the book you want to download and it will appear under 'device'.

If you don't want to keep it on your phone, taking up space, when you've finished you can delete it from the device and it just stays in the cloud till you want to listen to it again.


On both my android devices, I have the "Kindle for Samsung" app -- as they're Samsung devices. They still have the carousel style home page.

It doesn't really matter either way to me as I don't use either one very often to actually read on. But by having the Kindle for Samsung app, on at least one of 'em, I get a free book every month from a choice of 4 -- and these are different to the Kindle first books.

Me too. I have on my Samsung phone and that still has the carousel. My old Samsung phone used to say it was 'Kindle for Samsung' but this one just says it's 'Amazon Kindle', but the carousel is still there nevertheless.

To be honest, I'd prefer it to be gone, but I don't use it enough to let it trouble me - I prefer reading on e-ink whenever possible.

In the end I watched all 8 films in chronological order. So eps 1, 2, 3, Rogue One, eps 4,5,6 and The Force Awakens.

Watching them all reasonably close together meant I understood the plot better, though I have to say that although at the time of the originals they seemed quite special, my view now is that they are pretty much all style over substance. I'm glad I watched them though, it's something I've been intending to do for a long while.

Ironically, the one I enjoyed the most was the one I was advised not to bother with - The Force Awakens.

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: New Kindle Oasis!
« on: October 17, 2017, 08:23:59 AM »
.......... I think I'm mostly interested in the larger screen size, which I didn't think I wanted, but does seem like a good thing now -- provided it doesn't make the whole thing too big to comfortably carry around. In which case the Voyage will still be my 'out and about' eReader.

Here in the UK we can't borrow library books on a Kindle, they only do e-pub versions. So because I don't like reading on a tablet, I have a Kobo Aura One, which also has a 7" screen, just for library books. The 6" Kindles have never been a problem for me, but the extra size is nice to have - although to be fair, I don't really notice that much when I go back to my Kindle. The size and the ability to change the weight of fonts were the only two things I really liked about the Kobo over the Kindle. Now they've solved the font problem, I just need a 7" Voyage!

As far as practicality goes, it's not quite as convenient as the smaller ones - and the new Oasis is wider, but shorter than the 7" Kobo, a more square shape. Not too good if you want to put it in a pocket (I never do) but if you carry it in a bag, it shouldn't be a problem, unless you absolutely have to carry it in a section that only just fits the smaller model. Weight-wise, it shouldn't make too much of a difference - the new Oasis is still lighter than the PW.

I'm sure as far as the size is concerned, you'll love it.  :)

Fire Talk / Re: Fire HD 10 - help with Home Screen options please
« on: October 17, 2017, 07:57:19 AM »
I am not thrilled with the Fire either. Not expensive, but also doesn't really do it for me. I have a Galaxy Tab S2 which is a couple of years old now and I like it much better. Thinner and lighter, faster response. Maybe you can find one that's refurbished? Save a few quid?

The S2 model, at about 350 plus, is considerably cheaper than the S3, but is still a considered purchase when compared to the 150 the new 10" Fire would cost.   :(

I can't seem to find a reliably certified refurb, but I'm going to keep looking. Whenever I replace this current tablet, I'm pretty certain I won't be getting another Fire - and having loved both my Galaxy S phones (currently I have the S6) that's the way I'm leaning tablet wise.

In the meantime I guess I'll just have to put up with those 'recent apps'. It's a minor irritation, but I see it as a kind of invasion of privacy. Like on the Amazon website, where even if you turn off the recent browser history (and mine seems to keep switching itself back on!) you still get 'recommendations based on your past purchases' or 'treat yourself to something on your wishlist' or whatever it's called. Now that I'm no longer at work and don't have people looking over my shoulder during my lunchtime browsing, seeing what kind of stuff I usually buy or want, I suppose it doesn't matter, but it's the principle of the thing. *gets off soapbox*  :-[  ;D

I'm always intrigued by people's need to name inanimate objects, like cars for example, and by the names they come up with.

I've got quite a few Kindles, I think if I named them, I'd probably forget which one was which - likewise if I left them as Linda's 4th Kindle etc. So I just change mine to whatever model they are, like PW2, Voyage, Fire HD 10 etc. That way I know exactly which one I'm sending stuff to.

I recognise that that's probably boring - but hey, it works for me!  ;D

Fire Talk / Re: Fire HD 10 - help with Home Screen options please
« on: October 15, 2017, 09:09:30 AM »
Yep, mine's the same, too. Further. It's not 'home screen settings' but just 'home screens'.

For clarification, my system is and was installed just this past Sept 21.

I'm not even sure what 'show apps on the Recents Page' means? Maybe they mean the 'new items' list. For me, it only shows books/periodicals. I'm thinking it used to show apps as well, but maybe they've taken that option away and just didn't change that part of the "help" section. It's hard to check, because it's running SUPER slow right now since it's been off for a while and everything wants to suddenly update. :) Still, it's obvious some have come down since I've had it on, because the 'recent' listing on the "apps" page has changed, but the 'new items' on Home has not.

When you're on the home page and you swipe right, the screen to the left appears. This used to be headed 'recent' now it says 'for you'. Any app that you had opened appeared there, in much the same way as it would on the carousel on the old Fire models. You could remove them manually (and still can) but you also used to be able to turn that feature off if you wanted. Now I have the weather forecast at the top and recently opened apps beneath it and although the 'help' file still gives the same instruction for disabling that, when you go into settings, the option isn't actually there anymore. I'm not sure which is the error - that you can't do it anymore and they've forgotten to update the 'help' files, or that the 'help' files are correct but someone accidentally removed the option in the software.

I guess I need to send feedback to Amazon.

I'm getting increasingly disillusioned with the Fire and I'm seriously considering replacing it with another android tablet. I'd love a Samsung Galaxy Tab S but sadly don't have a spare six hundred quid lying about.  :(

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