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A new Science Fiction adventure takes wing in the depths of Saturn

Arne was content with her career as a hydrogen rigger, harvesting fuel from Saturn's clouds for use across the solar system, until two prospectors offered her a job that kindled old desires. She used to be an angel, a guide through the lightless sky beneath Saturn's clouds, but abandoned that deadly wasteland years ago. Now she returns, taking flight again on cybernetic wings to guide a new prototype through the invisible gale of the liquid sky. She used to know Saturn's depths well, but returning ignites old scars, and there is something new and unnatural waiting in the burning air.

Things begin to go sideways when Arne hears a strange voice from out in the void. No one else hears it, and Saturn remains as lifeless and vacant as ever, so Arne forges ahead. She ignores its warnings and descends deeper toward the unknown, but the unknown itself is rising up to meet her. Paranoia and fear bloom in Arne's mind as the empty sky fills with long buried secrets, casting doubt on the true purpose of the expedition and on her own sanity. Threatened with creeping madness and blocked from escape by her employer's obsessive ambition, Arne will have no choice but to face the abyss she has spent years trying to forget.

When the wind comes for her and her wings fail her, will she remember why she calls herself an angel?

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The Book Bazaar / Sand Castle - Contemporary Science-Fiction - $0.99
« on: October 22, 2013, 11:56:58 AM »
Innocent people are being condemned by unnatural misfortune. Dylan Quale's life has twisted into a chain of bizarre coincidences, but he only knows what's happening from anonymous phone messages bearing strange prophecies. Probability is being distorted, and only Dylan can fix it, but the world is in flux and routes to survival are vanishing into impossibility. To regain the lost futures he'll have to challenge prophecy and carve his own path across realities.

Fate and Free-Will are colliding. Reality is collapsing. Will he be the one to make the final choice?

Sand Castle
A science-fiction novella

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The Book Bazaar / Terms of Life - Science-Fiction - $0.99
« on: March 20, 2013, 09:27:07 AM »

Ethan always dreamed of visiting the real world. Too bad not everyone wants him to.

A terminal infant converted to living code, Ethan exists as sentient software. The world is closed to him, glimpsed only through the Internet, until now. Miraculously granted passage into the Flesh, Ethan experiences life's sensations for the first time, but access is costly. As he becomes unable to pay for time in his body, Ethan will be driven to do anything to escape his digital purgatory, but his desperate actions may come to haunt him.

His life has just begun. Now he is about to lose it.

Terms of Life
a Science-Fiction novella
by Ayami Tyndall

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The Book Bazaar / Reconcilable - A Science-Fiction novel | $0.99
« on: November 05, 2012, 09:13:33 AM »

Safe within the impenetrable firewall, Users lead documented lives, everything they do recorded by the omnipresent Cloud. Outside, Ghosts linger on the edge of society, known but unrecorded and unwelcome. Now one Ghost's refusal to conform will challenge the system and expose sides of humanity thought impossible. As the threat of war looms, Ghosts will find entry into the Cloud, Users will be cast out and every distinction will be blurred.

a Science-Fiction novel
by Ayami Tyndall

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The Book Bazaar / Verifiable - A Science-Fiction novel of the Cloud - $0.99
« on: September 09, 2011, 08:47:22 AM »

Welcome to the first Surveillance Peace State

In utopia nothing is unknown. The Cloud sees, records and shares everything. Apps can tell you anything about anyone from anywhere. No secret can be kept, no wrong can be done...except by a Ghost. Invisible to the Cloud and overlooked by humanity, these shadow people lead hidden lives off the grid. Unrestricted by the Cloud, a Ghost is capable of anything, even destruction.

But with their freedom comes the curse of isolation. Trapped on society's fringe, their exclusion from the Cloud also allows others to act against them in secret. A group of Cloud Users, the life of each touched by a Ghost, is following the trail of disjointed memories and faulty recordings. They threaten the fragile existence of the Ghosts, but among the Ghosts lurks the threat of violence and evil, so now these two worlds will clash.

For the Ghosts, it is a another round in their fight for survival. For the Users, all they know is now in doubt. To find the truth they will have to see past the Cloud, but what they find there will challenge everything they took for fact about the Cloud, about the Ghosts, and about themselves.

a 95,000 word Science-Fiction novel
by Ayami Tyndall

Buy Verifiable now for $0.99

- 44 BC: Julius Caesar survives assassination attempt.

- 410 AD: Romans repel King Alaric I.

- 1010 AD: Albinus Gordian is elected Emperor and begins a new age of environmentalism in the Roman Empire.

Global Warming is happening, but that doesn't mean we can't try to stop it.

Spanish anchorman turned international reporter Joe Body is setting out on a globe trotting escapade of unprecedented scale and insanity. His journey begins with the election of Emperor Albinus Gordian, Green Dictator, and ends with the total collapse of industrialized society in the name of saving the earth, but along the way he is on the scene at every major global development in environmentalism.

From eco-mutations in Japan to attacks by anti-environmental-extremist pollutorists in Canada, Joe is ready for anything, but even that might not be enough.

A whimsical romp through the gauntlet of environmental politics of a warped history, AER MUTATIO is a satirical adventure spanning five continents and endless laughs.

Get the eBook at Amazon for $2.99

Not Quite Kindle / Re: guilty pleasures
« on: March 03, 2011, 11:01:51 AM »
Too many webcomics, reading, and eating day old Spanish Rice on corn chips (possibly all at the same time).

Not Quite Kindle / Re: Greatest Cartoon Series Ever?
« on: March 03, 2011, 10:58:51 AM »
These may be a bit modern compared to most of the postings here, but some of my favorites are Pokemon (childhood love), Samurai Jack and Gurren Lagann.

Yep, big anime nut here  ;D

Thanks for posting this. They have some good stuff there and I found a case for my Kindle as well. Been looking for one under $15 and these look perfect.

Cheers to un-scratched screens!

Not Quite Kindle / Re: Is there a celebrity you just can't stand?
« on: March 03, 2011, 09:12:14 AM »
For me, it's Will Ferrel.
Never liked him, although he was okay in Megamind, so maybe it's just his face.

He's pretty much the only name I avoid on Netflix.

Thanks, MosesSiregarIII. Truth be told, I came up with the title first as part of developing the general setting, and then that concept evolved into the story.

To See the Stars as God, a star-spanning Science Fiction adventure set in the heart of the galaxy. With humanity divided into mutant sub-species, it will take a creature of unimaginable uniqueness to protect everyone from the ultimate threat.

Ageless and without match in skill or ferocity, Glif sets out on a routine mercenary assignment only to find his past come alive to haunt him as he traverses the cosmos. Now he must risk everything to save humanity from its own lust for power, just as he has done before.

Follow Glif's adventure as he meets strange creatures and struggles to overcome his fears and self-doubt.

Get the e-Book at Amazon for $2.99

Hello, Kindle Boards. Fairly new to writing, even newer to Kindle and super-new here, so here is my first e-Book to share:

Born to a world that would have preferred an obedient daughter, Tye Kawanaka must re-learn what has been stolen from him so he can rise up and find was lies...Beyond Knowledge

A devastating nuclear war has reorganized the world in this Social Science Fiction Drama. Japan and America now occupy China, creating a grim nation ruled by the university and having no love for faith or family.

Born as one of countless, indistinguishable children, Tye Kawanaka's hidden heritage leads him down a path to question the world he lives in and to rise up and challenge it in search of a better life and brighter future.

Get the e-Book at Amazon for $2.99

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