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Six Celestial Swords

Yeah, there are some, no worries. :)

Your service won't take down the pricing issue for a lot of people. Many indies can't afford to pay even half that for a cover, and some simply prefer not to.

According to some of the data I've seen around, a cover has a couple of seconds - some say even less - to grab a reader's attention. For a great number of people, if the cover doesn't look like what they want, they'll scroll right on past. And I know that some people will deliberately look for something different, but I think most will go for what they've gone for in the past. There's a reason that certain types of covers become popular, and that is because they sell books.

Similarly, people have consistent taste in clothes and food and home decor, etc. Makes total sense.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Need font design for existing cover art
« on: July 13, 2017, 04:47:03 PM »
I do typography-only work. You can check out my portfolio at I also did the typography for Steven Kelliher and Vaughan Smith if you want to take a look at those on Amazon.

I can vouch for how awesome Shayne is at typography. Just sayin'!

Writers' Cafe / Re: How to handle an execution
« on: July 09, 2017, 12:07:16 PM »
The ferocity over historical fact is why I have a history degree and love history nerds. Despite the insults, I'm very much enjoying this thread.

Ok, back to your normally scheduled sane discussion about execution.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Cover question, help me please.
« on: July 06, 2017, 12:28:20 PM »
Those are eye-catching and lovely. Very nice!

Relaunches don't have to be "only in case of fail." This industry changes on a dime, and in "hot" genres, it can pay off to update your covers/blurbs on a regular basis. It'll pay off more if you do your updates in conjunction with relaunch activities to maximize the new look.

It's like being the nerdy girl in the teen movie who gets the a new haircut and a pretty dress *without* having the slo-mo float down the stairs with her new look pan over to Boyfriend Material's dropped jaw and sudden character revelation.

I agree that it's not a matter of previous series' failure. A series probably isn't going to be selling as well three years after the original release as it did at first, of course, so it can be as simple as a matter of revitalizing a series that has just aged.

The book details a few kinds of relaunches, from the simplest to the most complicated. Some may consider a relaunch where you didn't get a new ISBN more of a reboot, but the premise of refreshing the series to start up sales again is covered under a few different labels.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Cover question, help me please.
« on: July 06, 2017, 11:39:19 AM »
BEFORE (you know what I mean):                        AFTER

I think that new color tone works really well! Much less steam-punky.

PS, I'm a big an of the stone texture!

Writers' Cafe / Re: Cover question, help me please.
« on: July 05, 2017, 08:03:42 PM »
Honestly these are beautiful, and the only steampunk one to me is the second. Can you move the color less in the brown spectrum in either direction? I think that could help.

Super gorgeous!

Looking at the TOC, it does sound like a basic and common sense kind of book. If an author already has a backlist, and has already read and implemented the first five books in the series, it wouldn't hurt to cater to a more sophisticated audience. Though how advanced can a relaunch really get? It's not rocket science to begin with.

This is kind of the crux of the matter. People like to have everything collected for them and they want that motivational push that self-help books are known for. The only Fox book I've read and bought was the 5000 words per hour one. I even bought the app! But in the end, like many self-help/motivational titles, it felt like empty calories. I've borrowed the other books in the series but haven't gotten around to reading them because as someone who frequents places like kboards, it seemed like I already knew all that stuff anyway.

I'm glad that the information is all you need to succeed. I'm glad for you in that. But, I'm not that excited about information. I knew and had started on a lot of the information spelled out in the book also. HOWEVER, I 1. have the privilege of being in a couple correct places to observe already-successful people, and 2. I've been known to get overwhelmed by too much information gathered from too many places.

A motivational slant helps me have the desire to apply it, and the added bonus of Chris' organization of information I did or did not know helps me tremendously. I know others are out there like me, especially the new or artistically-minded ones who struggle with internalizing the basics of successfully marketing their work.



A fight still broke out. :-)

I know, and quite unexpectedly.

Maybe I can destroy the world with a snarky guest post on one of the biggest news sources in the world!!


I came here to see a fight (from the subject line) and instead picked up a new book that might help me. And the Kboards adds their Amazon tag to the link. Nice way to support them.  It's all good.

Another big takeaway, click-batey headlines still work.  ;D

They seem to! I've never done a successful one before. According to this, I think I was too bland. This one seems to have gotten some people disappointed I wasn't here to FITE ;D

I've got all his books and love them - super easy to read, relevant, and up to date :)

I actually don't own all of them, but I'm sure they're all awesome. :D

Colleen, I love your never-faltering positive attitude and your willingness to bring a sense of community here.

As for the book recommendation, we see threads here with authors continually trying to find ways to breathe new life into their backlist. If someone finds some valuable advice/techniques from a proven bestseller and marketing guru all in one neat little package, and decides to recommend it to the rest of us, then wow--- that's what the Writer's Cafe is for, right?


Hey, you're so sweet, Kay. Thank you so much :) I also agree with all of that!

To get back on topic.

I picked up the book and read it this morning. I feel about the same as I do about The Six Figure Author. There's lots of good advice in the book, but it's geared towards much newer writers. I'm well aware that self-publishing books aren't geared towards me, but I still read them on occasion to see if I can glean a bit of advice.

Chris breaks down the kinds of relaunches you can do well. I disagree with some of his phrasing (I would only call something a relaunch if it involves a new ASIN), but that's minor stuff. I think the book will be helpful for authors who are lost when it comes to their backlist, poorly performing or otherwise, but less helpful for authors who already have a clear picture of their backlists.

It definitely is geared toward those who are either new at 'real' book marketing, or people who are just plain lost. I'm one of those people where book marketing provides this irrational mental block. Like, I know what to do but I never get it right, do it in the right order, or sometimes struggle to 'put it all together' effectively.

For me, and why I was so excited, is that the book offered context (and order) to my brain-chaos on the whole matter. It was more like one of those *click* moments where I suddenly got what I should be doing with all of the information I had before reading the book. Having some info reinforced in the book while other info was set aside helped a lot, too.That was perfect or me because I needed some clarity.

For reference, I've been helping my partner publish her books since 2011. We did a full relaunch last year of one of the books we published back then that did ok, but I was disorganized and careless. The book has outsold its original release by 3500%, but hasn't been life-changing. I promised this next relaunch would blow it out of the park and now I have an essential guide to help me solidly move forward (and flail less).

I was confused, but I understand where that comment is coming from now, even though I disagree. Since the mods have decided it's fine, let's keep going in that direction.

I'll share my results from the excersizes later tonight as an example. Woot! Let's put this baby to work :D

Its because a forum has rules, and people in the past have broken those rules and found nifty ways around them to get promotion. ( as stated by the Moderator above ) 

So they created a separate area for promotion.

However things get gray when we use the word "Recommendation."

No one is stating that FOXY paid you, ( I think Chris is a top guy and I don't believe for a second he wouldn't stoop that low ) but as one other person stated on this thread. It does seem a little suspicious that this comes out in the week that its released from someone who got a free copy.

Now had the title read "Chris Fox's new release isn't worth the price you pay for it. That's why i got a free copy."  And the post didn't speak about a measly $3.99 when you didn't pay for it, with an additional link to go buy it.

It might have changed the tone of it. ;)

Had it been listed in the Bazaar section where promotion is allowed and not here, maybe the first title would have been fine.

Basically though, this thread has shown others how to skirt around the rules and get their book listed here on the week it goes out by having someone else recommend it. ( which appears to be okay as long as they are not a new user).

Ah, well I wouldn't worry about making examples for others. People inclined already knew about it.

I can't say anything about timing. I wrote the post the day after I read it, while the fires were still hot. It happened to be after release day. I made it clear right in the first post that I got an ARC. I said 'measley $3.99' because I personally think the price is too low for the worth of the book. 6-9.99 would be more adequate in my perspective, but I u derstand that chris wants it as accessible as possible.

I'm a trained salesperson. 10 years training in a specialty retail environment, so my recomendations do tend to come off that way. It's never caysed a problem before and I didn't expect it to now.

The fact is that for this post to be an actual problem, Chris would have had to know I was posting it. He didn't even know I had an ARC, so that's not an option.

Thanks for all of the support for those not wanting this moved, and I'm very happy do hear from everyone who appreciated hearing about it! :D

Note about the ARC status: I grabbed the original ARC when Chris offered it, but I didn't actually read it until after release because I'm a lazy dork. Second: like I said in my review, I'm also one of those jerks who finds fault with everything, but I didn't here, which is why I was so excited. I also like Chris a lot as a person, but we don't have long talks on the phone every night, here. I'd safely say our level of direct contact treads the friend-friendly acquaintance line.

Anyway, I'm going to be more thoroughly filling out the exercises in the book tonight. Looking forward to getting more organized with my partner's relaunch as we get close to the wire :o

Third note: I'm fairly confused as to why telling people about a book I think will be useful to other authors is somehow Mr. Fox promoting through me on purpose. He had no idea I was going to write this post. I did this 100% of my own accord with no forewarning. This is just weird, I've never seen people act like this with relevant author resource suggestions on WC.

Ps: the arc was offered to a small group of people, not me directly. I just clicked the link when I saw it go up. He never even knew I took it until I wrote up my notes.


Relaunching is not exactly rocket science.

Get a new cover
Get a new blurb

If that don't work.

Bundle a trilogy up into 3 books with a new cover and blurb ( put under new category )

Toss some advertising at it.

The rest is just gravy.

And the gravy is the best part. There are other considerations in the book than just cover and blurb, plus other factors of publishing that can assist in making the relaunch bigger than the first launch. This book helps lay those details out for the author to explore.

I come into this thread expecting to see a vicious fight break out, and what do I find instead?  Supportive comments and authors helping each other?  Bah... ;)

:D I looked after I read it to see if there was an announcement about its release and there wasn't, so I decided to.

Yeah, so disappointing, right?

Thanks for posting this. This book is perfect for me. Already downloaded. I'm pretty sure if I don't learn anything, it will be my fault. Chris rocks!  ;D ;D

Hmm yes then you can understand my irrational excitement!

Oh we can change that if you like... "Op How much did Chris pay you to write this post?" LOL

I'm afraid I'm no richer for this except in my extreme excitement and hopefulness over my partner's relaunch. Ah, well.

Oh that will come in handy...

Nice job!

Fox's books are so helpful. I can't wait to read this one!

Thank you for the heads up, and thanks to Chris, too. Just bought it. Working on a relaunch and extension of our main series, so this is timely.

You guys are all very welcome!

You mean CLICK BAITER, I think.  :)

Clicker von Baiterly is its official name ;D
Interesting. I'm planning to relaunch one of my series as duets (they were originally serials), so this book could be just what I need. Is it actually data driven? The Six Figure author had plenty of good advice but very little actual data.

I'm also curious as to how Chris defines a flop. I have a book that has made five figures that I consider a flop, though my only explanation for why it failed is release timing. It's a good book with a strong hook, though it is in a more tired niche.

It's definitely an advice-oriented book, but Chris uses three case studies to back up his advice. :) No long charts of numbers and figures, though. I'm well familiar with two of the case studies in the book so I knew they were legit.

He doesn't define it, really. I wouldn't want him to myself; this isn't about qualifying a previous launch, it's all about maximizing the effects of a relaunch for series that are lagging now, or have lagged from the beginning. But he lets us decide that on our own.

I'll absolutely snag this, even without a healthy backlist. I have yet to pick up a Fox book that's not entertaining and where I haven't learned at least something I found of value.

They're great to listen too while I'm doing mindless, blue-collar stuff.

I agree, it's a great series all around. I'm moving onto Chris' youtube vids tonight while I work to see whatever insight I can glean. :)

Good job.
Now, can you put up a link b/c I'm lazy, okay? ;D

I've never written a click bait title before, but now that I have, I truly feel the POWAH!!
But seriously, here;s a link. ;)

It's worth more. Way more. Depending on how much backlist you have, it could be worth thousands of dollars.

Hey there, Kboards. You guys haven't heard from me for a while because frankly, I've been incredibly busy. First with my book design business, and second with helping my partner relaunch a trilogy she'd published from 2012 - 2015. We've been planning the relaunch since early January, with a planned release of September-October. It's been intensive, and a bit frustrating at times. So when I managed to get my greasy paws on an ARC of Chris Fox's Relaunch Your Novel, I was incredibly excited.

I read through it in an hour. I was pleasantly surprised to see that we'd been doing some things right (hooray!!). It also helped fill in some sizeable holes and--more importantly--has helped us mentally organize our efforts to know where to go yet.

I'm not going to ramble on, though, because I just wrote a long review on it. You can check that out here. And then you should go buy that book for a measley $3.99, because my socks have been rocked by this affirming/enlightening read.

Thank you so much for your insights, Mr. Fox!

Not even close to looking at commissioning work, but just out of curiosity... that's for each work, right, not the series as a whole? And did that include the typography, or did you do that yourself/hire another person to do it? Also, if it's not too much of a bother, is there anything you think you could have done in retrospect to avoid ending up in the situation you did with the $1100 ones? Tips to avoid going down the same route could save some of the rest of us a lot of money and heartache, I'd bet. :)

This is for each work, yeah. It didn't include typography as I do that myself.

As to what we could have done differently, (these covers are for my wife's books, not mine, but I do a lot of the interaction with illustrators)? That's something I've thought of a lot, and I honestly, at this point, don't see anything. We observed the artist for months and the work she put out. We approached her months early and discussed aspects of the project before we scheduled. We found references, wrote a solid brief, gave examples of the kind of work we wanted to see.

The sketches were great, so we didn't see a point in making changes there. She was very responsive and open to changes. It was when color was added that things just didn't... render right. Colors were dull and there was no sense of central composition or visual heirarchy. Atmosphere we imagined in the sketches was lost. More explaining on our end got us more *vibrant* colors, but not more...feeling.

I really can't say what we could have done to fix it. It was like the illustrator just lost whatever it was in her portfolio that drew us to her originally and there was no way to explain that. Too bad. The only thing I see that's different between covers we will use and the ones we won't is that we went to the expensive illustrator, and the other two came to us after we posted the jobs in Deviant Art. We'll never approach someone again.

I hope that makes sense.

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