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Writers' Cafe / Re: Anyone have a catalog of 1000 titles?
« on: December 03, 2017, 05:34:37 PM »
I can write 15k words in 7 hours. 1000 titles is possible in a few years.

So how long have you been writing, and how many titles do you currently have out?

Writers' Cafe / Re: The less than 1,000 words a week club
« on: December 01, 2017, 06:29:14 AM »
Oh wow!  Congrats on an amazing accomplishment there, David.

Thanks, D.A. It probably helps that I can see an end in sight. At time of writing I'd gestimate to be within about 5,000 words of completing the first draft.

Writers' Cafe / Re: The less than 1,000 words a week club
« on: December 01, 2017, 06:25:41 AM »
Cheers for you! That's great.

Thanks, Sapphire, though with my luck I'll probably find myself in a situation where I don't get to write a word over the next fortnight! :)

Writers' Cafe / Re: KENPC Page reads NOT right?
« on: December 01, 2017, 06:12:03 AM »
Is anyone else having a problem with their page reads. The past two days have been crazy wonky and Iím worried. My page reads are usually steady at a certain pace but past two days I have nothing. Is there currently a delay in reporting on Amazonís behalf? I sent an email but no response yet.

I'd been wondering this same thing. Showed 23 pages read over 29/30, although they are climbing nicely today so hopefully just a glitch.

The Book Bazaar / Re: The Strange Case at Misty Ridge
« on: November 30, 2017, 11:44:50 AM »
The Strange Case at Misty Ridge is available on Amazon for $2.99/£1.99, or read for *Free* with Kindle Unlimited.

I wonder if possibly it is Mother's denouncement of such beings, that they are not the true lords' of always, perhaps has drawn me to this place.

"I am forced to step away, suddenly stricken by the realization of what this being standing before me represents."


Writers' Cafe / Re: The less than 1,000 words a week club
« on: November 30, 2017, 11:13:10 AM »
Oh Lorrie, I just love this post!  :-*  I generally shoot for 1,000 wpd, but sometimes I too don't get in 1,000 words-per-week and feel like crap when that happens.  I work part-time outside and part-time writing and when life gets wonky, it's the writing that has to go by the wayside.  Thank you for showing us all we don't have to be Superman/woman.

I love this post too, and as someone who usually only manages 250/500 wpd, and can on occasions go a fortnight without finding time to write, I feel all the pain. This being said, I've just bashed out 9,000 words in the last six days, so I'm buzzing! ;D

Writers' Cafe / Re: Oh, Amazon ... I hope you get better soon
« on: November 30, 2017, 11:05:11 AM »
Ugh. After price matching a title world wide to $0 I get the cheerful, "Hey we're going to take your book priced at $2.99 in Canada down if it isn't marked dow to $0.00 like it is on Kobo Canada."

It's already $0 in Canada, but for some reason, the 'bots aren't seeing that. I've been told by the nice people at KDP that I have nothing to worry about even though the email says I only have 24 hours (22 now!) to fix this problem.

At least Amazon are consistent...on one level. :-X

The Book Bazaar / Re: The Damnation Game
« on: November 30, 2017, 03:29:40 AM »
The Damnation Game is currently priced $1.99 on Amazon, or read *Free* with Kindle unlimited.

A nationwide manhunt is underway for the notorious Catholic Jack killer; a woman grieves for her murdered husband; a disturbed young man struggles to overcome the horrors of his childhood; something unearthly hides in shadows, waiting for its opportunity to introduce these new players to the damnation game.


Taking a closer look between my orders tab and me eBook Royalty tab I think the Free - Goodreads Giveaway entries are just standard sales that ended up with the wrong transaction code applied to them. I don't know why it was only on one of my pen names (others had sales during that period), but looks to me to just be a weird glitch. Someone failed to adequately test something before they rolled out a change to the production environment.

This issue being caused by a glitch certainly makes more sense, otherwise a lot more books would have been shelved on Goodreads by those entering all these competitions, and my figures have barely changed over the last months.

Something is wonky with the reporting. I released a book a few hours ago. Bought it to test and it shows as Goodreads Giveaway-Free.

That is bizarre.

Hmm. Entering before it closes has never worked for me either. Reason I used to pick that is just in case I missed something since its so hard to search of sift through. So I always sorted by ending soon. Never made a difference in winning so I don't think that is it. I also review, I have 276 on goodreads and many more ratings. I always enter books in the genres I read, so those that are shelved, etc. Still nada. I don't have the right voodoo I guess.

I'm just rolling out of bed round about when the competition ends (due to location, not because I'm lazy! :'(), and my last half-dozen winners all entered right at the death. Who knows?
Either way, the competition is seriously flawed, and with these price listings it becomes a moot point.

Odd. I only ever won anything shortly after I signed up for a goodreads account. I won 3 books back then. Years ago, within a few month period.
I have entered a bunch of them since and I haven not won even once again. Doesn't matter if I enter one that is about to end, just started, or what have you. Nothing, nada, nichts. I have given up entering. I always wondered how they pick the winners. I assume its random and as I never win anything else random in life, I just thought its a normal state of mind.  :P

This is a valid point. Three of my previous winners had joined Goodreads during the months my competitions ran. And, actually, the only time I ever won anything was shortly after joining the site. In theory they claim to pick prizewinners based on having shelved books in the same genre, writing reviews, writing reviews for any books previously won. None of which has proven applicable to any competition I've listed.
In summary: Join Goodreads and enter a Giveaway immediately = likely winner.
                     Enter competition just before it closes = likely winner.  ;D

Kyra, if there's a giveaway running it should show up on the book's Goodreads page directly under the book's info. I looked and don't see it, but I guess if it was given out today then the giveaway ended yesterday? Is there any chance you could go back in time and check your book's Goodreads page to see if it's there? Just to satisfy my curiosity. This is super weird.

I've just checked my month to date, and it logs two books given out as part of a Goodreads Giveaway. I'm also showing a royalty for each. Here's a strange thing though, the last time I checked my books had been requested about 7,000 times on Goodreads, and to be honest getting 'noticed' is the only reason I ever run giveaways. So here's my point: A giveaway usually results in the book being shelved by several hundred users. But I'm not seeing this. I'm still loitering around the 7,000 number. Go figure?

Anyways, the competition itself is a total ripoff. If you want to win a giveaway, enter during the final two hours it is running. It's almost a banker, and there is a clique of users who know this. Two of my last giveaways got shelved almost 3,700 times. And the same person won each time. To make matters worse, this person has been a Goodreads member since 2012, and in that time has written one review. ;)

The Book Bazaar / Re: The Cthulhu Child
« on: November 24, 2017, 03:54:41 AM »
The Cthulhu Child is priced at .99c/.99p on Amazon, or read *Free* with Kindle Unlimited.


The time of the Old Gods has been all but forgotten, blurred by the shifting mists of history.
Fast forward to today, and a wrong turn on a country lane is about to expose Jennifer Bueller, and her daughter Megan, to an unpleasant truth: Yes, times have changed, but even ancient deities will adapt in order to survive.

Abandoned space gods, an unfaithful husband, a sociopath rapist, and a broken society with a social welfare system that presents horrors of its own; lastly, though by no means least in this eclectic collection of stories, a flash fiction homage to James Herbert, featuring his most terrifying creation.

The Book Bazaar / Re: Carmilla: The Wolves of Styria
« on: November 17, 2017, 08:21:33 AM »
Carmilla: The Wolves of Styria is priced $2.99/£1.99 on Amazon, or read *Free* with Kindle Unlimited.

"Reconciliation with prior horrors would also be reconciliation with my one true love."


The Book Bazaar / Re: The Strange Case at Misty Ridge
« on: November 16, 2017, 08:19:35 AM »
The Strange Case at Misty Ridge is available on Amazon for $2.99/£1.99, or read for *Free* with Kindle Unlimited.

I looked at Mother, noting her features appeared both weathered and sad, as though unburdening herself of such a long held secret as the bugs; it had only intensified her woes. She gestured towards the lockbox. ďJack, be a good lad and pass me the box, would you? There is something I think you need to see.Ē

"I am forced to step away, suddenly stricken by the realization of what this being standing before me represents."


Writers' Cafe / Re: AMS UK for Kindle Ebooks
« on: November 09, 2017, 07:11:57 AM »
And here is my last reply about the VAT thing stopping me progressing my ads beyond draft in the AMS UK. I'm not going to continue with this. It's a waste of my energy. I need to write something I can sell :) And besides, he couldn't even get my effing name right!

Well, that's not good, Marco. ;D (Sorry, I couldn't resist.) :D

I feel the same; too much energy wasted. I received the same message as the previous few posters, so content to leave this on the burner for now.

The Book Corner / Re: GoodReads Choice 2017 -- voting open
« on: November 06, 2017, 07:28:10 AM »
I guess that well pushed ARCs make a big dent when it comes to garnering nominations, but it does strike as a little odd when you see books making the cut before even hitting the shelves.  :-X

Interesting. I did write to Amazon a few minutes ago to see if I could get some clarification.

I also discovered a related issue--it's not just the "image" I supplied, but the back cover which is using their own system colors is also showing as washed out. So it's definitely something they are doing to files at some point between the creation and the display on the product page.

Thanks, David, for the info, the example, and letting me know the printing is much better than the displayed book!

It'll be interesting to hear their explanation. I considered asking Amazon to link to the Kindle cover, but assumed (rightly or wrongly) most people initially search Kindle editions of the book.

The Book Corner / Re: GoodReads Choice 2017 -- voting open
« on: November 05, 2017, 03:52:59 PM »
First round closes on the 5th . . .


As usual there aren't too many nominees I've actually read, but you can write in if you want to.

As is usual, there are a fair number of those books haven't even been released yet, so it makes the whole process...interesting.

The Book Bazaar / Re: The Strange Case at Misty Ridge
« on: November 05, 2017, 03:35:54 PM »
The Strange Case at Misty Ridge is available on Amazon for $2.99/£1.99, or read for *Free* with Kindle Unlimited.

"Below me, the perforated man is placed onto a stretcher and
carried towards an ambulance. Some of the firemen begin
whooping and exchanging high-fives. Even as I consider these
oddly inappropriate actions, a tickle of spider webs moves over
my face and down my body. Something begins tugging on my
form, gently at first like a light summer breeze, though quickly it
builds a momentum irresistible, pulling me away from the
overhead where I currently reside, back towards that place where
I now know we exist as but a fraction of our potential..."

It's the same image. The aspect ratio is different I assume due to the actual book size which is 5x8. But what's up with the contrast?

They're not linked yet, but this search shows both on the same page of results

any ideas? should I write amazon to try and get them to look into it? Is there something I can do from my end?

I have exactly the same issue, Guy. If you look at the Kindle edition it is fine, but the paper version is dreadfully washed out. Thankfully the cover on the actual book prints fine. https://www.amazon.com/Strange-Case-Misty-Ridge-ebook/dp/B06XRHG64G

Writers' Cafe / Re: Horror, UF, Sci-Fi & PNR Author Promo
« on: October 31, 2017, 06:22:22 PM »
Title of book/Author: The Strange Case at Misty Ridge by David Brian
Genre: Horror/Supernatural Thriller
The kicka** first line of your book: Humankind is but the pieces in a game, plastic soldiers waging war between boy gods.
Link to book on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Strange-Case-Misty-Ridge-ebook/dp/B06XRHG64G

Thanks, Sherry.

The Book Bazaar / Re: The Strange Case at Misty Ridge
« on: October 25, 2017, 02:54:39 AM »
For those who enjoy a haunting that come with a twist, The Strange Case at Misty Ridge is available on Amazon (including Kindle Unlimited) for $2.99/£1.99

"Life is an oceanic ball of possibilities, wherein, and given enough
time, the tide of history seeks to repeat its flow."

"There are things crawling on my legs and up my
arms, and even through the cloth of the bodysuit I can feel their
weight pressing on my chest. I attempt to open my eyes, but thin
legs tangle with fine lashes as they rest upon my lids like coins of
the dead."


The Book Bazaar / Re: Carmilla: The Wolves of Styria
« on: October 23, 2017, 03:33:58 AM »
Available on Amazon with Kindle Unlimited. And there is still time to enter this Goodreads Halloween Giveaway for a chance to pick up a paperback copy of Carmilla: The Wolves of Styria.


"Shy and strange was the look with which she quickly hid her face in my neck and hair, with tumultuous sighs, that seemed almost to sob, and pressed in mine a hand that trembled. Her soft cheek was glowing against mine, and I felt again that strangest of aches in the pit of my stomach, for something of which I knew not."

When fate draws together the lives of two young women, their mutual attraction quickly flourishes into a bond which threatens the boundaries of social etiquette in 1860�s Styria.
As their relationship continues to develop further, they remain oblivious to the growing terror which surrounds them, as throughout the province other young women begin dying in mysterious circumstances. Meanwhile, others are falling victim to the apparently random attacks of a rampaging pack of wolves. When, finally the truth is revealed, the scene is set for a confrontation between two ancient evils.


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