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I'm totally baffled by my Kindle Scout stats. The first two days showed ZERO, that's ZERO with 0 for page views. I knew this wasn't correct, so I politely asked the help page at Scout to review my stats. They apologized, saying this, "We're sorry for any trouble you may have encountered while checking on your Campaign Stats. Our technical team is currently working on resolving this issue."

After the above they then populated my blue traffic ring with 192 views and 100% Kindle Scout traffic only for days 1 and 2. Well, I knew this wasn't right either. I've been running a massive campaign with many people telling me how much they've been enjoying my excerpt and nominating my book.

I tell the help desk this, then Kindle suddenly repopulates my blue traffic ring again. This time, they take all but 60 views away from Kindle Traffic only, while adding external traffic with some insane new numbers that just look like pure anomalies.

Ever since then, 13 days have passed, and other writers are touting screenshots of their numbers, which pail to my own, and while I haven't seen the Hot&Trending list once, they've been living up on the H&T list.

1) No disrespect intended. 2)WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?

I don't want to pester the Kindle Scout people, but this is...nuts. I have large fluctuations in numbers from one day to the next in conjunction with my blog tour, Thunderclap, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Rafflecopter, ect...and my percentages almost never change. Not only do they almost never change, they never show Thunderclap, twitter, and many other sites as page views. The percentages don't make any sense. The numbers don't make any sense. The page views, which I have proof of, never show up at all. What I believe, is there's glitches going on, but I don't want to get shorted out over glitches. HELP!!! :o

I know a few other people here were mentioning glitches on their stats pages a little while ago, but that was after my campaign had ended, so I wasn't effected. But I can say, based on my own experience, that page views probably don't have anything to do with H&T. I consistently had between 100-200 views a day, and while I was on H&T more often than not, there was one day towards the last third of my campaign that I only made the list for a few hours - and that day was, interestingly enough, NOT the day I had the least page views. Far from it, in fact. Whatever formula they use to compile stats for H&T is likely based on views that translate to nominations, or views that translate to a full excerpt being read and THEN a nomination, or something else altogether that we have no real way of tracking ourselves. Additionally, "good stats" seem to matter less to the KS team than we'd expect them to. There are several authors on here who had very, very similar stats to my own (better stats, even) who weren't selected in the same time frame that I was. There are a lot of theories floating around about what, exactly, KS is looking for, and I'm starting to lean towards the suggestion that they prefer certain genres to others. Obviously, strength of manuscript/blurb/cover/etc. is important as well.

Good luck!


Filled up my nominations with the top 3 on today's list! Nightshade was sent off to KS's editing team a few days ago, and they're estimating I'll hear back sometime next week.

Also - I was so sorry to hear about the recent rejections. I was really surprised about several of them. Good luck to those of you still in purgatory!


So I just finished editing my manuscript and I think it's about ready to submit. I believe I shall do so tonight after fiddling a bit with my cover.

I can't seem to find it in the guidelines, but is there any sort of font/size requirements for the manuscript? I've been writing in Arial size 10 because that's what the program I used defaulted to, but I can't seem to find anything about manuscript specs on the Scout site other than a reference to the Chicago Manual of Style. Oh, and that it has to be in .doc format.

I've always used double-spaced 12-pt Times New Roman, with a header (name, title, pg. #) in the upper right.

hi, guys!

just got the email that Nightshade was selected - and i wanted to thank you all for the nominations and support, as well as for the goldmine of really excellent advice i've gleaned from lurking here.


your stats are amazing considering how many are internal. Your cover really drew eyeballs from browsers, which is huge for amazon.

My external number was 37% for 4500 so I got a lot of people to head there from other places, but you drew them from inside KS. Well done!
ah, thank you, haha. ive been comforting myself with that exact thought process since saturday. i guess we'll see!

it is nice to know that internal page views can be beneficial, too. i had just noticed that most people seemed to have the opposite % split, which is what has me kind of 'ehhhh' about the whole thing.

Still lurking - still in purgatory.

But I wanted to drop in and thank you all for the support! I chose an epically bad time to try out this whole campaign thing (I'm 39 weeks pregnant right now and literally closed on a house the day my book went live) but for the sake of stats:

630 hours H&T
4.4k page views
57% internal, 43% external

That int./ext. split will, I'm pretty sure, dig my KS grave, and I wish I'd discovered this group BEFORE submitting my book. There's so much great advice here. For those who are curious, though, about 95% of my ext. views came from Tumblr. I have a fairly large following there, so thats's where I centered my marketing efforts.

Congrats to those of you who have been selected (I'm almost positive I just got an email that someone was) and good luck to everyone still campaigning/currently In Hell with me!


Thanks! There's plenty of time to Nom it. I just started after all. I've been following this thread for a while, so I'm trying not to put much into the fact that it has been in hot and trending since it launched, and of the seven books that launched last night, it's one of three to do so. Overall I am thrilled to have launched my book. Regardless of what happens, I see this as a win/win.

haha, i felt exactly the same after my launch! like 98% anxious and 2% delighted. it's definitely nerve wracking. good luck, though! i noticed your book earlier and will for sure be nominating it when i have a free spot.


For the joy of numbers - what's the fewest page views you've had on a day you were h and t for 20 or more hours. Me: 25

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Since day two i've been pretty steadily hovering between 150-200 views a day, but a couple of days ago I only had 75 and was STILL on h&t, so...whatever metrics they use to compile that list are still highly mysterious to me. and!!! The only day I haven't been on h&t more than 20 hours was also NOT the day I had the least amount of page views.

(also: hi, again! thanks so much to those of you who have checked out nightshade)


I feel super, super awkward just jumping in like this, but I've spent a little time reading through this thread, and it seems like such a great resource for support and information that I really wanted to say 'hi' and kind of introduce myself!

I'm currently on day 10 of my campaign for my first novel, Nightshade--, man, is the anxiety starting to MOUNT. I've been on the H&T list for a while, but I've also pretty much resigned myself to the fact that Amazon's selection algorithm is arbitrary, at best, based on the stats/information they give us, so. This whole process is bizarrely nerve-wracking. I'm not really sure why.

Anyway! It's nice to see I'm not alone right now, and I'm for sure on my way to check out some of the books mentioned here. Good luck to all of you!


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