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Thanks, Tom! I've been looking forward to the campaign ending but now I'm not sure I'm ready for the waiting room!  :o I hope everything's going well with your book?

Yep, going very well! I've uploaded the final edits. So, all they need to do now is review the finished product and then put it up for preorder. Exciting stuff!

Looking forward to reading your book whatever the outcome!

Last day for you, Jennifer! Hopefully your wait will be short but fruitful! I've got you in my nominations  :)

Good luck to all those waiting or in mid campaign as well. Enjoy the ride and don't worry too much about it, so basically do as I say and not as I did :P 

During a campaign, what would be a good number of page visits over a week's time, is like a 1000 a good average to strive for? More? I'm focusing more on the page views then I am H&T because that still seems like a fabled land I'll never find the doorway to. 

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Hey TT

To be honest, there doesn't seem to be any good averages or goals to aim for. For example, I only got around 700 views across my whole campaign, and my book got chosen, whereas other people are in the thousands and don't. So it seems that both H&T and page views aren't good at telling us whether a book will be chosen or not. I think it's the whole package (H&T, views, cover, and ms), so maybe don't aim for anything, just run the campaign as best you can and see what happens!

Tom :)

On initial read, this was a shock and quite depressing for us who had gone through this wild roller-coaster process.

Then I thought about it, KP is in it to make money. Maybe they aren't getting submissions of the kind of hot & trending books that they want. For example, yesterday they accepted a Dark Romance. I know this is a sub-genre that is selling like hot cakes right now. I didn't think KS would select it only because the subject matter is very taboo. But it is the only entry of a Dark Romance ever in KS. There are some Romance genres where self-pub authors can capitalize on very quick and make a name for themselves if they catch the wave at the right now. KP has to sit and wait, and these authors won't want to wait and see the gravy train passes.

So what is KP to do but to reach out directly to catch a part of that wave?

Another way to look at it, unrelated to whatever is the "It" genre of the moment, the OP in that thread seems to be doing very well on her own. This is an author who had gone to the trenches, and maybe even more so, than the rest of us. So she didn't go through the KS 30-day process, but she must've done a lot to do things right. So it isn't as if she struck lottery and was handed a gift. This may not make us KS entrants feel fair, but we can look at it as that, KP contracts are awarded to authors who had at least dug through the trenches. They aren't picking up Joe Schmoe at the coffee shop who'd been talking about writing the next great American novel for the last 15 years. :)

So let's keep trucking forward. There's a lot for us to do, whether you''re prepping to enter the campaign, in the middle of the campaign, or thereafter and is working on your launch. No time to worry about others hitting the lottery jackpot. :)

So, as a test to this, I emailed the KindlePress team today, and asked them about any future manuscripts I write. I asked whether they work with selected authors like myself moving forward, or whether I would have to submit my books to Kindle Scout as per usual. I got a response very quickly (seemingly from the person who initially reviewed my book). From what I understood of the email, it seems that they are happy to review future manuscripts directly from me (this wouldn't mean it would get chosen for sure), but that I should also upload it to scout anyway because of the exposure it would get (from a marketing point of view). I'm working on my next manuscript now, so I'll be testing this out and will update down the road (and by down the road, I mean months from now when I actually finish the next MS haha!)

How's everyone this fine Sunday? Have we had any news? Good or bad?

Hope that everyone waiting aren't going too mad! Hang in there

Ah, congrats, Tom!! 'bout time we had some good news!

Thank you, Jennifer! Was a very unexpected thing to wake up to! As I said in a previous post, my stats were incredibly meager (just under 700 views across the whole campaign and only 72 hours in hot and trending), so I wasn't expecting them to pick it. And now the work begins!

I'm going to have to send something to the illustrator who did the cover, I reckon having the cover done by her was a part of it!

Keep in mind that the stats don't determine selection. Some high stat books have been rejected, while low stat ones have been accepted. (I'm saying that in case the whole thing is making you overly nervous.

That said, people use different approaches. Those with big social media followings advertise to their current base. Some used paid promotion sites. Some use both. A few use a "set it and forget it" model. (Put the book up and let the chips fall where they may.)

If you have a following, I'd advertise to them gently (just a few times during the thirty days). In this thread you can find information about paid promotion sites. Some get results, but others don't.

As I said, campaigns don't get books picked, but they can help with the eventual launch. For selected books, every nomination equals a free book (which in that context counts as a sale and boosts initial ranking). For books that aren't selected, the exposure makes it easier to get a self-publishing launch off the ground. (My rejected Scout book performed better than any of my other titles.)

if you don't have a social media following, it's good to build one, but building one authentically takes time, so don't worry about it right now.

I'm hoping the quality of the cover/ms itself is the defining factor once it gets into the hands of the editorial team, because my stats were incredibly meager compared to some of yours. I did a little bit on twitter (both ads and natural) and got the illustrator that worked on the cover to share on her social media channels (which got the highest page views), but for most of the time did the "set it and forget it" tactic.

Definitely feel your pain on the waiting period, Tom.  I'm on day 12 of the wait for my Scout book.  I have AFTER THEY CAME on the first screen of my "Past Nominations" -- with my own book having aged off to page 2, ha!

Day 12?! That's nuts. It would be great if KindleScout had a system in place where you could see your 'In Review' status as more of a timeline. So for example, it could say 'Received by Team' followed by 'Being Read' etc etc. At least then you'd know where you are.

I just want to know! I really hope you hear soon and that it's positive news  :D

Hey everyone, Tom here.

First time posting! Really nice to see a community on here all helping each other out. Wish I'd found this before I posted my KindleScout campaign. It's over now, and currently waiting to hear back. Finding the wait to be very painful! On the seventh day with no response, but I've seen from forum posts and blog posts that people have waited up to 11-12 days.

Do you guys think a longer wait is a good or a bad thing? Or is it simply because they just have a load of books to go through and a relatively small team?

Even if I fail this time around, I think I'll try KindleScout again, but I'll be much more active on here!

Nice to (virtually) meet you all, and hope to get to know you!

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