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The Rattler
by P. A. Fielding

Kindle Edition published 2014-01-13
Bestseller ranking: 1352574

Product Description
A psychological horror/thriller

‘Read all about it! ‘Manor Murderer’ strikes again!’

On March 13th 1896, a renowned artist, Charles St Claire, wouldn’t have believed that a simple family portrait of his nephew would lead to death and destruction. A select few believe there is a curse, which hangs over Charles’s brush strokes.

115 years later, a family of four are packing up and moving to Chelsea. Zoe isn’t best pleased with her family moving, after all she moved to London from Leeds the previous year for some space. It isn’t, until, she’s left home alone, that ‘someone’ starts to play with her mind. But, are the voices in her head? Or is the house haunted? And, what secrets is her new home hiding?

Includes an extract of the sequel, Unleashed....


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