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The Train from Outer Space
by Alan Sproles

Kindle Edition published 2016-06-08
Bestseller ranking: 75924

Product Description
Somewhere far, far away, an intergalactic game is about to begin……

A tiny alien falls from a huge space train into the field behind 12 yr. old Brady’s house.

When the pilot of the train, a vicious monster from another planet named Rotaxis realizes this, he threatens Earth to hand over the little alien and sends the planet through a wormhole to the other side of the galaxy, placing it in harm's way.

With the alien’s help, Brady must figure out how to find a wormhole reverser for putting earth back in its proper orbit. He, and his best (girl) friend Franky, steal Rotaxis' ship and head for space. Here, they must fight space monsters, while becoming friends with strange and wonderful creatures. Who knew space travel would be so exciting?

But, Brady soon discovers that none of the intergalactic game players are on his side and is in the fight of his life to make it back to earth alive to ...


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