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Last Straw
by David Rheem Jarrett

Kindle Edition published 2014-06-09
Bestseller ranking: 196719

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If you cheat a man out of his future, be prepared to pay the price. Vengeance is not always the province of the Lord.

A tough, resourceful, middle-aged man, Thomas Pickering makes a dangerous adversary. Hammered by the Great Recession, betrayed by his new wife, and robbed of his retirement by men he trusted, he uses his experience and talent to exact his vengeance upon them in unique and creative ways. In the human chess game they are playing, his victims and the police have no chance -- they have rules to follow -- he does not.

Mike Kingman and Tess Brogan, the detectives assigned to capture him, have their own issues. Not only do they wrestle with problems of a developing love affair while trying to remain focused on the job, but Tess also finds she has a strange attraction to the killer.

From the Berkeley hills, to the Ghost Fleet of ships in Suisun Bay, to the towering Campanile in the center of the Univer...


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