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Game On
by A.J. Aaron

Kindle Edition published 2016-06-15
Bestseller ranking: 1193570

Product Description
Can the power of intention go wrong?

Byrdie, a graduate of art school, decides she’s sick of living on a shoestring. After reading books on success, and learning how to bring about what one desires, it’s Game On. She creates a painting of what she wants to achieve and it ushers in the life she’d envisioned. When she lands a lucrative dream job in financial investments, it comes with more luxuries than she’d ever imagined.

Along with the mansion, maid, fancy car, and clothes, comes the knight in shining armor who hired her. Byrdie doesn’t know the secrets he keeps beneath his polished persona, but he can’t possibly be what her psychic brother thinks he is. She wouldn’t have created such a perfect future, just to have it blemished with psychopathic, murdering thieves.

What’s wrong is wrong and what’s right is right, has always been Byrdie’s motto. She soon realizes not everyone views right...


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