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Financing Your Life
by Dennis Postema

Kindle Edition published 2014-05-04
Bestseller ranking: 14299

Product Description
A novel that follows four families as they struggle to overcome debt, spending addiction, and unrealistic expectations in order to create financial security. McKenna, a single mom of two boys, works hard every day as a waitress, but she can’t make ends meet. When her ex-husband has an accident that prevents him from paying child support, the walls of poverty slowly close in. Toby and Shannon, two professionals battling a layoff and personal spending demons, must find a way to work together with honesty—a proposition that’s tougher than Toby expected. Blake and Christine, a newlywed couple in a hurry to start living the good life, regardless of their ability to afford it, work together to figure out how to get the house they dream of while starting a family and battling depression. Marcie and Kurt, two young parents struggling to keep up in an image-obsessed world, must decide whether “fitting in” is more important than financial security.


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