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The Hope Diamond
by Julie Sarff

Kindle Edition published 2015-03-17
Bestseller ranking: 7112

Product Description
A delectable mystery with recipes!
Lily Bilbury needs to find the remnants of the French Blue and find them fast. Otherwise her theory of economic independence = divorce = happiness will crumble to pieces. It's been three long years since her Italian husband cheated on her and she is facing financial ruin. In desperation, she teams up with fellow housemaid, Francesca -- an irascible Italian fashionista and self-proclaimed psychic. Together they search Villa Buschi for some of the most famous gems in the world, the diamonds that were cut away from the French Blue to make the infamous Hope.

But when Lily can't find the diamonds, obtain a divorce from her cheating husband or acquire the object of her affection (Brandon Logan, Hollywood heartthrob, and new owner of the villa), she briefly contemplates running around ranting drivel and frightening the whole reserved population of Arona, Italy.

Follow Lily and several ram...


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