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How to Be a Ghost
by Audrey Claire

Kindle Edition published 2014-03-30
Bestseller ranking: 101940

Product Description
Divorced mom Libby Grace works as an elementary school teacher and has no social life to speak of. The most she has to worry about is finding a way to fix a leaky faucet without a budget for a plumber. The next thing Libby knows she’s standing at the foot of her son’s bed without her body!

Libby can’t remember what happened to her. Is she dead? Is she somewhere unconscious worrying in a hospital? She doesn’t know for sure because she can’t find her body. The last place she remembers being is the local hardware store, but instead of her own body, she finds the corpse of the store’s owner, husband to the mayor of her small town.

In order to solve the mystery surrounding her disappearance, Libby must figure out who killed George Walsh. Along the way, she gets help from her reclusive neighbor, Ian McClain, who turns out to be one of the undead in a very different sense....


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