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“Until I feared I would lose it, I never loved to read. One does not love breathing.”
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The book was originally published in 1960. Sadly, it is not yet in ebook format....

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Partial reveal of book cover:

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The author was a friend of the author of In Cold Blood

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The book was written by Harper Lee

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KB Featured Book
The Ericksen Connection
by Barry Becker

Kindle Edition published 2014-11-20
Bestseller ranking: 435887

Product Description
During a Taliban ambush in 2002, Mark Ericksen, a Navy SEAL Team-Six platoon leader, takes command of Operation Daring Eagles in Afghanistan. The deputy commander of Joint Special Operations Command, Colonel Shane Dawkins, orders him by sat phone to kill Bashir Sadozai, his Afghan translator, claiming he is a Talib. At first Ericksen resists the order, but in the thick of battle, surrounded by wounded and dead team members, and with CIA-decoded intercepts proving Sadozai is a spy. Ericksen complies with the order, murdering the unarmed man.

A day later, he discovers that his intuition was correct, that the colonel had lied to him. He resigns his commission and goes into private industry, working for defense contractors and hiding his PTSD.

In 2009, the CIA receives actionable intel from Saudi intelligence stating a terrorist mastermind plans to attack two American cities with nuclear suitcase bombs. The mastermind, Khalid Al-B...


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