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by Jasmine Rose

Kindle Edition published 2014-10-16
Bestseller ranking: 322163

Product Description
"He is HOME. I don't want to be HOMELESS..." ~Amaryllis

There is something about gravity that when you pull it just the right way, two different planets could revolve around each other. Amy, the shy girl who is still getting over her ex, tries to pull away from the blunt, over confident yet optimistic Logan, a person whom she can't seem to shake.

Like Earth and Mars, they slowly begin to orbit each other, pulling and pushing between their clashing personalities yet similar interests. A tragedy that happens to one of them may make or break them, and the two will try to hold on as long as they could.

But soon enough Amy and Logan find just the right pull to fall in love with each other, like two heavenly bodies who were destined to crash without a care about the mess it'll leave behind.

With over 500 thousand reads on Wattpad, this story contains an overload of cheesi...


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