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Songs of the Deliverer: A Modern Day Story of Christ
by Elvo Bucci

Kindle Edition published 2014-07-28
Bestseller ranking: 396524

Product Description

Can one man save the world?

...Will you follow?

A baby is with his young mother in a manger, destined to be the savior. But he is crucified on the cross and never gets the chance. Two thousand years later, a man enters the void of a godless era to bring salvation to the world. This is the story of Christ transported in time to modern day.

“Songs of the Deliverer” is a contemporary novel told from the perspective of Jonny, a young boy who is called to be the chronicler of the life of Emmanuel, a streetwalker living in a homeless shelter. In his coming of age, Jonny is introduced as an uneducated orphan who goes on to witness and reveal the mystery of faith for all future generations to know.

Set among the oppressed and the imprisoned in a wretched nation controlled by tyrannical kings and religious persecutors, “Songs of the Deliverer” is a Christian fantasy tale of the Messiah that reveals the abiding trut...


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