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"The building was on fire, and it wasn't my fault."
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The e-book was published on 2010-03-03. (The original print edition may have been earlier.)

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Partial reveal of book cover:

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A book in a series about Chicago's resident Wizard PI.

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The book was written by Jim Butcher

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Book 6 of The Dresden Files.

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Medieval Future: The Last Dragon Throne
by Michael Anthony

Kindle Edition published 2015-04-14
Bestseller ranking: 24110

Product Description
The Medieval Future Series, Book #1: The Last Dragon Throne (Special Intro price .99 until May 31)

A tale, thousands of years in the making: Medieval Future unleashes a global conspiracy and catapults humanity ever closer to all out war. Castles, dragons, and dynasties bent on absolute power, will battle for supremacy against a backdrop of forbidden love and desperate need. The time is right...

Forever changed by a catastrophe that killed millions, the planet continues to harbor inhabitants that were once nearly obliterated by an asteroid shower. Rebuilding humanity has taken thousands of years, but peace, at least for now, prevails. A secret cabal, the Allfathers, see themselves as guardians, wielding their influence to unite the kingdoms of the world under a single leader: Prince Daven Brookler, the son and heir of King Daven I. However, the young university student has a mind of his own and seeks free...


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