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Believing Magic
by Shane Shelton

Kindle Edition published 2014-07-30
Bestseller ranking: 50013

Product Description
Having never been a recreational reader, Jane Miller is not sure what to think as strange events from the book she’s reading begin to mirror into her everyday life in odd ways. She’s been told to report any unusual ‘side effects’ she experiences while in the drug study, but is ‘book deja-vu’ a side effect, or is it something that’s totally normal when your really into a good book?

Believing Magic is a modern dark fantasy, and book one in the Believing Magic Series. I challenge you to read the FREE Kindle sample of Believing Magic and then decide for yourself if you'd like to go farther.

Individual Ebook Pricing:
Book I - Believing Magic - 775 kindle eqiv. pages - 275,000 wds - $2.99
Book II - Kingdom Come - 145,000 wds - $3.99
Book III - Sacrifice - 148,000 wds - $3.99
Book IV - Garden of Wrath - 138,000 wds - $3.99
Book V - All Around the Throne - $3.99


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