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Jessica's Footprints
by J. Evangelisti

Kindle Edition published 2014-09-15
Bestseller ranking: 254923

Product Description
A Christmas mystery! With a mastery of surprise and the suspenseful build up, Jessica's Footprints mystifies and keeps audiences entertained with the precise pacing and eloquent description. There is a continual pairing of pretty, delicate aesthetics and dark visceral imagery. This novel is a true mystery for teens and adults of all ages.

The story starts in...20,000 BC where two children, a girl age nine and a boy age six, stroll to the edge of a marsh. They wear tight-fitting material that shimmers in the bright sun, and their shoes are off revealing webbed toes. The children explore the area. In thick foliage, they hear
whimpering from small, brown, wolf-like pups with stripes similar to a zebras. The girl takes one of the pups. The loud angry cry of an animal frightens the children. They see in the distance a full-sized wolf standing upright on its rear feet. The wolf drops on all fours and begins chasing them. Fear registers ...


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