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Vintage Blood and the Sacred Scepters
by A.B. Wallace

Kindle Edition published 2011-10-26
Bestseller ranking: 24336

Product Description
Brit Chambers, a gutsy Werecreature Consultant, has taken on the job of discovering the means by which to destroy the Sacred Scepters before a werecreature assassin finds them and uses them to rid the world of magic. But she has another problem to rid herself of as well--she has become Lord Daison's personal blood bank thanks to her best friend, a weretiger.

"Vintage Blood and the Sacred Scepters, the first book in the Werecreature Series by A.B. Wallace, is not a book that fits into any one genre, into any particular niche. It's horror, science fiction and fantasy all rolled into one, with a hint of P.I./crime thrown in for good measure. In a world in which magic, shapeshifters, witches, vampires and enchanting fauna all are commonplace, Brit Chambers, an entrepreneur and human, finds herself in the middle of a diabolical scheme to rid the world of magic. A.B. Wallace weaves an intricate tale with colorful characters and crea...


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