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The Rescue
by Carolyn Reardon Neuman

Kindle Edition published 2013-12-01
Bestseller ranking: 171610

Product Description
THE RESCUE is a memoir that chronicles, with a dose of humor, the experience of rescuing a dog who was close to death. This particular dog returned the favor and was pivotal in rescuing me, a year later, from the very same condition.

The story is based on Cape Cod, where I have lived for 22 years with my husband and daughter. We are a typical middle class family, balancing work and the rigors of raising a teenage daughter. I am a self employed graphic designer/copywriter working out of our home. It features our dog Poe, a Border Collie/Sheltie mix. We rescued Poe from a shelter, where we found him sick, starving and terrified. In an effort to bring Poe back to life through regular walking, jogging and exercise, I met many wonderful dogs and “dog people”. These new people brought into our lives by Poe would figure prominently in our lives after I received a breast cancer diagnosis at age 45. Through the diagnosis, subsequent treatment a...


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