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Demon Street Blues (Wicked Good Witches Book 1)
by Starla Silver

Kindle Edition published 2014-11-16
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Wicked Good Witches- A Little Bit Funny, a Whole lot of Sexy, and Around-the-Clock Supernatural Trouble...

The Howard Witches, three siblings charged with protecting The Demon Isle...
Charlie, the werewolf.
Michael, the empathic death reader.
Melinda, living under self-inflicted house arrest. Her gift: prophetic dreams of people about to die.

Their mentor, the four-hundred year old Vampire, William Wakefield. Charming, ridiculously handsome, and walking a dangerous line between sinking into darkness and living in the light. In constant temptation to declare his love for the one woman that could be his undoing.

The story begins with an unsolved murder. One that will change everything...

Come stalk the streets of The Demon Isle -- you'll go up against witches, vampires, werewolves, demons, shapeshifters, ghosts, mermaids, faeries and a host of other devious supernatural cre...


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'Dem Bon'z
A modern day Jack The Ripper
mystery/thriller by the author of
The Donner Party Cookbook.
(Is that creepy enough for you?)