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Magic Mountain
by Shirley Martin

Kindle Edition published 2015-09-24
Bestseller ranking: 284597

Product Description
Gold! Legend tells of a fortune in gold, hidden in a cave at Misty Mountain, in a land faraway.

Princess Olwen must find the treasure . The neighboring warlike country of Volanar has held her brother hostage for years and demands a fortune to free him. Olwen’s country of Airenn Tir is too poor to pay the ransom. Her father doesn’t believe the legend of hidden gold and refuses to send anyone to search for the treasure.

So she’ll find the gold herself, Olwen determines. Disguised as a man and traveling alone, she leaves in the dead of night and travels to a distant land to find the treasure. Painful surprises await her, for she has no idea she’ll encounter a land of magic . . . and danger.

In Volanar, the king sends his son, Prince Garth, on a mission to find the gold. The king must have more money to wage war against Airenn Tir. He knows something the king of Airenn Tir doesn’t know, something ...


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