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Hand Drawn Jokes for Smart Attractive People
by Matthew Diffee

Hardcover published 2015-05-26
Bestseller ranking: 7727

Product Description
Finally, a book that's not for everyone! From award-winning New Yorker cartoonist Matthew Diffee -- editor of The Rejection Collection and the "de facto leader of a young generation of cartoonists" (The Wall Street Journal) -- a hilarious mix of cartoons, visual riffs, and illustrated one liners that will appeal to anyone who is beautiful and intelligent.

For almost fifteen years, Matthew Diffee's uniquely funny single-panel cartoons have gussied up the pages of The New Yorker, winning him countless fans, big shot friends, and a pile of hilarious material he's never used. Yet shockingly, a small sector of the population is not enamored with his work. Diffee has met some of these people and reports that they are, without exception, dumb and ugly, whereas the people who enjoy his work are just the opposite. In fact, the smarter and more attractive people are, the more they tend to appreciate Diffee's humor. Thi...


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