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Red Surf: Leah Ryan Thrillers
by Tracy Sharp

Kindle Edition published 2014-07-08
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Private Investigator Leah Ryan is on a much needed vacation. A week in Bass Bay, Maine. Nothing but sun, sand and relaxation. No missing people. No murder. No stress.

But an hour into her vacation, Leah almost swims into a dead girl. Shark bites on the victim indicate a horrific shark attack, but closer inspection of the remains suggest that sharks aren't the only predators in Bass Bay.

As the bodies of more young women wash up on the beach, Leah is about to find out that murder doesn't take a vacation.

Red Surf is the 4rth in the Leah Ryan thriller series, and mixes humor with nail biting suspense.

Paul Seiple's The Dark Stuff is also free! 


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