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Bond & Benevolence: Good Samaritan
by J.C. Johnston

Kindle Edition published 2014-09-14
Bestseller ranking: 166614

Product Description
Twelve-year old Ophelia recounts her journey from rags to riches to regret, set in motion by a serendipitous encounter with Samantha Raider over a violin. Sam, a strong-willed, talented seventeen-year-old dancer, seeks to break out of the bubble of privilege she has been trapped in since her mother was murdered and her father retreated into solitude.

She devises a plan to connect with others through generosity, relinquishing treasured items at a yard sale in exchange for the right to visit the objects at any time. As Ophelia’s mother and Sam’s father fall in love, Sam tangles herself in a web of danger stretching from Ophelia’s Bronx, New York neighborhood to the heart of the Darfurian genocide. After discovering she is armed with a unique weapon, Sam finds herself pitted against her mother’s killer and an entire army people who supports the genocide in Darfur, Africa.


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