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Man of God
by Gregg Bell

Kindle Edition published 2013-06-18
Bestseller ranking: 37085

Product Description
He's a man of God and the Bible says, 'do not kill,' but when a gang targets his family, this preacher will do anything to protect them. Anything.

Reverend John Archer has spent his life serving the disadvantaged in his violent, gang-infested Chicago neighborhood. But when he witnesses the gang execution of an upstanding fourteen-year-old boy, he realizes he can no longer turn the other cheek. He gives a statement to the police identifying the brutal gang leader who did the shooting.

Now he and his family are targets. Archer scrambles to protect them but never gets the chance. A gangbanger abducts him and takes him on a wild journey. Archer's life is in imminent peril but worse yet his family's still at risk....


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