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Writers' Cafe / Re: Do you italicize foreign words?
« on: December 06, 2017, 08:10:15 AM »
Yes, I use italics if I'm using a foreign language in a book - in short instances it can work very well. However, I've just finished reading a trilogy where there is a French MC and every piece of dialogue she speaks is in French, (then in brackets, the English translation in italics). It threw me out of the book the longer it went on (which was a long, long time). So, yes, use italics (as much as you need), but play down the actual foreign language as much as you can. Think of your reader who doesn't care if you can speak like a native, or not.

102 seems a bit iffy to me. Their landing page is 'amateurish' there's no contact information, no 'about us', or 'anything at all' that subscribes to the possibility they are 'legit' I'm not saying they aren't [legit] but if they are they don't know a lot about self marketing that's for sure. You click the link and it goes nowhere, does nothing. My browser tells me not to trust them.  My gut tells me they're a scam. I will wait until people tell me they 're okay before I even consider them as an option. As said further up. It is just as easy for you to create ten adverts, split test them yourself and save yourself $49 a month. (that's FIVE FREE DAYS of advertising !!!!!)

Writers' Cafe / Re: AID Fund (Authors in Distress)
« on: December 05, 2017, 12:18:49 AM »
I interact with authors and readers quite a bit on my own social media platform. Quite often by being 'friends' I get to know of their own personal issues. Some of them are suffering, sometimes I help out, but choose anonymity in the donations. I will privately promote a book if I think it will help. Often I 'buy' the book because I 'know' it will help. I'm not saying this to solicit attention for my deeds, but to point out to everyone on here that if you want to help people do it, but creating a fund to do so isn't the answer. Most people have a PayPal account. If you feel inclined to help ask them how best you can do so. Charity (because that's what it is) is a private matter and I think the ones that really need your help aren't necessarily going to be the ones that ask for it. Personally I would never contribute to any joint funding organisation because at the end of the day I don't want percentages going to fund organisers or 'admin costs'

Writers' Cafe / Re: Are you publishing a novel for Christmas?
« on: December 03, 2017, 01:30:13 AM »
I'm releasing my audio book for Christmas. It's going through the process of publication now.

Writers' Cafe / Re: AID Fund (Authors in Distress)
« on: December 02, 2017, 02:11:04 PM »
Wouldn't it be easier to promote the works of needy authors on blogs, facebook and in newsletters?

Good idea and totally anonymous.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Planning ahead
« on: December 02, 2017, 07:39:10 AM »
I stick to wishful thinking. That and my 'Mrs' nagging that there's no money to pay the rent :P  (I kid) Never make plans they always get in the way of living :D

Writers' Cafe / Re: AID Fund (Authors in Distress)
« on: December 02, 2017, 06:37:19 AM »
I would trust a fund, I'm not sure I would trust the trustees. Honestly? I don't think it's viable at this level. You're suggesting authors support authors in distress, regardless of nationality, location genre or popularity etc., etc., I think you would need more than three box sets to make a 'kind of a fund' work, imo. You're also asking the popular[successful] authors to finance this through donations of their books.  I 'think' it's a non-starter which 'should' guarantee the idea would be a success, but I would never support something so questionable.

Very interesting. I've just tried out Draft2Digital - so early I have not yet received any payments but I truly like the way their site operates...

I would argue that some of these so-called smaller international or niche sites could be well worth it if you publish in foreign languages, which I do. However, I have yet to test this in my case.

I did with Spanish. The only one that provided ANYTHING (in any language) was Googleplay on the Streetlib site. (That was over 4-5 months).

That is very interesting, where did you get 63% from? I tried to sign up to Google Play with my own book (as an author myself) and received my Hogwarts letter, but they only offered me 52%  :o

The level of royalty is achieved in how you price your books. I worked out mine to be an average of 63%, but as you can see from the figures, it goes much higher on some.,167655.0.html

I didn't include anything for going direct to Google Play because it's not yet open to indie authors. Or rather, it used to be, then closed access, and is now (apparently) slowly reopening it:

Even if GP reopened its "direct" doors, I'd still use an aggregator like Streetlib or PublishDrive to reach it, as both have a system to avoid GP's random discounting (and the price-matching that follows by Amazon):
  • Streetlib leverages an old contract they had with GP which prevents them from discounting (exactly like Pronoun did using Macmillan's contract)
  • PublishDrive doesn't have such a contract but instead adjusts your retail price on GP so that when they discount it, it doesn't go below your retail price on Amazon and other stores (effectively avoiding price-matching)

Understood, although I'm not hearing of any authors being refused. They just prefer you to apply. There is a thread on here that shows all the Indy authors how to price their books to get their preferred selling price. By not putting ANYTHING in the box you are excluding Googleplay direct as an option. I just thought that was unfair, but you play it as you want. :D

I think it would be useful and more accurate to put in 63% for going Googleplay direct. (That being the optimum from what I understand) although you can get higher.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Google Books DRM and publishing
« on: December 01, 2017, 02:06:59 AM »
Oh I know they have the option, I was wondering what other authors with direct access (Google Partner Account) used.  If there was any issues one should be aware of having the DRM off.

My English books are all DRM free, just my Spanish ones aren't Not sure why I did that, I'm sure there was a good reason at the time. [edit] Removed the DRM which for the life of me I can't remember the reason.

She, and others like her, give KU much needed credibility. Without these 'draws' the popularity of KU would be highly questionable.

The indie publishing industry is almost TWO DECADES OLD now. At a certain point, we need to stop looking for validation and start acting like a professional industry.


Writers' Cafe / Re: Amazon Earnings Report Dashboard Not Accurate
« on: November 30, 2017, 06:46:44 AM »
Glad to know itís not just me. Thought I was losing my mind. 😝

I've already lost that, it's the money I'm worried about :P

ireaderreview you're doing yourself no favours by continuing to over-defend yourself here. I'm neither for, nor against you, or your services. I am interested in people's views, experiences and outcomes. It is NOT required for you to defend everything that is said in here. Most of us can make up our own minds as to what is going on without your repetition of your record.

This excerpt from Hamlet might clarify things for you.

Hamlet then turns to his mother and asks her, "Madam, how like you this play?", to which she replies "The lady doth protest too much, methinks." Gertrude (who seems to at least suspect that the queen in the play is a stand-in for her) is saying that the Player Queen is being too effusive.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Amazon Earnings Report Dashboard Not Accurate
« on: November 30, 2017, 02:52:01 AM »
I've now complained again to KDP, flagging up that many other authors are suffering the same problems. Let's see what they say.

Yep! definitely something wrong in Amazon's world.

In lots of ways I kind of hope you're right, Tobias. The audio "extras" are something I can produce at no cost, and it might give my titles a "point of difference" (as they say) - although again I'll point out that I've heard quite a bit of opposition to added FX and music. It's interesting that almost subliminal mood or FX music is effective yet unnoticed in film and TV, but it seems a similar FX in audiobooks isn't popular (apparently). I'm still not sure about your sound FX because it can be a kind of doubling-up of the narrative, but I still think "mood" music could be effective in some genres/sections.

Edward, the narrator has had excellent reviews for his previous work 'Devil's Gambit.  So, I'm quietly optimistic.


Author, freelance writer and editor, professional musician, recording engineer... published in Australia, the UK and Germany. So why am I poor? Oh, wait...
I'll be a writer... seemed like a good idea at the time

Hahaha! :D

Writers' Cafe / Re: If I didn't buy your book in this promotion....
« on: November 29, 2017, 09:41:36 AM »
Maybe the promo sites should have a separate "virgin list" that readers could sign up for--books in their chosen genres that have never been run (on that site at least) before. It could be a way to rise above the masses.

Actually that's not a bad idea at all. :D

Writers' Cafe / Re: If I didn't buy your book in this promotion....
« on: November 29, 2017, 09:03:14 AM »
My strongest or second strongest seller, even in months with no promos, is my very first book (five years old in September).

I have two suggestions if you are looking for books to read and having trouble finding books that suit you.

First, I've gotten some good reads from Kboards members. If a poster is articulate, writes in a genre I like and has books in the signature, I am one of those people who click on them. I know someone could be articulate on the forum and not necessarily be a great novelist, but I have found some books that really appealed to me that way.

Second, go to your Amazon author page and check out which authors your readers are also buying. Then look to see if those authors have any books you might like. That method worked really well for me. I write the kind of books I would want to read, and it's logical to assume that readers who like my books and those of another author might be doing so because of common elements. Every author I've tried so far from that list I've liked. I suppose the same thing might work for also-boughts, though I haven't tried that.

Thanks Bill, I'm lazy, I like my daily feed in my inbox. But, frankly the feed is no longer satisfying so I'm going to probably stop them altogether (for a while) and do as you suggest. I usually haunt the top 100 feed as well, but haven't done that in a loooong time.

Writers' Cafe / Re: If I didn't buy your book in this promotion....
« on: November 29, 2017, 08:33:08 AM »

I read somewhere that it takes people 7 times of seeing something before they buy it.  Of course, that's an average...but it shows that people sometimes need to see a book several times before deciding to click on it, let alone buy it.

Great point!

ETA:  Tobias, if you're looking for something new to read.... :)

Hahaha! :D

Writers' Cafe / Re: If I didn't buy your book in this promotion....
« on: November 29, 2017, 08:01:58 AM »
I mean, don't you still see Lord of the Rings ads all the time? I do. That book has a lot more reach than ours ever could and spending a lot of money is still good enough for those books? Don't you think if those books still haven't reached a saturation level yet how could ours ever do so?

I get your point, but I ignore them if I see them so probably don't even register them being there. Same with Star Wars, and GoT (which I've never watched). I think there's a difference (imo) in regular advertising to the masses and these email promotions (of which I get my daily dirty dozen) in my inbox.

The responses so far tell me you all think it's okay to keep pushing old books, which is fine. I got the answer I was looking for. Now I just have to hope that lots of NEW authors come along and provide me with loads of NEW books for me to buy and read. ( I've read all the others ;) )

I guess I'm just a frustrated reader :D

Writers' Cafe / Re: If I didn't buy your book in this promotion....
« on: November 29, 2017, 07:23:39 AM »
Err! Yes, I get all that (I still promo my old books) and I still make money on promo days. As a reader though, I keep getting the same old books in my in-tray. Often to the extent I can't buy anything even though I'm desperate for something to read. I agree, there are new members joining, and they don't always read to the bottom of the list (I do - every single time) so there is always that. However, there must come a time when an old title needs to be 'rested' no? or no?

Writers' Cafe / If I didn't buy your book in this promotion....
« on: November 29, 2017, 07:04:11 AM »
It's probably because I already bought it (along with thousands of other readers) during one of the other fifteen promotions you ran it in.

Which begs the question. At what point do we stop pushing the same old books to the same old readers we've been bombarding for the last four years.

Hands up! Honestly, who clicks links on promotions to find that they've already bought the book in 2015 etc., or the cover has been updated (fooled ya!) and they didn't realise until the browser pulled up the link.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Audiobook published through findawayvoices. Now what?
« on: November 29, 2017, 05:42:21 AM »
Here is an ACX Launch Tips thread I wrote two years ago. Take it all with a grain of salt - I'm hardly an expert. Also, some things have changed since then. For example, I don't believe you can gift a book directly any more. But maybe something in here is useful.



Another vote of thanks, there's also a good post by Mark Cooper in there with links. ;)

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