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Writers' Cafe / Re: The post KU happy dance thread
« Last post by Jane_Dough on Today at 09:30:32 AM »
My sales are much higher a month after leaving KU than they were in KU (they were declining 50% a month).
Then on top of that I have already done as many sales and more revenue on D2D this month, than the whole of last month on D2D

I'm not dancing yet, but if it keeps going I will be. :)

YOU GUYS ARE SO AWESOME! Thank you so much. I'm getting the feels again. <fans eyes> At least this time I'm not sitting in a crowd of weirded out college students.  ;D

Gooooo!!! Becccaa!!!

I knew you'd make it out of the storm!  Hopefully this sort of scam won't cross our ships again. :)

If was me I'd of been in a fix as I don't have my books registered as such! I am a non-US citizen.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Alright, who ever did this needs to confess
« Last post by Sherry_Soule on Today at 09:29:49 AM »
Those are great! Made me crack up. ;-)
Writers' Cafe / Re: "This Is A Work Of Fiction..."
« Last post by SBJones on Today at 09:27:24 AM »
To the best of my knowledge, the disclaimer does nothing in the legal sense to protect you from liable or slander.  However because it's been in use for 85 years it's become one of those myth things that the collective conscious believes to be true.  As others have stated there are plenty of reasons to include it and I cannot see any reason not to include it.
Writers' Cafe / Re: The YA writers support thread
« Last post by Sherry_Soule on Today at 09:27:09 AM »
Hi there!

YA author here, and it is nice to meet everyone. And I would love to have any of you on my blog to help promote your books. However, the guest posts need to be a "writing or editing or publishing" topic.

Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: A Back Up Kindle is a Good Thing
« Last post by intinst on Today at 09:27:02 AM »
I still have my Klassic Kindle and get it out when I'm feeling nostalgic.  Also I feel it is good exercise for my brain, trying to remember how to make all the features work. That little shiny bar on the right still tells me that it is waiting for me with hundreds of worlds to get lost in, just like it used to. Good times, then & now.
either they don't scale for high-res screens or they have white backgrounds which look really bad when I have my background colour set to sepia

Vellum actually solves that by using xml vector graphics called by the CSS.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Should I replace my covers?
« Last post by CadyVance on Today at 09:25:24 AM »
Books 3 & 4 very clearly look as if they're in the same series where the other took look like two separate entities. I've seen them in your signature in other threads, and I didn't realize until now they were a set. If I were you, I would brand them as a series, so that it makes it easier for readers to tell.
It's up,together with some brand-new superhero fiction ... see my signature.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Anyone out there use Jutoh for formatting?
« Last post by Sarah Aubrey on Today at 09:24:35 AM »
I've poked at Jutoh pretty extensively, but I've never actually published with it. I did my last book with Vellum. I'd say they're kind of polar opposites.

Vellum imports your word document, splits it into chapters, and strips absolutely everything out of it other than italics & bold. It autodetects scene breaks and replaces those with a Vellum scene break which could be the ubiquitous *** but could also be a line or graphic of some type. It automatically reformats the first paragraph in a chapter and the first paragraph after a scene break to a different style (drop cap, no indent and/or different font or small caps). You pretty much just pick a set of formatting presets and then go through and make sure it detected everything correctly. On the other side, it's pretty much a take it or leave it. It has a few dozen options and it limits you to those.

Here's an interesting tidbit on Vellum. All graphics are transparent and remain transparent if you reverse the background or make the background different like parchment on a color device. As most people know, these devices don't support transparent PNG graphics, but Vellum's built in graphics are XML vector graphics embedded in the CSS. I don't read on a tablet often, but when I do I always turn the background to parchment so this was very cool.

Vellum also, fwiw, automatically puts your body text into Palatino as an author font for Kindle rather than leaving it as the default caecilia. Users can change the font, but if they do, it will change the different font used for drop caps, chapter titles, and first paragraph after chapter/scene break. I think it actually produces a nicer looking but, but it kind of annoyed me because I'm a big caecilia fan in terms of readability of the font on an e-ink screen.

Jutoh is more of a hands on editor. It imports your word doc, breaks it into chapters, and generates a TOC. Other than that, everything is in your hands. If you don't want it to use the formatting you had in Word, you need to reapply styles to everything otherwise its going to leave the word styles and pass on the extraneous HTML into the epub. If you want to change *** to a graphic, you need to do it yourself and you need to have a graphic for the purpose to import and you're going to need to do it for every single ***. I'd guess it would take a couple of hours to format something in it. If you're not familiar with working with styles, there might be a learning curve.

I haven't had any issues with Yosemite. 2012 MBA 11 updated from Mav to Yosemite and a 2013 27 iMac that was a fresh Yosemite install.
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