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No. I'll call out the person, people, or organization who deserves blame. In some cases, that's Amazon. In many cases, it's authors. We shouldn't need Amazon to give us spankings in order to behave. We should be able to police ourselves--to accurately label our content and put out quality content--without the threat of action from Amazon. When that doesn't happen, we're messing up indie pubbing for everyone.

We disagree a lot, but credit where it's due: This made me want to jump up and cheer. EXACTLY.
Bingo. I hate the stuffers and I hope they all get their accounts pulled, but the page rate is exactly what Amazon wants it to be.

I tend to agree.  Thinking this will magically increase page reads to a cent and open the money gates up for everyone is ... probably unrealistic.  Instead, focus on the good of ridding the Amazon store of those who are unfairly gaming the system.  Cleaning up the slush pile and evening the playing field benefits us all (and by all, I mean those playing by the rules).
Iím a lover, not a fighter. ;)
I specifically said a few posts back that I look forward to Juneís rate coming out and the kenpc rate being the same (or slightly worse).

So far, no change or righteous crusade has resulted in higher KU rates.

If Iím wrong, Iíll eat my hat.

The best arguments are when both sides are right.

Bob's right in that the payout rate is unlikely to change. KDP won't adjust the rate so legit authors get more of the pie.

But others are right in that, outside the narrow-but-important measure of payout rate, enforcement actions are good for the ecosystem. Everyone except the abusers benefit when everyone follows the rules. Legit authors know what the terms are and can plan strategy accordingly based on known measures and outcomes. They and the customers have higher confidence in the system. It runs smoother. The customer has a better experience. More people are happier to read ebooks (the indie advantage) if the Kindle ecosystem works properly, and if they don't run into scammers, stuffers and repeated content. And the bonus system will be more fair.

It's not so different from cleaning up the city streets. Core businesses may not make more money right away, but everyone benefits in the long run with better quality of life.
The Book Corner / Re: First Reads -- June 2018
« Last post by Fogeydc on Today at 11:18:21 AM »
I'm hoping I'll be waiting on grandkids for a good long while, lol. :-)

No kids myself, but I have occasionally, over the years, had a visitor who was or had a kid; now that I've long since given away my collection of kid's books to younger relatives, I figure a freebie-on-an-iPad might come in handy someday -- some of those kid-visitors are having kids now & may come see me sometime. :-)
Wow, guys--I have notifications turned on for this post, and somehow I missed all of these from the past few days. Thank you for the kind words and apologies for the lack of reply!

The status conference was yesterday, and I have a call scheduled today with my attorney for a quick download. This meeting was mostly to update the judge on our progress and plan next steps, so I don't anticipate anything earth-shattering. I'll let you know what I find out.

As an FYI, Rebecca has a new attorney handling her case: James D. Decker. He is from the same law firm as the previous attorney.

We have also been assigned a new judge. That can happen for any number of reasons: judge moves courtrooms, heavy case load, etc. Our new judge is Steven J. Kleifield and it appears he is very thoughtful in his rulings which is something I appreciated about our former judge.

Thanks again for the kind words and support. As some have mentioned, lawsuits are draining: financially, physically, and emotionally. But I can rest with the knowledge I have made truthful and earnest offers to settle this matter on multiple occasions. Having done so leaves me with zero regrets in pressing on, whatever the future cost. I am humbled by and appreciate those of you who are still hanging in here with me.

Per page rates will not rise.
The per page rate will still not rise.
The per page rate still will not rise...

Bingo. I hate the stuffers and I hope they all get their accounts pulled, but the page rate is exactly what Amazon wants it to be.
When my niece and nephew were 7 and 5 (respectively) they behaved better than some of those posting here.

When did we stop teaching, if you can't say something nice about a person, don't say anything at all?

"The Interwebz: Where We Can Insult People Without Fear Of Getting Our Teeth Knocked Out."

Imagine if bobfrost looked like Brock Lesnar...


Writers' Cafe / Re: Quick AMS UK question
« Last post by Cassie Leigh on Today at 11:11:02 AM »
Just a heads-up for anyone just starting with AMS UK. Invoices seem to be issued on a weekly basis, instead of monthly(?) like AMS US.

No. They work like AMS US which means when you first get started you have a pretty low billing threshold and then as you pay on time that threshold goes up so you get billed less often, but you'll always be billed at least once a month.
I've seen a lot of people say they're going wide because of some KU issue that is yet to effect them and I wonder why.

I can't speak for everyone, obviously, but I know several LitRPG authors, as an example, who are going wide because there was a wave of people we KNEW to be ethical getting their accounts pulled. It was too scary.
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