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Anybody else suddenly want Mikey D's?
Quit sitting there staring and turn the ceiling fan off!
4 writing can be too concise and information rich. I usually have to rewrite to flesh things out.

^^ This. Trying to make a research plan fit into 10 or 15 pages will train you to write this way. It was a valuable skill then, but not necessarily now.
Well, at least now you know why you are so popular...
Something tells me that Bob still won't be happy.
No, I don't know what happened. I was sitting
here, minding my own business, when suddenly,
BOOM! Everything turned white!
A little help, please.
My various jobs in no particular order:
K-Mart cashier
chain bookstore clerk
dentist office cleaner
holistic massage practitioner
nursing home nurse's assistant
legal secretary (workers' comp/personal injury)
brilliant San Francisco hole-in-the-wall bakery
domestic violence counselor and confidential shelter supervisor
nonprofit executive director (adult literacy)
full-time child daycare worker
massage school "sacred spacekeeper" (cleaner)
County Dept. of Health (underground tank monitoring)
soup and salad coffee bar at the beach in San Diego (wait tables and perform music)  8)
legal secretary (tax/estate planning)
hotel housekeeping
newspaper copy editor
orthodontist front office
national park visitor center bookstore manager
adjunct professor of English
vocational rehabilitation testing/training/job placement
newspaper writer (arts/entertainment)
receptionist/dispatcher for computer company
legal secretary (disability)
Yakima Racks research and development dept.

Shake it all together with many thousands of books read, several children raised, and a dash of the ivy league book learning, and I'm SET for material. (No wonder I'm so stinking tired all the time.) :)
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Thanks for the recommendation.
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