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How to Be a Ghost
by Audrey Claire

Kindle Edition published 2014-03-30
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Divorced mom Libby Grace works as an elementary school teacher and has no social life to speak of. The most she has to worry about is finding a way to fix a leaky faucet without a budget for a plumber. The next thing Libby knows she’s standing at the foot of her son’s bed without her body!

Libby can’t remember what happened to her. Is she dead? Is she somewhere unconscious worrying in a hospital? She doesn’t know for sure because she can’t find her body. The last place she remembers being is the local hardware store, but instead of her own body, she finds the corpse of the store’s owner, husband to the mayor of her small town.

In order to solve the mystery surrounding her disappearance, Libby must figure out who killed George Walsh. Along the way, she gets help from her reclusive neighbor, Ian McClain, who turns out to be one of the undead in a very different sense....

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The Book Corner / Re: Prince Lestat by Anne Rice
« Last post by Geoffrey on Today at 04:57:56 AM »
Life is still preventing me from reading too much.  :(   But I'm at about 20%.

So far, it still reads like an Anne Rice vampire novel.  She's setting up an entirely new story line that brings in numerous new fledglings as well as news of many ancient vampires who were awakened by the Rockstar Lestat and who survived Akasha's rise.   She's incorporating the rise of all the new information technologies since the original novels and somewhat casting aside the Great Family and the Talamasca.

Overall, I'm interested, I'm enjoying it and I wish I had the time to shut out the world and just read it already.   I think it's the first of several books.
Writers' Cafe / Re: TK's Google Play Uber-Post (Split out, now just GP)
« Last post by Kitten on Today at 04:57:00 AM »
I'm confused and so far a question submitted via Google Play's contact form has resulted in silence. I uploaded four books yesterday and the error message under each is that there's a problem with the pricing.
My books are $2.99 on Amazon, B&N and Apple and that's the price I entered on Play. In looking at some posts here, I'm starting to think that for some reason the price needs to be $3.94 on Play. Does anyone have any idea if this change would fix the pricing error problem or is it something else?

I'm not sure how to fix your problem, but you should set your prices to $3.94 because Google Play will discount the price, and Amazon will price match. If you set the books at $2.99 they will be listed as less on Google Play.
I write contemporary romance, 60-65k words. I haven't figured out the promo part yet, but I do paid ads and invest heavily in FB ads for one of my freebies. The best promo I've found is setting the first books in all three of my series free.
Any updates, YodaRead? Are you about to launch the second in the series?
Click on the title to download for 99p/c

Sword of Rome: Gladiator by Richard Foreman. Thrilling Historical Fiction.
Motive for Murder by Anthea Fraser. Gripping murder mystery.
All for Love by Jane Aiken Hodge: Dramatic romance.
The Point of Death (An Elizabethan Murder Mystery) by Peter Tonkin. An Elizabethan murder mystery.
40 Days 40 Nights: A Sgt Major Crane Novelby Wendy Cartmell. Gripping military crime.
More Deaths Than One: An Inspector Gil Mayo Mystery by Marjorie Eccles. Chilling crime novel.
Spies of Jerusalem by Colin Smith. Espionage thriller.
Last Act of All by Aline Templeton. Expertly- plotted crime.

the thread has been going on awhile.  People have different opinions.  Not everyone is agreeing. That's allowed. We've been letting this thread have a little more free rein than we would a normal discussion thread because it was our call for comment.  But let's not call each other out for having different opinions, okay? 

The goal here is for us to hear, from those of you who want to post, your thoughts and feedback.  Some are okay with it.  That's their feedback.  Others aren't.  That's their feedback.  Some have suggestions.  Most of the suggestions we've received are worthy of discussion and almost all of them have been physically possible, thank you for that. ::)

As always, let's keep it civil.  We appreciate your thoughts on this.  All of them.

EDIT:  Started this post early this morning, but for various reasons, just got to posting it now...it's not aimed at anyone in particular, just a thought I had as I read through the posts made since turning in last night.  Not to say you can't debate a point made, just address the point, not the person.

KB Mod
Absolutely. The idea that a 14 year old boy or girl will be shocked by the erotica covers found here is absurd. If they can use Google to find this site, there's a 99.99 % chance that they have already used Google to find even less family-friendly sites. That's the reality. Another fact: no child in the history of mankind has ever been harmed by seeing a naked woman (or clothed woman in seductive pose). What harms them in their development is giving the impression that natural sexuality is something to be ashamed of.

I agree with every word you just wrote.

However...that is not the topic at hand.  This is about Google making broad brush stroke policies to prevent their customers' products being advertised on sites with proscribed content.  Unfortunately this means that harmless stuff is occasionally collateral damage (ie - a person in a suggestive pose on the cover of a book). 

I think every participant in this chain acts completely logically.  I, for one, love boobies and have been known, on rare occasion, to view the odd couple enjoying each other's company in various videos on the internet.  However do I, CEO of <insert non-sexual company here> want to see my products advertised on these sites I enjoy in my private time?  No, of course not.  Google knows this and so they are also logical in putting in place measures to ensure this doesn't happen.  They also build in redundancy because there are more risks in terms of undercooking than overcooking this policy.  This means that ostensibly non-sexual sites like this forum or maybe a site with information on sexual health (or something similar that isn't pornographic but might trigger alarm) get caught in the crossfire because Google has a "better safe than sorry" policy that is a bit overly sensitive.

And finally I think Harvey has also acted completely logically based on all of this information.

The passionate debate around Amazon's treatment of erotica and related issues of censorship I totally get.  This seems like a worthy, principled fight to me.  People being asked to tone down what is actually a comparatively generous sig rule, inhibiting their "right" to free advertising, I am less sympathetic with.  In fact I am the opposite of sympathetic because all this talk of "bans" and "censorship" and "I am never coming back because of this heinous act" etc actually diminishes issues of genuine censorship.
Writers' Cafe / ArtForAuthors.com ... I run it ask me anything you want
« Last post by ArtCorgi on Today at 04:41:32 AM »
Hi All,

I run ArtForAuthors.com and we do well ... art for authors.

If you have any questions just let me know.

I am posting this topic with two goals in mind: So that I can have us listed on the yellow pages (I have to post here first) and so that I can ask this community what are other good places to reach out to ebook writers without being spammy.


Bellow are two of my favorite cover art we have done yet:

And here is me

Writers' Cafe / Re: Problem with the Erotica Author Forum?
« Last post by Catnip on Today at 04:39:56 AM »
That was quick, thank you  :)
Writers' Cafe / Re: Problem with the Erotica Author Forum?
« Last post by anderson_gray on Today at 04:32:02 AM »
Okay. Wow. Talk about your excellent customer service. I JUST NOW paid and got access.


*breathes a sigh of relief* Now I can take my cranky butt to the erotica discussions.
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