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Cold Moon Dead
by J.M. Griffin

Kindle Edition published 2012-10-13
Bestseller ranking: 57428

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Telling Vinnie Esposito to stay out of trouble is like telling a wolf not to howl at the moon.

But you can’t blame Vinnie this time. She’s just trying to be a Good Samaritan. How is Vinnie supposed to know that the little old lady, stranded at the side of the road, is a carjacker? And when Vinnie helps her artist friend paint a mural in a big, fancy mansion—how is she supposed to know that the owner is the biggest, most notorious, mobster in the state? And she can’t help it when she finds a dead body at the art show.

And next thing you know her parents are fighting; and her boyfriend, hunky State Trooper Marcus Richmond, is mad at her; and her sexy, upstairs tenant, FBI agent Aaron Grant, is up to something.

And Vinnie has to make everything right.

But before she does that, it’s going to get even more wrong....

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Writers' Cafe / Re: Want Spongebob As Your Editor?
« Last post by malikaediting on Today at 02:54:52 AM »
Hi Dennis!

Hmm. I think you're right! Looking at my own buying practices, I like to make sure things are a good fit completely before paying, and one page probably isn't enough to make sure my services are solid. Changing that up now and thanks for the suggestion! Hope you are having a good night/day wherever you are.
Writers' Cafe / I've been plagiarized
« Last post by rennapeak on Today at 02:52:56 AM »
Hi everyone,

Long time lurker, few time poster. I found out today that an "author" is plagiarizing my work, and I thought I'd ask for some advice. This "author" has admitted to "spinning" my books--he paid a ghostwriter to take my characters and ideas and twist them. The stories are actually pretty dissimilar, but the writing style is very similar, including some of my own overused phrases. I've notified Amazon through their copyright infringement channels, but they advised this can take five to seven days.

This "author," if one can call him that, was a member of a writing group I belong to. He not only used my books to "spin" to create his own, he also used a variation of my REAL name. Not my pen name, my REAL name, which I post under in my writing group. Pretty brazen. Apparently, this person is a well-known internet marketer and WF type. I don't want to start a war here between authors and IMers--I just want my work respected and have it understood that published works are not there for use as "spinning" material. I do have this person's real name and email address. He has just chosen to ignore my requests to take down the plagiarized content.

The books in question are by the "author" A. Lexy Beck, who registered "her" domain name on August 13. I have been forwarded an email dated the same day with a partial manuscript of his "spun" story that was sent to a few members of my group for their review. He admitted in this email that he used my characters, setting and plot and "put his own twist on them." This all transpired a few days after I revealed my pen name in my writing group (a decision I now regret, but what's done is done). I think there was some confusion on the part of the people he asked to review this "work" that because the story was "spun," it was okay for him to use. I believe there may be a fundamental misunderstanding among some internet marketers about "spinning" and when it is okay to use a copyrighted work as your own (as in, never!).

This person has not only "spun" my stories, he has also copied my Twitter profile, Amazon Author profile, blurbs--pretty much anything he could rip off, he has. What was really awesome about all of this was how he posted in my writing group about how "blessed" he felt that he has been finding success with his stolen content. I'll post the links below, so you can see the plagiarism for yourself. It is pretty crazy that he has been so brazen about everything.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/a_lexy_beck

Amazon Author Profiles: http://www.amazon.com/A-Lexy-Beck/e/B00NFZUP5W/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1

Blurbs: Unspoken 2: http://www.amazon.com/ dp/B00NKMKUKA
Mistaken 2 (my book): www.amazon.com/dp/B00JO2LP90

These are a few of the specific copied passages (I don't know if any of you have ever tried to read a copied version of your own work, but it is exceptionally difficult. I've been in tears most of the day today because of this, so I know there are more examples, particularly in "his" book one):

Unspoken (ASIN: B00NE4Q72Y) Location 1047: My heart plummeted into my gut and I immediately dropped my phone. It couldn't be...
Mistaken (ASIN: B00JHIJD5Y) Location 1268: I heard a crash and my brain registered somewhere that my briefcase had hit the floor [...] It wasn't possible...

Unspoken (ASIN: B00NE4Q72Y) Location 223: A nauseous feeling immediately came over me. Christopher. He was the reason I could never trust anyone again.
Mistaken (ASIN: B00JHIJD5Y) Location 197: I couldn't let myself have anything more. I didn't deserve it, not after everything I had done. After what I had done to Daniel.

Unspoken (ASIN: B00NE4Q72Y) Location 327: "Jennifer you're beautiful, smart and funny..."
Mistaken (ASIN: B00JHIJD5Y) Location 433:  Jenna, you have no idea how amazing you are. How gorgeous.

Yes, he even copied my heroine's name. My Jenna Davis became his Jennifer Dunning. And the books are pretty much beat for beat similar to mine. It's a nice spin job, to be sure, but you can see where the ghostwriter used similar phrasing--pretty hard not to do when you're given books to copy, I suppose.

I'm sick that this guy might get away with this. My work was published in April and May of this year--this guy just published these two works in the past few weeks, and I also have the d*mning email he sent out with his spun version of my story. He's ignoring my requests to do the right thing and take these books down. I'm sure he thinks I won't come after him--I'm not making huge money at this, just enough to pay for my cover art, editing and to put some food on the table.

I would love to hear any ideas that you might have. I'm sure if I spent the time going through line by line, I could find additional examples of his plagiarism (I have ten total at the moment that I sent to Amazon, along with a copy of his statement in the email I was forwarded). Do you think this merits contacting an attorney, even if Amazon does pull these books?
Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: NEW Devices announced Sept 2014 - Kindle Voyage
« Last post by Meka on Today at 02:48:23 AM »
Triplets - mine's the first as well!

Awesome!!!! Tiplets in the house :)

Sent from my Galaxy Mega using Tapatalk

Congrats, Krista!

Honeymoons are great!  Hubby and I have been on several.  ;D  Even with each other...

Happy marriage!

Writers' Cafe / Re: Free First in Series on Kobo
« Last post by jenminkman on Today at 02:47:02 AM »
I hope this thread still works, because I am FINALLY selling on Kobo thanks to the Free First in Series thing. :)

Writers' Cafe / Re: KDP Post about All-Stars
« Last post by David Wisehart on Today at 02:44:22 AM »
The danger here, I think, is it could end up creating an elite class of indies, just as trad-publishing has done with their superstars, like Stephen King, James Patterson, et. al.

This seems to be the intent. They're calling it "All-Stars" for a reason.

It's another bestseller list that Amazon is marketing to readers, as a way for readers to discover new authors.

Fire Talk / Re: New Fires -- announced Sept 2014
« Last post by Betsy the Quilter on Today at 02:38:13 AM »
I realize this is petty, but I just noticed last night that the colors on the 6" Fire HD only wrap slightly to the front and the rest of the bezel is black.  Why even have the colors if it doesn't include the bezel?  If you put a cover on it, the color on the HD hardly shows.

I don't think it's petty--it's a valid question. :D I think one reason is that black helps present the images on the screen without interference or influence.  I also suspect that perhaps Amazon found it wasn't selling that many covers for the smaller Fire tablets.  I use mine with a sleeve, though I have a cover for my 8.9.  If I get a six, I probably won't cover it, either.  I tend to want to pull it out of my purse and just use it, not have to flip a cover open.  Lime green!  If I get one, I probably will spend the extra $20 to get the 16GB model.

Writers' Cafe / Re: KDP Post about All-Stars
« Last post by Dolphin on Today at 02:32:45 AM »
It does remove your choices for the period of exclusivity. Beyond that, you are assuming that the options of other retailers will still be there if/when you want to change your choice because it will benefit you.  Most likely some will endure. I'm not advocating supporting other retailers at all costs. However, I also believe authors need to be realistic in recognizing that they're part of this eco system, too. The choices we make now could limit the choices we have later.

I want to repeat that other retailers are not dying off because indies refuse to publish with them, but because customers refuse to buy from them. That has nothing to do with us. Because they do a poor job of serving their customers (relative to Amazon), they are typically very poor markets for indies (relative to Amazon). We shouldn't be subsidizing their failures any more than customers should.

We can't save Amazon's competition from themselves. If they're going to go under, they'll do it with or without us. Our only obligation is to grow our own businesses--an obligation which applies equally to Amazon and its competitors.

Guess we'll reconvene in 25 years and see what happened in the interim.

Frankly, I think worrying about 25 years from now is exactly the wrong idea. How could you possibly have planned for today back in 1989? How about in 1999? 2009, even?

I'm not sure that it's worthwhile to worry any further into the future than your production schedule. Every few months, indies are having to adjust to major shifts in the marketplace, and that's not going to stop anytime soon. We might have notional goals, targets, dreams, but I don't think it makes much sense to claim that distributing to Kobo, B&N, and somehow Apple helps you prepare for the future.

The best provision for the future is an established brand and deep pockets. Through Amazon, authors like Hugh and Rosalind have built something that Amazon couldn't take away if they tried--certainly not by merely cutting them out of KDPS--and they've made themselves excellent partners for the big fish as well. They're protected against the future because they're successful in the present. The fruits of that success may be diminished if Amazon spazzes out and starts biting the hands that have fed it, but I think they'd survive just fine.

Success in the present sets you up for success in the future. The one flows into the other, and the thing about making hay while the sun shines is that Amazon can't take your hay away from you. They can't take your mailing list. They can't empty your bank account. They can't take Wayne's new (but previously owned!) truck. They can't take your house, if you're successful enough to buy one of those. Unlike a publisher, they can't even take your books. All they can take away are the very perks that folks leave on the table by going wide: improved visibility with the world's largest online retailer and borrow revenues. The overall crackdown on indy royalties, the Spotification of indy publishing, will come whether or not you participate in the boom times...or it may never come at all. For many of us, I'm increasingly convinced that participating in KDPS is wise in the meantime.

I have no idea, but it is a question...

I think they probably want to encourage people to publish lottery tickets. And like Hugh said, evangelize for KU. H.M. Ward did it. That could be worth quite a few bounties right there.

Also--and I think this is a new spin on it--it's a way to soften the blow of reduced per unit royalties. Suppose that the borrow pot for this month was a given. It's gonna be $1.54 a pop, that's the deal, rip off the bandaid now instead of making people think that we're going to start throwing $10m a month at this thing just to buoy up per unit royalties. What might we, Amazon, do in order to soften the blow? How about a new incentive program that sort of, kind of gamifies publishing and encourages our indies to compete? Sounds splendid!

Obviously the message has been received less well in some quarters. One possible explanation, though.

I feel sure the thinking wasn't "HEY I WONDER HOW WE CAN BE JERKS AND ALIENATE PEOPLE." I'd admit that I'd sort of respect their moxie if it was.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Thousand words a day club 2014
« Last post by YodaRead on Today at 02:27:58 AM »
I finished my WIP (the main writing, at least). It was about 9,000 words. I added chapter because I found a plot hole. The h was injured in a car accident and magically made it to a place alone. Um, whoops.
Congrats! The best is yet to come....
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