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Perdido River Bastard
by D.B. Patterson

Kindle Edition published 2014-08-13
Bestseller ranking: 2916

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A Southern Multi-generational Family Saga About Race, Secrets, Love, Blood, Life, Death, and History

"The country road to hell and back is paved with the good intentions and secrets of Southern women."

Prodigal son Duddy Doogan has a promise to keep. He is going home, to a place where his eccentric storytelling kin await his first visit since his father went missing. Home to where a powerful river carves an age-old border between Florida and Alabama. Home to a family tree of hidden secrets, lies, memory, and skin colors—but there is nothing black and white about the mysteries buried in its roots. Haunted by the trauma of a terrifying childhood accident and the love of too many Southern women, Duddy must excavate the bones of his family history to put his own broken life back together. When tragedy suddenly strikes, a promise to return home becomes a dangerous quest to reclaim his father's remains from a long-lost ps...

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Writers' Cafe / Re: One thing I miss about day jobs
« Last post by Kit Tunstall on Today at 05:18:25 PM »
I wouldn't recommend that anyone quit until they can pay their bills and have at least 10K in savings. Also, you must have health insurance before you can think about quitting.

I went full time on May 1 with those 3 things in place. On July 15, 6 weeks after starting full time, I woke up in horrible pain. I could barely type for 2 months. I had spinal surgery 10 days ago. Had I not had insurance and 10K in savings, I'd be forced back into a day job to rebuild my savings. My hospital bills will be less than 10K. Closer to 1-2K with insurance.

Even if you despise every breath you have to take at the day job, do not leave until you can do it without having to go back. If it's really bad, get a different job. I stuck with mine knowing that I'd soon be free forever. :)

That is great advice. Before my husband quits his job, our goals are to have all our bills paid off (aside from the monthly recurrences and mortgage), plus one year of living expenses in the bank. We've already priced health insurance, and it will be around $600 per month for our family. I will miss my hubby's insurance. It's pretty good since he works for an insurance company. However, the plan we'll be selecting if/when he gets to quit is through his current employer and will be almost the same (though he only pays $240 for it vs. $600). If all goes well, we're hoping to have everything in place within 18-24 months. It might be sooner if KU keeps paying off well, but we aren't counting on it. Nor are we counting on KU continuing to triple my monthly income.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Kinda sad/angry about stuff like this
« Last post by AJStewart on Today at 05:18:07 PM »
I worked in marketing for 20 years before embarking on this writing lark, and I've never asked for a refund on marketing. Often my marketing failed, objectively. But when it did, it was because of 1 of 3 things. 1) I didn't do my due diligence on the marketing opportunity and just assumed it was good/had eyeballs etc, 2) My marketing angle was wrong for the outlet, or the outlet was wrong for the marketing angle, or 3) My product was crap and no one wanted it. But I learned something every time. Still do. But I can't blame MommaSaysRead for her action. Who wants to put up with that stuff? Oh that's right. I do. I wanna sell books. Bah humbug.
Writers' Cafe / Re: 1 Year, 100 Titles = My Results
« Last post by KMatthew on Today at 05:17:31 PM »
Are you a male or female? And have you ever tried writing erotic for men? If so, what was your results?

I am transgender and identify as male. The very first erotica I published was probably more in the realm of erotica for men. At least, this review I got would imply that.

"I WOULD NOT recommend this product at all. Am a fan of romance novel but this was just pure TRASH. The story starts off well but soon turns pornographic and one can instantly tell that its written by a male writer and his fantasies after watching too much porn. As the writer cant tell the difference between sensual and hardcore porn it turned out to be a waste of my time and money as i did not even finish the book"

One of my favorite reviews, to this day. lol And yes, it was a one-star.

But anyway, that was before I had read any erotica and had any idea what I was doing. So no, I have never purposely tried to write erotica for men, but I know that the majority of erotica readers are female and that men's erotica isn't very popular.
Send me one of those access codes and I'll check it out!  ;D
Amazon Reviewer - "Excellent book. A must read, I think, for any single woman. I have recommended it to my single friends. Gives insight into how men "think" and how we can respond to that. As a newly single woman, I found the information fascinating. Cant wait to read her other book. Buy it, highlight it, keep it as a reference when the man in your life is getting to you....remember the Power of the [kitten]!!!"

Thank you for the wonderful review! :)
Amazon Review - "I didn't think this book would be anywhere as good as the first one, but boy was I wrong! King did an impeccable job with part two of the book. The advice she shares is insightful and beyond valuable. I have the Kindle version, but will purchase the paperback as well. King could have been a therapist, she's understanding, and talks to the reader through her words without sugarcoating anything. This book is golden! A MUST read for any woman who is not getting what she wants out of a relationship. This book basically lets women know the most important relationship is the one we have with ourselves. We need to value ourselves and what we have to offer as women, if a man doesn't appreciate you then you don't need someone who is going to undermine, and demean you breaking you apart from that love you've grown for yourself and others."

Thanks reviewer for the wonderful review!  :)
Writers' Cafe / Re: Hey, guys, look at me!
« Last post by Capella on Today at 05:15:09 PM »
Yay! Great job!
Writers' Cafe / Re: Is $.99 the new free?
« Last post by Sylvia R. Frost on Today at 05:14:41 PM »
Just to clarify, if you're in Select, you can't make it perma-free. At all. Because you can't publish it anywhere else to get the price match.

That's what I thought. I just wasn't sure, so I put as easy, lest someone tell me there was some magical way to do it. LOL
I think they've been working to fix the series problem, but I agree with the above poster who said it sucks that they seem to lump us in with just a search of the series name. It would be so much better if the series clickable took them to an actual series page with the books listed in order! They do this for some trad pub series, so I'm hoping it's just a matter of time. My books come out completely out of order and some books not in my series show up in the search.

I'm also wondering what in the world to do with season 2 of my serial. No idea how I'm going to title those as a separate season but keep in the same series!
Hi E.,

I have had some success with canva(dot)com for cheap covers for my shorts. You can use their premade designs for $1, or create your own.

Thanks! I've had Canva bookmarked as a site to look at for a couple of months, and this is further evidence that I should do just that.
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