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The Cygnus Virus
by T.J. Zakreski

$ 0.99
Kindle Edition published 2016-06-28
Bestseller ranking: 414747

Product Description
Andron’s life goes into full wtf mode when he accidentally downloads a space virus, after enrolling his old computer in a SETI-like program.

A virus that crashes the entire Internet. A virus that has a name. It’s Cygnus, a foul-mouthed digital pest, who was expelled from a dystopian planet Earth.

And it only gets worse.

Cygnus strong-arms Andron into doing his dirty work. But, goes too far when someone winds up dead. That’s when Andron discovers Cygnus’ shocking plan.

A plan to hijack a human cloning trial using blood from a burial cloth, so that he can come back as Terra’s Jesus.

Andron comes to the only conclusion he can. That he has to stop this psychopath.

But, how can he stop a digital god who’s holding all the cards?

What if the only person who can help him, can’t decide if she hates him, or just thinks he’s nuts?


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Writers' Cafe / Re: No KU reads
« Last post by PhoenixS on Today at 07:21:13 PM »
Oh, and a more concise bullet-pointed list of poplist drivers:
Writers' Cafe / Re: cover feedback
« Last post by funkybookdesigns on Today at 07:19:15 PM »
Here's a little mockup for you from Funky Book Designs:  http://funkybookdesigns.weebly.com/

Writers' Cafe / Re: No KU reads
« Last post by PhoenixS on Today at 07:19:03 PM »
Where are the poplists? First time I've heard of them. Link please.

A way old post from 2012. Some info is outdated, but still a good intro to the basics of what and where:

Here's how one KBer figured out how to find the poplists (well, they already knew how to find the lists, just didn't know that's what a poplist was):

And a more recent overview of the ins and outs of the lists:
I noted on another thread recently:
There is one observation left out of that post [above]: That borrows, whether ghost borrows or read pages, don't appear to weight in. So while KU borrows advantage those books in the bestseller lists, they don't do anything for poplist placement. Which means, in general, trad is most advantaged in the poplists, followed by APub titles, then indies, and finally KU indies (except, of course, when the poplist is filtered for only KU titles).
Writers' Cafe / Re: The Canadian Authors Support Thread
« Last post by Megan Crewe on Today at 07:18:32 PM »
Hello all! I'm hoping to get a question answered by a fellow Canadian who's used Ingram Spark. I noticed when I was checking pricing to order copies for myself that the IS website automatically charges me taxes. Does that mean they're collecting taxes on behalf of customs, and I won't have to worry about an additional customs fee when the package arrives?

I'm guessing that's the case and not that they're randomly charging me US taxes, but I wanted to make sure. :)
The Book Corner / Re: Cozy Mysteries
« Last post by TriciaJ82 on Today at 07:13:13 PM »
is on sale for  $1.99

I am on book 5 in the series and I highly recommend them. It looks like the sale coincides with the announcement that book 6 will be released 11/1.

The preorder price is 12.99! I am sorry but its a cozy that is barely 300 pages, that is utterly ridiculous in my opinion. I have checked the audio version out from my library so far and will continue to do that for the next one as well. The synopsis makes it sound really interesting, I can't wait.
Writers' Cafe / Re: To those who gain at least $1000 monthly
« Last post by Bbates024 on Today at 07:12:00 PM »
I just hit my one-year publishing anniversary today. During that time I learned a lot of hard lessons, and a few easy ones. I went from 3 dollars a month to over a thousand. I'm writing full time right now thanks to having a wife with a decent income that believes in what I'm doing. I'm pretty sure if my books didn't keep getting better she would be sending me back to work, and rightfully so.

That being said you can get to a thousand dollars a month, if you write the right words, and have good covers and editing. One months when you can market sales or freebies you can double that.My goal is to have three series going so every month I can work a marketing campaign on each series and try to keep that increased income going. By the end of 2017, I might have 4 or five series out there.

It's hard work and you have to make it priority. There are days I wake up and say oh I could take a nap and play video games but I don't. I put my but in the chair and get to work. Sometimes my 5k words come out fast and easy, and sometimes they take me 12 hours. I'm learning not to force it on days where I'm not feeling the flow, its like with any other job you have to figure out if you're just being lazy or if you are really not feeling it that day. Forcing yourself to get in the chair and write lets you know which one it is. I find that even on a bad day I can pump out a chapter. Then it wasn't a wasted day.

When I look at most of the authors that are successful they have one thing in common, they work hard at what they do. When you run a small business you have to work hard. I was reading something by Belle Andre where she talked about starting out and working 16 hour days. Guess what she lives on a winery in Napa now. I'm pretty sure it was worth it.

So 1k is obtainable, it will take time, but it's worth it!
Writers' Cafe / Re: Feedback for a first novel
« Last post by Mbarlow on Today at 07:10:17 PM »
Amazon and other publishing platforms are where you publish your BEST work, not where you look for feedback. If that's your goal right now, you should take it down and work on your craft more--putting your work out there on Wattpad and other sites that were listed is a start. You can also find critique groups to join, work with beta readers, and perhaps find a mentor.

You've been given a lot of info in this thread and you should take the time to absorb and organize it. Also, the best way to learn is to write, write, write. Even if it's bad writing, keep writing.

No argument there. Truth is, I just wanted to see what accomplished writers thought of it, and I know it was a big ask. However, I got more advice than I bargained for because of those who looked over the book and replied. I'm editing the book, the cover, and I'm working on a mailing list. It would've taken me months to get there on my own. So thank you everyone. Even those comments that had me cry in the shower a little.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Questions for romance writers / readers
« Last post by AngelaQuarles on Today at 07:04:59 PM »
Allyson already answered but I thought I'd add that I generally have only 2, sometimes 3 sex scenes in my novels (generally 80 to 95k) but they are pretty hot. But they're not jarring because I've signaled this through the tension and awareness of each other during it. This is a good book for understanding how you can signal that via word choices leading up to the scenes themselves: https://www.amazon.com/Be-Sex-Writing-Strumpet-Stacia-Kane/dp/1456494821/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1469498653&sr=8-1&keywords=how+to+be+a+sex+writing+strumpet
Writers' Cafe / Re: Should I Wait?
« Last post by LilyBLily on Today at 07:03:58 PM »
Others will tell you differently, but I think it's a good boost psychologically to get the second one out even if the third is barely on the horizon. A year is a very long time in indie publishing. A book that's ready might as well be published.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Feedback for a first novel
« Last post by Mbarlow on Today at 07:03:37 PM »
I haven't read your book; I was commenting based solely on your statement that it was a mediocre effort.

How do you truly feel about the book? Also, if you were a customer buying your book, how would you feel if you found out that the author called it a mediocre effort? Speaking only for myself, I would not be happy about that.

I didn't mean it's poorly written or anything. I meant no matter how good writers are, their work is mediocre compared to someone else. I do hope I write better in the future with more study and dedication, but I really like my first novel, too. I was hoping for feedback, and I received plenty thanks to the generosity of people who replied to my post. Some even took the time to critique it in word.
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