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Writers' Cafe / Re: Hugo Awards and #Sadpuppies
« Last post by No Cat on Today at 06:03:57 PM »
Being put on VD's slate without knowing about it doesn't mean you agree with him. Punishing people for that is just mean. VD is evil and possibly insane. No question.

Painting it all as a "if you aren't with us, you are for him" argument is just silly though. It's been made very clear that plenty of the nominees knew nothing about RP, don't agree with RP or VD, and yet people are still trying to tar everyone with the same brush.

It's not cool. It ain't fair. And it's just causing exactly what people like VD want, which is chaos, fighting, and people tearing into people who don't deserve it.  Nominees have already left because of this stupid US vs THEM thing. It's created nothing but pain.

Read the stories. If you don't like who authored them, skip those. I'll be No Awarding anything by VD, but that doesn't mean I think what I'm doing is fair. I can live with that because of my feelings about the man, and believe me, beyond him being a terrible person, he's hurt me personally, so I feel utterly justified.

But there are plenty of people on the Hugo ballot who write great fiction and don't deserve to be tarred with the same brush. They should be treated with kindness and understanding, not driven away.  They are victims in this, and they don't deserve the pain being lumped on them.
Writers' Cafe / Re: "A reminder on KDP pricing"
« Last post by GeneDoucette on Today at 06:01:34 PM »
You have to make your GooglePlay price high enough that when they automatically discount it that it's still higher than Amazon's price.

crap.  OK, thanks.
Writers' Cafe / Re: "A reminder on KDP pricing"
« Last post by YodaRead on Today at 06:00:12 PM »
yah Google Play marked down the $2.99 books to $2.51, but my list price is $2.99.  I can't doooo anything about that, can I?
You have to make your GooglePlay price high enough that when they automatically discount it that it's still higher than Amazon's price.
Writers' Cafe / Re: If it ain't broke, don't fix it?
« Last post by Graeme Hague on Today at 05:56:23 PM »
What you can always do mate is get a new cover and put them side by side here and ask KBoarders for some feedback. I did and I got a great response so now my requested ammendments are on their way to my designer. Also post your blurb and get some feedback you'd be amazed at what a new set of eyes pick up ;D

Thanks Michael, yep - I often throw covers and stuff up here for opinions. Not quite what I was trying to find out though. I'm trying to figure out if significantly changing my keywords, etc, might drop me out of the categories I'm currently in. I read Evenstar's long "Keyword" thread a while back and a few people complained that when they tried her keyword stuffing method (I dn't want to go that far) they lost all their categories and heaps of sales. Dunno about that, but I figure it's worth checking... 
Writers' Cafe / When you've worked a long time on a project,
« Last post by LWFlouisa on Today at 05:56:05 PM »
Do you usually wait to write another book between chapters and stories? I recently completely rewrote a science fiction now I sort of completed a few months ago, itself a combination of two novelettes that weren't really complete on their own. Now I just need professional line editing, and I'm set.

I wrote between chapters by finishing a couple of middle grade novels, and a few middle grade shorts.

Aside: Still Marveling at the cover I had help on, which I devoted a special thanks to.
I don't have separate revision files, and I often don't have notes, or if I do, they're just in one separate Word doc. I use Styles & use the Document Map, so if I do have notes, I just make them have main headings, and I can find anything easily.

I do jump around in my writing, but I just write with the Document Map open, and I name my chapters. Easy-peasy. Like I said, I use Styles, so no issues with chapter heads etc.

I don't outline, but I do have an outline in my head. I'm sure if you write epic fantasy or something with a lot of world building, it's different.

Can't imagine what the heck I'd do with Scrivener. Get frustrated, I'm sure!
Writers' Cafe / Re: "A reminder on KDP pricing"
« Last post by GeneDoucette on Today at 05:55:25 PM »
yah Google Play marked down the $2.99 books to $2.51, but my list price is $2.99.  I can't doooo anything about that, can I?
I've seen a bit of a swing on the boards towards what I would call serials rather than series (correct me if I'm wrong), where each book is shorter and ends on a cliff hanger in the style of a long running tv show. (I think Kate Tanner mentioned Vampire Diaries as an example of the type of show in another thread).

I assume this is to compensate for the KU crisis, so this would be written exclusively for KU, and would be an interesting undertaking as an experiment as well.

While I know this kind of thing works well in erotic romance, has it seen much traction elsewhere?

Also, (and I've also asked this already in another thread where it will probably be buried) how do people afford covers for a serial? If you need a new one every week that's gotta add up? (I can not make my own for love nor money). Or do you maybe just get one designed and keep changing the colours or something?

Anyway, I'm sure there must be a lot of other things to consider and discuss before embarking on this, so.... thoughts?
I have a designer who does the text for me on all my books. When it's a series the first one cost a pretty penny, but the others she just uses the same cover and changes the colors and text to distinguish them from each other. This hardly cost me anything since it's a quick job.
Writers' Cafe / Re: The 7 Day Erotica Challenge
« Last post by katrina46 on Today at 05:52:26 PM »
Carlos actually blocked one of my sweet, vanilla older man/younger woman eroms a year or so ago. And when I say vanilla I mean vanilla - the MC was explicitly stated to be over 18, no PI, no reluctance/dubcon, no BDSM, no nothing. They're so completely arbitrary about what they block that it's barely worth wasting time worrying about.
I know, I got a book blocked for having the word step in the title a year ago and now I see tons of them. Sometimes it takes much longer than the 12 hours to get my books live and I freak out the whole time I'm waiting. Other times it's fast. I know when I publish thrillers their up in an hour, so now that I'm hitting the publish button on my first romance tomorrow I'm curious to see how long it takes.
Should I consider switching to Microsoft Word? I've been using Openoffice and I see no one else seems to be using that.. I feel like I'm doing something wrong  :o

Good grief no you are not doing something wrong. You're using a socially justifiable open source tool for word processing. Non't you dare switch Word. But do consider LibreOffice which seems to enjoy good traction v.s. OpenOffice.
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