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Red Surf: Leah Ryan Thrillers
by Tracy Sharp

Kindle Edition published 2014-07-08
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Private Investigator Leah Ryan is on a much needed vacation. A week in Bass Bay, Maine. Nothing but sun, sand and relaxation. No missing people. No murder. No stress.

But an hour into her vacation, Leah almost swims into a dead girl. Shark bites on the victim indicate a horrific shark attack, but closer inspection of the remains suggest that sharks aren't the only predators in Bass Bay.

As the bodies of more young women wash up on the beach, Leah is about to find out that murder doesn't take a vacation.

Red Surf is the 4rth in the Leah Ryan thriller series, and mixes humor with nail biting suspense.

Paul Seiple's The Dark Stuff is also free! 

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Writers' Cafe / Re: New Pseudonym - pros and cons - opinions?
« Last post by Amy Corwin on Today at 01:32:49 PM »
If your deaths happen off-stage I don't think you'd have any problem at all going with paranormal. And even if they happen on-stage, as long as you're focusing on the sequence of events, rather than on the pain and gore of the deaths, I think you'd likely still be okay. Back a while ago I asked here in the WC what people thought of crossover between horror and supernatural thrillers, and opinions seemed to be that there was a fair amount of wiggle room between the two because there they shared so many of the same elements.

Thanks again - I really appreciate it. You don't remember where the thread is about horror and supernatural thrillers, do you? I'd really like to read that thread.

(Oh, and I liked the cover of your short story so I checked it out. And bought it. ha, ha. That wasn't my purpose in starting this thread, but you never know what you'll find.)
On a separate note about categories...

I've recently noticed a big change in the way the books are appearing in my main category of Books > Self-Help > Relationships > Love & Romance. There are tons of books in the category that are not even listed in the category.
Now I know some people can use keywords to get into sub categories, so that they appear in more than their two assigned categories...  but we don't have a page of keywords on kdp for these categories. So, I don't understand how they're getting on there. And it's only happening in the two large categories of love and romance and interpersonal relations.

Also what's weird to me is that this is knocking books that are assigned to this category to the back of the list, making it hard for readers to find what they're looking for because they are seeing many of the same books show up in multiple categories. This is causing a lot of books to lose exposure, while allowing other books triple, quadruple, and even five times exposure! This is very unfair to some, while being very helpful to others. It was such a huge change that my rankings went from an average of 1300 - 3500 to 3500 - 8000. Such a drastic change I had to leave the category and abandon ship and go to the divorce category just to maintain the top 20 exposure. Of course, there could be other reasons for the decline. However, my kindle rankings remain steady. So, I'm not sure what to think.

I have listed a few examples of books where this is happening, along with links, at the end of this post. If you look at these examples, you will see on their pages, none of their categories are Books > Self-Help > Relationships > Love & Romance. However, if you go to the best sellers list in Books > Self-Help > Relationships > Love & Romance, all of these books are appearing in the category.

This is greatly affecting sales for me. It makes me wonder who else has been affected by this. Don't get me wrong this is great if you get picked up in multiple categories, but what if you don't? What if you just end up being one of the books that's pushed to the back of the list to make room for books to have quadruple exposure. I just don't see how this is fair to readers or authors. There are books in the category that don't truly belong there. Here's two examples...

Sex at Dawn (Currently showing up at #23 on Love and Romance, and not even listed in Love and Romance)

The Game


I use this list to get into sub categories :)
Writers' Cafe / Re: 1,000 Amazon Sales in 1 Day!
« Last post by Authorius on Today at 01:31:19 PM »
Grow the fan base first and money will come later.

I know, you're probably right.  Waiting isn't my strong suit, sadly.  Then again, I'm at the point now where I can afford to be patient.  Or at least try. I'll see how it goes with my next new pen name.  Thanks, Tattooed One.  Thumbs up for the blog posts and the information!

Okay, forgive me, I'm pregnant and I've been really flaky lately. Maybe, I'm not explaining myself clearly or maybe I'm not getting something. Let me try again...

So, If you follow the links I provided it takes you to the paperback version of that book. If you scroll down to look at the categories that they're ranking in (their chosen categories), they're not love and romance. However, if you go to the best sellers list of love and romance, you will find these books on that list. I don't get why they're allowed to appear in their chosen categories AND love and romance. 

OK, I think I understand where the confusion is. For paperbacks, there's no way to know for sure what categories were specifically chosen the way there is for ebooks. For ebooks, anyone can scroll to the end of the ebook's product page and see every category and subcategory that ebook is associated with. We don't have that for the paperbacks so we have to infer. The Game's Kindle edition clearly shows it's in Love & Romance, so we can pretty confidently infer the same cats were chosen for the paperback.

The Bestseller rankings that you see on the product page will ONLY display the Top 3 best-ranked subcats the book is in.

For instance, The Game is #34 in Love and Romance. BUT it's currently ranking better in 3 other categories, and since the page is limited to the Top 3 those cats show up on the page but Love and Romance doesn't:

#3 in Books > Politics & Social Sciences > Social Sciences > Gender Studies > Men
#8 in Books > Health, Fitness & Dieting > Sexual Health > General
#12 in Books > Self-Help > Sex

Let's say Game jumps up to #1 in Love and Romance without changing rank in any of the 3 cats above. The page would then display like this, with the Self Help > Sex cat being knocked off the page. It's still IN SH>Sex, it just wouldn't be showing it on the product page.

#1in Books > > Self-Help > Relationships > Love & Romance
#3 in Books > Politics & Social Sciences > Social Sciences > Gender Studies > Men
#8 in Books > Health, Fitness & Dieting > Sexual Health > General

 Make sense?
Writers' Cafe / How Long for Permafree to revert back to paid?
« Last post by RaventideBooks on Today at 01:28:14 PM »
Yup, I've got the opposite of the usual problem.

We took down our short story Dreamer: A Bit(e) of Discretion, Please, from all other distributors and repriced it. However, it's still at permafree status and I'm wondering howlong it will take for Amazon to realize it's not up for free anywhere anymore.

Thanks, guys :)
Writers' Cafe / Re: book launching strategy?
« Last post by Jessica R on Today at 01:28:13 PM »
Hope a little bump is ok. 
The Book Bazaar / Hearts on Fire Free today 7/25 and tomorrow 7/26
« Last post by stevencames on Today at 01:27:46 PM »
Hearts On Fire  is FREE today 7/25 and tomorrow 7/26  on Amazon Kindle. The link is in my signature

This story is written for anyone that may still have feelings for their first love or childhood sweetheart. Unless you married yours, someone was  first to steal your heart. Facebook and other internet sources have made it not only possible but likely you will find him or her again, at least on-line. A lot of you have attempted to find that one person you couldn't live without. Some of you have gotten cold feet but many have succeeded. This fictional story is based on several actual events that took place in a small rural Iowa town many years ago. My inspiration for Hearts On Fire came from two dear friends that were young lovers. Both married and divorced then found each other later in life.  All the characters are fictional but I believe as you read deeper into Hearts On Fire you might recognize a little bit of yourself and reignite an old flame that once upon a time burned deep inside you. In this story of a passion that once glowed white hot, two people are given the opportunity to relight that fire. I hope you enjoy Hearts On Fire and it brings back many fond memories of days gone by.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Facebook Ad 20% text 'rule' ...
« Last post by Carol (was Dara) on Today at 01:27:03 PM »
To give you an idea what they'll allow, here's how I do mine. I use a large text-free version of the cover for the background, and a smaller pic of the whole cover. These squeak past the 20 % test but just barely. (I've reduced the size here but on FB it's 800 x 400.)

I did this with The King's Ward. I had very specific reasons for wanting to tell this particular story in first person and from the POV of both Byron and Calista. Cluing the reader in by named chapter headings meant considerably less work for me, which I am all in favor of, generally speaking. I think it works fine. I'm told it does.
We've placed all of our short stories in KU/Select since their relatively short length (just short or greater than 10k) and simpler structure make for good quick readers. We have one novel title still in Select but have stopped its autorenewal in the program. Our novels are monsters (120-240k, anybody?) and it often takes a week or two for people to read those, so they don't make sense for the structure.

No borrows yet, but we just did this an hour ago. We'll see, there is a new release in the batch as of 10 days ago.
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