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Writers' Cafe / Re: Have You Posted to Your Blog Recently?
« Last post by Amyshojai on Today at 05:18:04 AM »
TIPS for FIREWORKS FEARS (and thunder phobias) in pets...
Writers' Cafe / Re: Yesterday's KU Reporting Was Low
« Last post by AuthorX on Today at 05:13:53 AM »
The entire subject of not knowing how many books were downloaded for borrow to get some kind of idea has been tickling in the back of my head.

When KU1.0 was stroking right along, many novelists determined that the royalty for  their $3.99, $4.99 etc books weren't worth risking for $1.3x payout, even for the possible increased visibility. Fair enough. I think we've soundly beaten that into the ground that those were suck terms for novelists.

Now, KU2.0 rolls around and on the surface appears to be the better deal. It's the potential to make more money on the per page read model.

I'm tripping over that word potential. Of course, it's still early in the game and no one knows so we're all trying to make decisions, business decisions, based on scant, overinflated and guesstimated figures.

Amazon appears more than willing to keep authors of all stripes in the dark about certain key facts.

Such as giving us information we need to make better decisions.

And here's my point. IF, under this new, spiffy, really-cracking-good-deal for authors bears out to end up paying authors $1.3x per book for pages is that a better deal at all? Why say it wasn't acceptable when it was a flat rate but now, with the possibility of making more, it's okay?

This is not sarcasm, this is genuine curiosity in why it wasn't good before, but it's good now.

Until Amazon gives us some figures on borrows to go with pages read, you'll never know.

It's a magic trick... Amazon just changed the rules and hid borrow information, so no one would know the actual rate per borrow. In all likely hood most authors (including long novel authors) are going to receive less per borrow than in KU than before, and Amazon will no longer have to inflate to Prize Pool each month because number of pages read is not likely to go up unless there are more KU subscribers. Previously, they had to continually grow the pool because borrows were going up due to authors releasing stories of appropriate length for the $1.40 payout. A reader can borrow more books and read them partially, but a reader cannot increase their reading speed.

Also most authors are so confident that their books are being read 100% the way through that when they see 300 pages read in their dashboard, they think that the $1.50 payout is for one borrow, when in actuality its probably for many borrows. (One 60% read through and two 20% read through- for example).... or 50 cents per borrow.

KU 2.0 = Life under the veil
Writers' Cafe / Re: This might be how they are calculating KENPC
« Last post by edwardgtalbot on Today at 05:12:02 AM »
I think it's likely the OP's formula and Amazon's KENPC formula are arriving at approximately the same place using different methods.  This formula may be useful as a predictive.

I think that's exactly right. They may not be using characters with spaces at all in their formula, but it seems to be the most predictive single metric we've found. But it will be off by a significant amount in some cases.
Book Klub: One Year Bible / Re: Prayer Requests
« Last post by HappyGuy on Today at 05:09:59 AM »
Cindy416, Yes, enjoy your retirement! If you're like me, about 6 months from now you'll want to go back to work to get some rest from your retirement.  ;D

"We serve an 'on purpose' God." Pastor Kent Rogers, June 28, 2015.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Need Help With Title
« Last post by Victoria LK on Today at 05:09:53 AM »
 :-* :-* :-* :-*
Thanks for the help everyone. You've not only gotten me out of this jam, but helped me out with a few additional titles for the series-You're the BEST!

Here is the one I'm using for the 1st book

Sister Station Book 1
Now Arriving
Crow Hollow was also really good, especially if you like historical fiction.

I thought it was alright . . . . I liked it, but didn't love it, and don't anticipate looking for more by the author. 

Frankly, I'm finding that to be the case with most of the Kindle First books I get . . . they're usually worth three stars, only very occasionally four*. As they're free, that's o.k. But I do sometimes find myself happy they weren't something I spent for. :(

Still . . . ever the optimist, so I think I'll go for The Einstein Prophecy. It was between that and Cold Black Earth. I'm not a fan, generally, of romance; and I'm not a into unreliable narrators so the contemporary fiction title just left me cold.

*to be fair, though, I almost never rate a thing five stars ::)
Writers' Cafe / Re: Yesterday's KU Reporting Was Low
« Last post by Rubens4tune on Today at 05:07:02 AM »
Amazon will never intentionally and willingly pay the author more money that they are already prepared to put in the pot. Ergo, there will be no more money to go around - it will just be split differently. It may well be a zero-sum game IF the pot is defined by an algorithm that is pre-set beforehand and cannot be confirmed until all the dust has settled on payments and numbers.

Whichever way you're wanting to slice and dice this, it's still Amazon's intention to pay as little as possible, while keeping the majority of us under the thumb. They don't want you rich and walking away - they want to feed you enough so that you have to come back next month for more, but not enough for you to save or invest your way out of their clutches.
Writers' Cafe / Re: This might be how they are calculating KENPC
« Last post by CN_Crawford on Today at 05:03:15 AM »
This works so well for so many of the books that it almost seems like it has to be a part of the equation. I think there must be some other factor going on with books that don't match. Pictures, font sizes, formatting, number of chapters...

There are so many threads on this subject I'm not sure if I posted in this one or not yet, so I'll add that my book matches almost perfectly.

It doesn't work for my book, which actually has short chapters (1800 words) with chapter breaks --

Characters divided                 KENPC pages
414                                           292

But from what I hear, the difficult part of the programing would be determining when front matter and back matter begins and ends. So maybe that's where errors are happening--maybe some books are being accidentally truncated in the page count by a determination of the back matter starting too early.
Writers' Cafe / Question for cover designers.
« Last post by Decon on Today at 05:00:26 AM »
Not sure how to explain this.

I'm putting some mockups together for ideas for a cover of mine I'll be putting to a designer in around a months time, but I don't want to waste their or my time.

I'm, looking at the possibility of the title appearing as if there is someone is writing it behind a rainy window with lipstick.

If I had say the image of a woman. The image of a hand holding lipstick and an image of rain on a window, can it be done?

It would appear as an effect similar to Downward Spiral in my signature, but I'm not sure if the effect was added to that cover image or if it was stock.
Reminder: we're in the book CORNER -- it's not appropriate to suggest your own stuff in anyway. :o Posts have been edited/removed. Thanks. :)
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