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For lovers of old-fashioned adventure stories set in wild places (H. Ryder Haggard, John Buchan) and for Bruce Willis fans, here is Soldiers of Misfortune in The Dirty Wars Series, set on the north side of the Gulf of Oman in 1979 - about a tormented mercenary captain and a bizarre prince who try to steal back a kingdom from a desert pirate and rescue from slavery a beautiful blonde who turns out to be, well, a sadist. *

* I say "not quite" an historical thriller because I played a bit loose with a few historical facts to make the story hotter.  For instance, there was no "Khanate of Nas" on the northern side of the Gulf of Oman in 1979.  But there was - and is - a country there very much like the place I describe although it is not on any map.  And it is just as wild and dangerous as Captain Peach, Baba Khan and Olimpia discover.  I know.  I've been there.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Did Goodreads Restrict Tags on Giveaways?
« Last post by AnnChristy on Today at 11:56:04 AM »
What!? No more images! After all the trouble I went to making the next set for the next giveaway....

"Fantastic read. Maybe the best one of the series. Perhaps because he begins to pull the pieces together. I actually went back and re-read the series. Something I have NEVER done."

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Bonds of Hate, the first book in the Dark Tales of Randamor the Recluse series is now free on Kindle, Apple iPad, Nook, ARe and Kobo

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Writers' Cafe / Re: Request for feedback on four versions of cover
« Last post by Sherry_Soule on Today at 11:54:45 AM »
I'm not sure the title fits the story or genre. You may want to rethink it...
Great list! You've got some there I haven't seen before.

I've got a sale on the 4th, only with ENT.  Plan on teasing my next novel at the end of this one, so hopefully I'll land some new folks on an email list...

Writers' Cafe / Re: Tell me about werebears
« Last post by Bat Hughes on Today at 11:53:31 AM »
When I think of the romance shifter stories, I connect them to Native American and Innuit legends and mythology: the basic idea being that we all have an animal in us (remember Native names like Big Bear, Small Paw etc.?) That's pretty much where the bear and wolf shifters have their roots in, for what I understand.

Which answers the question why they act untypically for real animals, and they search for a true mate and love, and are basically good. Their human side is strong, and in order to be able to write the genre of romance, some tropes had to be invented to make it more exciting. Remember, it's fantasy, not realism.

I don't know any European mythology that deals with shifters in this sense (except maybe for Saami mythology, but their culture is almost identical to Native American.) European werewolves are basically evil. They hunt and kill, they don't fall in love. Being a werewolf is about being possessed by an evil entity that is beyond your control. Being a shifter is about having an animal in you you live in peace with.

Dracula chooses Mina, so that makes her his chosen one. He has no interest in other women and she wants him too, which is what makes her his mate.

Good insights, thanks. That's the part that kept boggling my mind, the werebear in love and the werebear as a love object. The humanity of the shifter could keep the story grounded and workable as a romance.

Everyone -- Lots of interesting thoughts here. Even some of the quibbles are informative, although input from people who read or write werebear romance comes closest to addressing my questions. Enjoyed the entertainment, too. I'll be watching for the wereturkey and werewolves in drag.

Let's keep the comments respectful. I'm happy that some people who write werebear fiction chose to participate. People like what they like; reading material is a matter of taste and there's plenty to choose from here.

Writers' Cafe / Re: Low-cost minimalist book covers + promotion!
« Last post by AnnChristy on Today at 11:53:30 AM »
Very nice!
I think the second cover makes a better thumbnail, but I don't think either of them look ghosty to me.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Countdown promotion for my new release
« Last post by Hudson Owen on Today at 11:52:06 AM »
I sort of get the idea, but can you have a countdown without promos just to get the 70%?
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