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Jessica's Footprints
by J. Evangelisti

Kindle Edition published 2014-09-15
Bestseller ranking: 155006

Product Description
A Christmas mystery! With a mastery of surprise and the suspenseful build up, Jessica's Footprints mystifies and keeps audiences entertained with the precise pacing and eloquent description. There is a continual pairing of pretty, delicate aesthetics and dark visceral imagery. This novel is a true mystery for teens and adults of all ages.

The story starts in...20,000 BC where two children, a girl age nine and a boy age six, stroll to the edge of a marsh. They wear tight-fitting material that shimmers in the bright sun, and their shoes are off revealing webbed toes. The children explore the area. In thick foliage, they hear
whimpering from small, brown, wolf-like pups with stripes similar to a zebras. The girl takes one of the pups. The loud angry cry of an animal frightens the children. They see in the distance a full-sized wolf standing upright on its rear feet. The wolf drops on all fours and begins chasing them. Fear registers ...

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Writers' Cafe / Re: Major Milestone Tonight
« Last post by LisaGrace on Today at 07:44:52 PM »
Congratulations, Wayne. :) I'm thrilled for you. Happy Thanksgiving.
Writers' Cafe / Re: When they say "make it free" they're not kidding
« Last post by Lucian on Today at 07:44:42 PM »
Congrats and good luck with book three!
Sometimes I get the feeling that all the people complaining about the licensing of the stock art don't want to understand.

But it's funny how determined people can be to misunderstand something when not misunderstanding it is going to cost them more money.

A designer makes a cover, even if the cover just says "Author Name" and "Title" as placeholders. That designer still used someone else's art / photography to create something. They're supposed to pay for a license for that. I mean, it's obvious that the designer has used the art to create something.

Then the designer turns around and sells that thing she made, agreeing to make alterations to it for her client. That's a different thing. I mean, there's a different title on it, a different name, maybe the designer brightened the design or added another filter to make the client happy. Some premade sellers offer to do those things. And any of that makes that cover a different thing. It's not the same cover the designer created and put on their site to sell.

If was the same thing, then I'm sure this wouldn't be an issue. But it's not the same thing, no matter how badly the designer and author wants it to be the same thing just so it costs less to license the stock art. Once alterations have been made, it's a derivative. Who has a right to license derivative works of that stock? The copyright holder. Not the designer.

So the client also needs a license, or else the designer needs a broader license that allows for derivatives.

All this back and forth about new trends and new ways of creating things just feels a lot like deliberate and intentional misunderstanding so that people can get out of paying for the proper licenses.

If I licensed one of my stories to a publisher and they decided take my work and create a derivative that I hadn't licensed from it, I would be furious.

Wouldn't you?

This again entirely misunderstands the process of how premades are made.

Just a hint: changing author names or applying a filter to an image is the designers own and original craftwork and knowledge. They can do with that and sell it as they absolutely please. No one providing stock images has any say in any of that.
Writers' Cafe / Re: ANY 'EPIC' writers out there?
« Last post by SB James on Today at 07:44:23 PM »
I'm going to try that Wikipad as well. I'd been using Evernote app but it kept crashing my old phone so I started using Google Keep. Now I've got my notes scattered over both apps. :P
Writers' Cafe / Re: Major Milestone Tonight
« Last post by Lucian on Today at 07:42:12 PM »
Boom! Congrats!
Writers' Cafe / Re: ANY 'EPIC' writers out there?
« Last post by Carol (was Dara) on Today at 07:40:04 PM »
A series bible can take different forms. Mine is a collection of Word documents, images, and charts saved within one file. Eventually I'd like to experiment with something more efficient that'll allow me to look up my facts quicker. Something Wiki-style, with a main page linking to subpages for further detail. I'm still considering the best way to do that. I wouldn't want to reorganize all my info at this late stage in my series but will probably look into it for the next.
Once you are able to edit your blurb again, I noticed that your <br><br> had been inadvertently put into your <i> tags for your book's title. Although I don't quite get why all the tags are showing just because of that one mistake.
Like Cin, I haven't done website coding in a long time either, but that's what I noticed when looking at it.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Major Milestone Tonight
« Last post by Wayne Stinnett on Today at 07:39:10 PM »
Congrats Wayne!

If this isn't rude of me, what's the milestone?

If it is rude of me, please pretend I didn't ask.

P.S. thanks for sharing your numbers and your strategies with us so that we can learn from your success. It's appreciated.

Some time in the next hour or so, someone's going to buy the 52,103rd of my books (or there abouts), netting me a gross income for the year of $100,000.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Have You Posted to Your Blog Recently?
« Last post by Kali.Amanda on Today at 07:35:38 PM »
What *is* the definition of insanity? Depends on how you define the words...

Writers' Cafe / Re: ANY 'EPIC' writers out there?
« Last post by Kathelm on Today at 07:34:20 PM »
I use a free program called WikiPad. there are a bunch of free ones you can find on Wikipedia's Free Software Portal.

Thanks.  I downloaded WikiPad and started using it for the stuff I already sorted out.  This will be immensely useful.
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