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« Last post by Martitalbott on Today at 07:39:20 PM »
For the comments regarding D2D having had permission to upload to Amazon as an aggregator, I may be misremembering, but they did not have an agreement and were merely collecting under one publisher account just like any of us could do. Only the reality was they were an aggregator, not a publisher, and that was why Amazon closed their account.

Smashwords only allowed a select number of authors, hand picked, to use Smashwords' Amazon account and were acting more like a publisher than an aggregator for those authors on the Amazon platform. I have yet to hear of Smashwords losing that account, but I don't follow closely and may be misremembering.

You're probably right.
I had a Bookbub in October, for a book that sold 1-2 copies *a month* on Amazon. It's an omnibus and I find these don't sell on Amazon. All my other omnibus versions are only available on non-Amazon outlets. Amazon readers want the individual books.

Anyway, it went up to 40 in the overall store, sold 3000 copies on the day. The next day was 800 and the day after 230 and I thought here we go, back to the dungeon where you belong.

Then to my surprise it went back up and continued to sell 250 copies a day average. I sold 11,000 copies of it in October, and about 4000 copies of it in December and also in January.

But I've since decided enough. There is only so much time I'm willing to sell a box set for 99c, so I put it back up to $6.99, and it's still selling 20-30 copies a day.

That's really awesome that you've kept up the sales. I am happy to gain visibility and more reviews by keeping a lower price point. There's always that thought in the back of your head like--hey this book might catch on via word of mouth and continue selling really.

I had a BookBub the same day as you. My book (a trilogy) is hanging just outside the top 1000. It's still $0.99.

Three points:

1) I had the deal expiration date on 1/15 on BookBub's website, so that helped with traffic.
2) Basically no sales from the other retailers beyond a 3 - 5 days after the ad (maybe 5 copies a day?)
3) I had a BookBarbarian ad yesterday. No other ads (FB/promo sites in the interim).

All that being said, over the past few weeks, I've been hanging around 3,000 (around 1,000 now) for a few weeks. A lot of that is due to the price, but selling 80 copies a day isn't bad. The money at $0.99 is...decidedly unimpressive, however. Beforehand, the book had a ranking in the many hundreds of thousands; it might've sold 5 copies in the preceding quarter.

I dunno how "sticky" that will be. But another data point gives me some hope:

Had a BookBub on a different book from a different author at the end of August (boxed set, wide). Kept it at $0.99. Before it might've sold a copy every couple days, so a rank somewhere in the 100,000 range. With no additional advertising after the ad, it sold a steady ~20 - 25 copies a day for the next four months. Dropped to around 10 - 15 the past month and a half. That's been good for a ~20k ranking at the moment. Again, money not so good - it's been $0.99 the whole time - but there's sell-through to the second box and the other books, so not so bad. Kind of my lead-in for the series, since it gets more sales than the permafree Book 1 does downloads.


Great idea extending out the deal date. I decided to stay at 99 cents to gather reviews and visibility so that would have helped me. I'll keep it in mind for the future!

I think The Spaceship Next Door might qualify. I had a BB promo for it back in May, and it went from 5 copies a day to 50-75 a day. (Note: it was discounted to $0.99 for only one day, during the promo, and raised to full price of $5.99 the day after.) It started to taper off a little by November, to 15-25 copies a day, but I put it up for another BB promo in December.

Rank has gone over 10,000 on Amazon several times, but as you can imagine I'm less preoccupied with rank when it's selling well at full price.

That's pretty awesome that you got the tail to last until you could submit and run another BB. That's really awesome, congrats!
Writers' Cafe / Re: Has anyone advertised with ManyBooks?
« Last post by Alvina on Today at 07:36:23 PM »
I haven't tried ManyBooks, I would like to know the result as well!

By the way, have you used BookSend? They're reliable and 40 to 50 copies of 99c sales are ensured.
Sounds interesting. I'll check out your site. Just finished a promo, so I don't need one now. But I'll consider in the future. What about a few FREE promos for kboard authors? You can start with me!

NOTE: So your site only promotes free books? Will you be expanding to paid up to $2.99 or $3.99?
Writers' Cafe / Re: Has anyone advertised with ManyBooks?
« Last post by Eric Thomson on Today at 07:27:23 PM »
I've done one.  The results weren't stellar.  I recouped my investment, but not much beyond that and little in terms of follow through with the rest of the series.  I won't be using them again.
Wishing everyone the best 2017 possible.
Congratulations, Kay! And please, Kay, and EVERYONE IN THIS THREAD...who does your covers. I have some serious cover envy over here! :)
I am hoping someone else can chime in and give us your experience from promoting a .99 book in a smaller sub-category.

I paid $150 for African-American Category to run on a Thursday. It was a bust. 99 Amazon Sales, 11 Nook Sales, 0 iTunes sales. Zero tail.
(Historical Fiction with AA Lead Detective in 1930s).

I had a previous Bookbub a year ago under Historical Fiction and the sales were substantial; with a tail that lasted 2 more months.

I believe I'll skip the smaller categories from now on and just go for the larger ones.

What has been your experience with the smaller categories?
Writers' Cafe / Re: Trimming your ARC reader list...
« Last post by Brittany Fichter on Today at 07:08:13 PM »
Thank you, everyone.

To answer as to why keeping a large ARC list increases the price of Mailchimp is because each email in each list counts as a new subscriber even if you've got the same email in both lists.

Like I said, I'm not hardcore with cleaning the list, and I'm not going to clean it before the next book comes out, as I have quite a few new members. I do think, however, that saying the list is limited by demand is a good idea. :) I guess what I could do is look at who opens the emails to the list, and if I have people who consistently don't even open the emails, they might be good ones to clean. I love my readers, and I hate to cut anyone, but I want to make sure that those who are on my list are genuinely interested.

Thanks, everyone!
Hello everyone,

I'm new to the boards, but I've been following Kindle Scout offerings for a few months as I prep my submission. I sent some questions to an author whose book I received and she was kind enough to forward me here. I look learning more.  :)
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