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The Book Corner / Re: What's the One Genre You Won't Read?
« Last post by crebel on Today at 10:19:37 AM »
Horror would be the only genre I avoid.
Let's Talk Kindle! / Re: Kindle Watch! -- New Oasis
« Last post by kschles on Today at 10:18:52 AM »
Ordered Oct 14th
32GB, WiFi, No Special Offers (ordered 32GB to get faster delivery)
Blue Cloth Cover
Expected Delivery: Oct 31
Prime, standard delivery
The Book Corner / Re: What's the One Genre You Won't Read?
« Last post by 1984Phins on Today at 10:16:15 AM »
I read pretty much any genre within YA so I can add the books to my classroom library. My female students read more than the males (much more actually) so I'm always being asked to add more YA romance to my library. It's not terrible, but as a male, I would prefer more mysteries and sci-fi.
This thread isn't about one book. What's happened with this book pushes us into seeing what can happen with other books, and what has already happened with other books.

I haven't seen any discussion of other books, however, and in the other cases of one stars by people who haven't read the book I have not seen people citing this as evidence that the one starred book is being 'censored' and invoking the specter of mob action.

The thread is 26 pages long. Not everyone has time to read that much. That's why quoting in full is important for context and accuracy.

Currently, readers can review books on whatever platform without impunity. Not only do they not have to read the actual book, they can explicitly state they haven't read the book in the review and it won't be taken down. Currently they're able to do that and it's within the rules. Does not make it right. Doesn't mean that hundreds or thousands of individuals in the book reading community wish that "rule" was changed.

No one is disputing what the rules are. But if you want to come out and say you don't have a problem with it on the face of things, then don't hide behind "it's allowed" and "everyone knows about it". Just admit that you don't differentiate between genuine and fake reviews.

Whether I think people have, or should have, the right to do something has nothing to do with whether I personally have a 'problem' with it. I have a problem with a lot of things people do in the sense that I think it's the wrong thing to do and I wouldn't do it myself. The fact is, far from being 'mobs' censoring others, people on all sides of this discussion are exercising their freedom of speech. I would defend both the right of this author to write what she wants and the right of people to criticize it, disagree with it, one star it or whatever they want. And the platforms where all these things are published have the right to make and enforce their own rules- to allow people to write reviews of books they haven't read, to remove reviews that violate whatever standards they set however arbitrary, or to publish or refuse to publish books for any reason. My personal morality requires me to defend both the truth as I understand and the right of others to do the same- however much I may disagree with them- with equal vigor.
Writers' Cafe / Re: What's Your Best Cure For Writer's Block?
« Last post by AliceS on Today at 10:12:06 AM »
It depends on what is causing the block. If it's a writerly issue, sometimes fussing with the grammar or rereading from the beginning will get things off the ground. Or put it aside and work on another project until the original one niggles at you again.

If it's a health issue like brain fog or fatigue - go take a nap. Let yourself rest for a day or however long you need to get healthy. Writing goes much faster when the brain is working properly.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Comparing Aggregators for Going Wide
« Last post by Skip Knox on Today at 10:11:35 AM »
Is this a fair summary? With the caveat that individuals may have individual complaints about individual aggregators.

Draft2Digital: the consistent winner
Smashwords: nearly as good, though some people complain about the interface
Pronoun: still has a way to go
Streetlib: still has a way to go
IngramSpark: good, but pricey and probably suited only to specific situations

The Book Corner / Re: Anyone a Historical Mystery fan?
« Last post by JRTomlin on Today at 10:10:17 AM »
I don't consider the ones I read set during regency time to be cozy at all. CS Harris isn't cozy not in what that is suppose to mean when I read about it. I don't think time period has anything to do if something is cozy or not. Otherwise any mysteries set in contempo times would be cozy, or not cozy. Its in the tone and the overall telling of the stories I think.
I was partially joking, but only partially. Most of the Regency romance I've read (and I admit it isn't a huge number) more or less fit the definition of 'cozy. In a traditional 'cozy' such as the Miss Marple mysteries, violence is downplayed or nonexistent, often totally 'off-screen', and the crime and detection take place within a relatively socially intimate community. I wouldn't say romance has a lot to do with it one way or the other except that a cozy is expected not to be sexually explicit. I will say in a true hard-boiled, to consider that the opposite subgenre, a romance is much more likely to be unsuccessful in the tradition of The Maltese Falcon.

Medieval mysteries are more likely to fall into the hard-boiled mystery category although I'd class some such as the classic Cadfael mysteries as close to cozies, or certainly not hard-boiled. Maybe they fall half-way in between.  :)
It isn't free! If they read 50 books a month, it still costs them part of 9.99 for each book. Its not free, and saying its free is is fraud. Its deceptive advertising.

The perception of free, anyway you try to rationale it, doesn't make it free.

I can't agree that it's fraud.

I agree it's deceptive, even if accepted.

If they have some kind of information that suggests botting was involved, then that begs the question:
WHY don't they just terminate the botting accounts and remove any influence those botted accounts have on the books they downloaded?

That way innocent authors aren't punished and the guilty ones don't get the benefit of the bots.

So why isn't Amazon doing this? They can make Alexa but they can't remove botted accounts? Seriously?
It's no longer an issue of not being able to do it, it's a matter of not wanting to fix the situation.

This, 100% ^^

Amazon has stated quite clearly that they KNOW there are accounts that attempt to manipulate sales rank. So why aren't they shutting down those accounts? It just doesn't make any sense. 
“We are reaching out to you because we detected purchases or borrows of your book(s) originating from accounts attempting to manipulate sales rank. As a result, the sales rank on the following book(s) will not be visible until we determine this activity has ceased.”

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