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And The Puppy Howls
by E. P. Lee

Kindle Edition published 2014-02-11
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A Ménage…

There’s a new puppy in Eric’s house: Freud. And this should be a good thing. It’s definitely a start… It’s definitely better. But as Eric’s visits to the Doctors keep reminding him, “better” doesn’t mean well.

After the last few years, the last few months, Eric has nothing left: nothing but the house in Miami, his memories, and now the puppy.

And Freud is only here, scampering and howling and messing, because Ziggy had to be put down. And Freud isn’t quite Ziggy.

And the house is only here because… and it needs to, it has to, sell… and it won’t quite sell.

And nobody and nothing’s Mitch.

Eric, surrounded by memories, flattened and churned up by Banks, Doctors, Real Estate Agents and Fantasies, grieving over the loss of his health, his lover, and the life he once had in the house he now can’t quite get rid of, keeps climbing to...

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Writers' Cafe / Re: How does one publish a novel once a month?
« Last post by Rigsby on Today at 10:38:47 AM »
Having read your explanation of your year long workshop, with poets choosing words and novelists who are really slow readers, I have to be convinced that anything produced that way would be worth reading. Where is the spontaneity? Where is the emotion, the exclamations, the everyday speech? I can imagine everyone in your novels talking as though they were in a Shakespearean play and using words nobody would ever use in speech.

That's a concern I had never considered. before, and I suppose it could happen, depending on the makeup of the group. Like with your process, it comes down to whether you can tell there's a difference or not upon reading a few chapters. When it comes to dialogue, the feedback we give and receive focuses more on whether a particular character would sound a certain way, and would even say certain things. As an example, the story I'm working on now revolves around two 12-year-olds in 1949, and there are times my dialogue makes them sound ten years older than that which I am tone-deaf toward. We have several seventy-year-olds in our group, too, and they help with period-specific slang.  :-)

You do make a good point. I was going to raise Tolkien's LOTR as an example of a book that was more or less workshopped (as I understand it, don't flame me) and took a long time to produce--but he did have that problem with the Shakespearean language toward the end, with Aragorn, especially, often using "thee" and "thou" in his speech, IIRC.

But let me turn that around--do you spend any extra time tinkering with your dialogue, or do you tend to leave it as is, based on the way you initially heard it in your head?
Writers' Cafe / Re: Can you use a celebrity's name in a story?
« Last post by KeraEmory on Today at 10:38:46 AM »
Tangential question:

Any legal or other issue with me including certain band names in my "Thanks" section? (I get a lot of inspiration from music.)

It's just a list of band names, not 'hey, Singer X, your lyrics were totally the inspiration for chapter 2, call me!'.
You know, I was wondering, what good of terms of finding new readers did the UST list do to you?
I read a readers' survey where less than 4-5% of readers pick up a book because it's a NYT/WSJ or UST bestseller.
I agree about Kboards - that's why i brought your book. But still wondering why you aimed for the UST list.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Cover Feedback Needed!
« Last post by Sherry_Soule on Today at 10:38:19 AM »
I like the one on the far right best. It has the best symmetry and it feels suggestive without being a typical shirtless man romance cover.

I agree. I like the far right cover best with the model's back. And I like the fonts. But I'm unclear on what the genre of the book is. ???
I'm British. I believe it's the British printing convention to use single inverted commas for speech. Yet I was taught in school to use double so single have always looked wrong to me. That's why I opted for double when I first self-published. Now I'm with a small press based in Florida, we've continued with the double marks without issue.
Fantastic! I'm so glad you made the list! Happy dance time!

Excellent Continuation

"Three new characters- Merw, Antybion and Lexyntas. However, the real question is, which one of the latter two is the missing prince of Trachia, Antybion or Lexyntas. Both of them have short hair and are about seventeen years of age, each arrive on the scene in mysterious circumstances, and each with an older man for an escort; they also each seem to have their own secret mission. Merw on the other hand, is just adorable! ;-)

One of my favorite scenes in this book was Anaxantis' reaction to when his mother asked him why Ehandar was still breathing... priceless.

This series is one that I read with great anxiety, anxiety over what will happen to beloved characters."

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Writers' Cafe / Re: Cover Feedback Needed!
« Last post by Antara Mann on Today at 10:35:05 AM »
It's not a romance book but a supernatural suspense.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Promotion that WORKS!
« Last post by Marilyn Peake on Today at 10:34:14 AM »
Congratulations! That's great!  :)
There's no winning then really.
I'm writing in British English, because that's what I'm familiar with, American spellings really throw me off.

Hmm, not sure what to do.

If you are using BRITISH ENGLISH then use BRITISH punctuation. That was my point.
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