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A Dead Red Alibi
by RP Dahlke

Kindle Edition published 2014-08-26
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When Lalla and her dad take a trip to Arizona to inspect her new property, Dad disappears. Panicked that he's lost in the desert, Lalla enlists the help of a local tracker and finds him unharmed−in the bottom of a mine pit. And he's got company−a very dead local police chief. Oddly, a young artist from a local art colony has also been strangled in her own bed. What're the chances that these two murders are going to be related? Well, if you're Lalla Bains, you don't guess, you start looking for the killer!
Stephanie Plum step aside, by Alana Woods blogger
"When I see a book come up on my reading lists by RP Dahlke, I dive for them. I love her wit in her story telling. She develops great, believable characters that are easy to get to know ..." Pamela S, Amazon


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Writers' Cafe / Re: Writing 5k a day with a full time job
« Last post by ElHawk on Today at 09:41:37 AM »
I just finished a book for my trad publisher, and although I really like how it turned out (it's so cute and fun!) that book fought me furiously for each of the 120,000 words I wrote. I think it was because I never got into "flow state" with it. I wonder why! Wish I could figure out what trips me into flow state and what keeps me out of it. Rats.
Writers' Cafe / Re: I think I broke my brain
« Last post by JanaOnWheels on Today at 09:40:10 AM »

Yes! That's it exactly!

By 'beats' do you mean that your sentences have to have a certain 'rhythm'? Because that's one of my big 'things' as well!

I can't move on if what I've just written isn't 'right'. Period. And if I try to, as I have just proven to myself, my brain locks down. So how do I unlock it? Any advice on that?

I tried to change how I write because this way takes FOR-E-VER... I was hoping to speed things along. That backfired on me, spectacularly.
Writers' Cafe / Re: I think I broke my brain
« Last post by Sela on Today at 09:39:23 AM »
I've read often - been told almost as often - that a writer should just write; get the words out and on the page and then edit later. That's what rough drafts are for.

I've never really been successful at that. I edit as I go - I pretty much HAVE TO edit as I go. If my brain perceives what I've written as 'wrong', it short circuits and refuses to move forward.

Well, in an effort to move things along, I tried to 'just write'. I forced myself to just push onward even though my brain was telling me to stop, that it was wrong, to back up and fix it. I didn't. I ignored it and kept going...

And now I'm hopelessly stuck. I can't move forward. I can't fix what's there. My brain just flipped me the biggest bird and has left the building.

So now what?


No one can tell you the "right" way to write. It doesn't matter how successful they are. Only you can find what works best for you.

If your current process isn't working, or working as well as you'd like, try something different. Listen to other authors for what works for them. See if it works better or worse for you. If it works better, keep it. If it works worse, jettison it.

Try another something different until you find what feels natural and what works best to achieve your goals.

Only you can decide what your goals are. And no one can force you to do anything -- except you. ;)

(unless, of course, Loki uses that magic wand thingy of his to make you do stuff, but that's a whole different universe so... ;) )

Writers' Cafe / Re: Writing 5k a day with a full time job
« Last post by JLCarver on Today at 09:38:08 AM »
Get his book too! I bought it and the app, and I can speak from experience that it works.

Starting at the beginning of this year, I kept a spreadsheet where I put down the number of words I wrote in a day. At the time I started it, I considered any word total a success. I had a few days of 1,000 words, sometimes a little more. But the majority of the day's hovered around the 200-500 word range. If you look at my spreadsheet, you can see in the middle of last month where I started getting really serious. That was about the time I read Chris's book and began to apply some of those principles. My daily word totals want from 521 on one day to 1012 the next--I'd just started the microsprints that day--then to 3215 the third day. And, I'm happy to say, I've maintained 3k+ everyday since. This month, my lowest total for a day is 3,034. Granted, I'm not doing 5K in a day, but I've made major improvements.

The microsprints will open your eyes. If you type fast at all, you will be floored by how much you can do in an hour if you just kept going without stopping. That was the single-most important thing to me that I took from Chris's book. I got the app too, and I use it all the time. (There is a free spreadsheet too, if you don't want to use an app, but the basic app is free as well.) There was a lot more that went in to helping me improve that I took from his book, of course, but the microsprints were the thing that told me how much I'd been slacking before--and how easy it really was to not be a slacker.

And Chris, that you would essentially outline your books here for everyone to read really says a lot. You have the books people can buy, yet you're willing to give the main points away for free to the writers here. That's quality in my eyes. It says you're really interested in helping out other writers. So thank you for that! And that's why I wanted to reiterate to everyone else: If you can, go buy his books. They're incredibly helpful!
Writers' Cafe / Re: Kindle Scout experiences, anyone?
« Last post by Skyla on Today at 09:37:07 AM »

I took a look at your sample for FAEZED & CONFUSED and I threw my last nomination your way, Skyla. You had me at two-headed goblin arguing dietary standards with himself...

 ;D My novel writing class loved my opening scene.  Thanks Steve!  And yours is on H&T right now so it may have petered off, but it came back!  You definitely have an interesting premise and eye-catching cover!  And you've got my nomination as well.  I did the facebook ad, and boosted it for $50.  Don't know if it's helping since the majority of my views are coming from Facebook anyway, but I figure I'll keep it going because it can't hurt.  I had fallen out of H&T for 11 days straight prior.  I also did a thunderclap that went off yesterday, and I think that helped a lot as my views skyrocketed.  The only problem with that is it's doing two campaigns and if you can't get 100 people on it, nothing happens.  I got 78 but paid the $45 to force it through either way.  Just figured I'd offer some suggestions when for when you reach the middle of your campaign (which I'm at now) as it's the hardest.  The problem with H&T, I have noticed, is that its generally monopolized with people in the beginning of their campaign (and have a boost) and those who are in the end of their campaign (because they also get a boost).  I watch some books stay in there the majority of the time and I'd like to know what they're doing.  Either way, I got 19 hours H&T time yesterday  ;D so I'm happy

I know how you feel, Jennifer. I'm a high school teacher, plus I have another job teaching SAT preparation classes, and then there's my family and church responsibilities, so it's really hard to find time to campaign. Plus, I'm trying to revise another novel and to prepare for Nano in a couple of weeks. It's totally nuts. For what it's worth, you're on my nominate list right now. It's good to see your book on the hot list.

Dale, you have been running an excellent campaign!  Even if you feel that you are going mad from taking so much on I think it's going to pay off in the end which will make it all worth while ;)

And I think we could all use a body double to stand in for us during our campaigns to keep up with the rest of life while we constantly refresh H&T lol.  I myself have developed a habit of waking up at 3am (the time here that daily stats refresh for me) just to see how my prior day went.  I hope that will go away after the campaign, but at least I can go back to sleep right after looking!
Writers' Cafe / Re: Writing 5k a day with a full time job
« Last post by Chris Fox on Today at 09:36:20 AM »
Chris, you're doing internet marketing all wrong. You're supposed to just tease people with the benefits of reading your "How To..." book, not post the actual steps for free.  You're giving away the goods, man!! Where's the call to action?  Where's the upsell?? Where's the link to a landing page with no exit?!  [shakes head in disgust]   :P

I know, right? I'm a failure at this marketing thing =p
Writers' Cafe / Re: What do you struggle most with as an artist?
« Last post by RichardSutton on Today at 09:35:17 AM »
Staying focused. On a good day I can easily write some 4-6K words. The problem is making sure that the next day I do the same. There are so many distractions and emergencies (including my day job...) that require my full attention that often a WIP becomes the poor step-child. It's been an issue for me some years now, but I hope I'll find a way to keep improving...
The Book Bazaar / FREE Not Your Typical P-Eye
« Last post by Dwight Holing on Today at 09:35:15 AM »
Bad Karma (A Jack McCoul Caper) Kirkus Reviews calls it "full of dishy one liners" and "a detective story that keeps the plot rolling. Should earn the series a bevy of new fans."

Pure Unadulterated Fun... San Francisco's favorite con artist Jack McCoul is trying to go legit by launching a startup business for an app. But then his past comes roaring back. A former partner-in-crime's scheme to snatch a priceless statue drags Jack into a murder mystery and a sexy suspect's life hangs in the balance. When hired killers come gunning for him, Jack must resort to his old skills to turn the tables. He rounds up a gang of characters as quirky as the City by the Bay itself and it's game on.

Humorous but suspenseful, audacious while thrilling, Bad Karma is a buckle-up and hold-on-tight ride.

Grab a FREE copy today. Bad Karma (A Jack McCoul Caper)
Writers' Cafe / Re: I think I broke my brain
« Last post by jessie_talbot on Today at 09:34:21 AM »
You write the way I do. It has to be RIGHT or the plot doesn't move forward. I've finally gotten to where I can ignore teeny errors and other typos as long as the spirit of the thing, the characterizations and the beats I want to hit, are correct. It takes a lot out of me to ignore grammar, spelling, and hey-I-can-make-this-sentence-better issues but if I keep fiddling I'll never finish.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Writing 5k a day with a full time job
« Last post by ebbrown on Today at 09:34:09 AM »
I love your book, it's spot on advice. Thanks for sharing.  8)
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