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Brooke Warner, publisher at She Writes Press and chairperson of the IBPA advocacy committee

That's scary. If anyone is curious, I suggest you visit the website for She Writes Press to see what kind of press it is.

I feel really bad because this specific press focuses a lot on memoirs, so it attracts newbies who are not authors, don't know any better, and have no idea what the standard prices are and even where to ask or get help. 
Nail your Story by Monica Leonelle. She even has a link to her worksheets in the book and she gives a lot of examples. What I like about her method is that it's flexible. It can change and move and it can be used with other craft books.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Introducing the Indie Crime Scene
« Last post by CoraBuhlert on Today at 04:08:47 PM »
It's time again for the weekly link round-up at the Indie Crime Scene, this week with Daphne Du Maurier's Rebecca at 80, Altered Carbon, Homeland, Waco, sexual harrassment in children's and YA publishing and much more.

Do you want your mystery, crime novel or thriller featured at the Indie Crime Scene or would you like to be interviewed or submit a guest post? We are looking forward to your submissions.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Amazon adds 'Reviews that mention' keywords
« Last post by MelanieCellier on Today at 04:08:10 PM »
I had a chance to use this new feature, as a reader, this week. I found out that a fantasy series that I'd wandered away from a few years ago had finished, and I was trying to decide whether to bother reading the last couple books. Being able to find reviews that talked about my favorite characters, by clicking on their names, drew me back into the series enough that I did end up getting the books. Searching for reviews that mentioned the "ending" was also a help. The more generic reviews that simply said "this book was good" or "this book was meh" were less help. I like the new feature and hope it stays.

There you go! Maybe names are helpful, after all. Although my name probably less so :)

Is there a way to suggest keywords to Amazon? Because they're missing some important ones on my book The Atomic Sea -- like Lovecraftian, for example.

They’re not actually keywords from what I can see, they’re words that are mentioned a lot in the reviews and clicking on them will take you to those reviews.
Writers' Cafe / Re: How did you start writing fiction?
« Last post by C. Gold on Today at 03:58:27 PM »
I started helping a friend with his book, but wanted to have a better understanding of the mechanics behind story and plot rather than just gut instinct from the thousands of fiction books I've read over the years. I wound up watching Brandon Sanderson's BYU creative writing lectures on YouTube, which goes over everything in really good detail and is free!

It was in the middle of writing silly stuff with my friend's characters to encourage him to write the 'real' story that I realized I could do this too. I've always had that shrug, I could write a book, attitude but the thought of agents, rejections, publishers, going to conventions to try and sell my idea... well, that last was never going to happen. But with KDP self-publishing, all of a sudden, I can publish whatever the heck I want, whenever the heck I want, and however the heck I want! Hah! There's no shutting me up now!  ;D
I found this book useful, especially good tips on how to write a scene and keeping the reader engaged: Immediate Fiction by Jerry Cleaver

I second this recommendation. Totally forgot to put this on my list, but it deserves to be there. I wrote the first story I ever published (another pen name ) immediately after reading this book. Can't believe I forgot to mention it.
Writers' Cafe / Re: What genre is this cover?
« Last post by Lauren P. on Today at 03:43:21 PM »
Angsty YA, possibly along the lines of If I Stay, a bestselling YA novel.
Writers' Cafe / Re: How did you start writing fiction?
« Last post by Rick Partlow on Today at 03:39:27 PM »
I wrote short SF stories when I was about 8.
Writers' Cafe / Re: How did you start writing fiction?
« Last post by Evenstar on Today at 03:35:26 PM »
I started with fan fiction, then when I heard about KDP I expanded my best story into a longer work and scrubbed out the fan fic bits.

There are lots of books on plotting etc that should help you get a feel for building a world and characters. Save the Cat is the one I started with, it was fantastic help at the time.
Writers' Cafe / Re: What genre is Dallas?
« Last post by Jena H on Today at 03:34:08 PM »
Back in the day, there was a genre of book unofficially know as "glitz and glamour."  Think Jackie Collins and Judith Krantz.  I don't know offhand what category those books are in, but Dallas would be similar.
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