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Stone and Silt
by Harvey Chute

Kindle Edition published 2013-08-14
Bestseller ranking: 713665

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Big Al's Books & Pals 2014 Readers' Choice Awards: Young Adult Nominee

A ruthless murder and a stolen shipment of gold.

At school, sixteen-year-old Nikaia Wales endures the taunts of bullies who call her a “half-breed.” At home, she worries about how her family will react if she reveals her growing feelings for the quiet boy next door.

Those are soon the least of her troubles. Nikaia discovers a hidden cache of gold, and when police find a corpse nearby, her father becomes a suspect. Worse, Elias Doyle is circling, hungry to avenge his brother’s death.

Nikaia desperately searches for clues to save her father. In her quest to find the killer, she learns about the power of family, friendship, and young love....

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I use a pen name but signed up under my real name. My real name doesn't appear anywhere public that I can see.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Reporting Fake Books
« Last post by Monique on Today at 10:32:28 AM »
They may or may not take action but the best way is through the links at the bottom of the product page.
Writers' Cafe / Re: Book2 Trilogy blurb question
« Last post by TromboneAl on Today at 10:30:19 AM »
Now, I believe most people would never read a book2 of a trilogy without first reading book1.

Not sure about "most."

My situation is different, and in my blurbs, I end with something like this:

"A Mind Reader's Christmas may be read as a standalone book or as Book Four in the Eric Beckman series."

>It has no flashbacks to what took place in book1, nor do I go over character personalities, traits, etc.
You might consider very brief mentions of things in earlier books which will be necessary to know. It's not too obtrusive. Here's what I did in A Mind Reader's Christmas:

That's right, my daughter knew I could read her mind. Although I'd kept my secret from most of the world, she'd figured it out when she was a toddler. That Dad could hear her thoughts was no more remarkable than that he could understand the words she spoke aloud.

More importantly, I had passed my ability on to her--she could read minds, too.
What an awesome idea. :)
Writers' Cafe / Re: How Do You View the Pop Lists Now?
« Last post by Becca Mills on Today at 10:23:41 AM »
Is anyone else more than half convinced that the reason they took away all the bottom categories is because they lurk here and realized that we were catching on to the whole pop list thing?

They're catching on late, if that's the case. Phoenix and some other KBers figured out how the pop lists work back in 2012.  ;)
Definitely a print version, especially for a child. A book is a gift you can keep on opening  :).
Writers' Cafe / Re: Fiction Ghostwriter Open to Clients
« Last post by Becca Mills on Today at 10:17:21 AM »
Greetings, NerdyWriter! You're welcome to promote your business and website here in the Writers' Cafe.

Now that you have an official thread, you'll want to add your listing to our Yellow Pages, found here: http://www.kboards.com/yp/. The listing is free to KB members and is completely self-service; you can add and edit your listing from the page. More information on our Yellow Pages listing can be found here.

In your thread here, we ask that the same basic rules be followed as we have for authors in the Book Bazaar: you may have this one thread about your service and must post to it rather than start a new thread each time. New threads about the service will be removed. Please bookmark this thread so that you can find it again when you want to post. You may not make back-to-back posts to the thread within seven days. If someone responds (as I'm doing with this post), you may reply to them, but otherwise you must wait seven days. Please note that very short or (one- or two-word) posts with no meaningful information are discouraged and may be deleted at the moderators' discretion. Lastly, your posts and images will need to meet our "forum decorum" guidelines, which is the case for every member.

Note that members are allowed to provide civil and honest feedback about your service in this thread. This feedback may include criticisms as well as kudos. You may respond in a civil manner. Members may also ask questions -- about how the service works, for example, or what they will get for their money, or whether your service adheres to Amazon's terms of service.

Disputes between you and clients should be handled off-site.

KBoards Moderator

(Note that this welcome does not constitute an endorsement or vetting of a service by KBoards. Members should do due diligence when considering using a service.)
Vellum is a timesaver.

I don't want to (learn to) format books. I want to write and sell them.

Similarly, I don't want to change the oil in my car. I don't want to do lawn care and landscaping for my home. And I don't want to spend time making Korean BBQ beef for dinner.

I can do all of these things. But I'd rather pay someone to do these things for me.

Likewise, I'd rather pay for Vellum.
I am always WAY more excited about being able to hold, touch, turn, sniff (yes, I said sniff) a book versus download one.
I may be all for Kindle publishing, but I would choose a paperback any day

Me too. I'm the same with vinyl, and yes, I sniff them :D

Paperback sales must be starting to pick up! I hardly sell any paperbacks, but I've sold 5, of my 2nd book, in just over a week. I assume because it's xmas.
I just did a preorder for 3 proofreads. Can you explain who GSR Entertainment is? It's not mentioned anywhere on this thread or your website. I'm glad I just got a confirmation email from you, but it is a little off-putting that the paypal receipt refers to an entity that I know nothing about. I was about to pull the money back thinking I put in the wrong gmail address but I checked my email and saw the confirmation.

Thank you for your order! That is the paypal I share with my partner. It's our business name. I received your payment. 😊
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