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A Fading Street Publishing Services (Audiobook Services)

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Beta Read

We provide a detailed written report as part of the Beta Read service.
Full details are on the site but essentially it will cover areas such as the effectiveness of the beginning of the book, character development, plot holes, pacing, dialogue, and whether the ending of the book is suitably satisfying.

From that report you should expect positive reactions to areas that the reader likes and feels works PLUS suggestions for areas that the reader feels doesn't. We want to encourage writers to produce a fantastic book. We are not in this to knock anyone's confidence :)

If you can afford an editor you should use one. If not, a Beta Read may go some way toward ironing out any major problems.

RATES- We currently charge $0.00075 per word so a 50000 word manuscript would therefore cost $37.50


We will comb your manuscript for spelling mistakes, missing words, incorrect words, punctuation errors, and any inconsistencies in plot or character that stand out.

Rates-for a comprehensive, objective Proofread including the return of your manuscript in MS Word with Track Changes.

We currently charge $0.0015 per word with a minimum of $10.
A 50000 word MS would therefore cost $75 for detailed proofreading plus any other inconsistencies that happen to come out as part of the exercise.

Copy Editing

Everything included in our Proofreading service plus
We then check for
Grammar errors.
Inconsistency within the text will be highlighted and corrected eg ensuring that e-mail on one page doesn't become email fifty pages later or a blond head of hair in Chapter 2 isn't brown in Chapter 15.
Continuity in characters and settings.
Repetition of words or blocks of information.
Ensuring that the manuscript is technically as good as it can be.

Our rate for Copy Editing is $0.0035 per word so a 50000 word manuscript would cost $175 subject to a $25 minimum charge.

We will Beta, Proof and Copy Edit in any genre acceptable to Amazon including erotica but excluding technical non-fiction.
General non-fiction, autobiographies, self help, inspirational books would be fine.

Turnaround will be agreed at the time of order but for a standard 60k to 100k manuscript, you should expect to see it back within 7 days, often sooner.

We are happy to edit in both US English and British English.

Audiobook Proofing
Audio books are becoming big business now and an important income stream for many authors. The problem is, they are time consuming to proof, time you might be better off spending promoting or writing. They are also expensive to produce so you need to get the best finished product you can.
For a fixed rate of $20 per finished hour of your audio book we will take away the job of checking the accuracy of the audio file to the manuscript. What do we listen for?

Missed words
Extraneous Sounds/Noises
Missed punctuations
Consistency of names/places and how they are spoken.
Any other problems that throw themselves up.
We record all problems on a list marked off with the Chapter Number, the time stamp of the problem, and a description of what the problem is so you can locate it quickly.
This is then something you can use to go back to your narrator to request changes once you have had a chance to check each problem to decide if it does need changing.
Turnaround time will vary dependent on workload and the number of finished hours in the book but roughly speaking allow double the finished book length. So an eight hour book will take a couple of working days to proof fully.
Please note that we cannot fix any technical issues with the file. That is something that is down to the audiobook producer/narrator.
More than happy to do a test proofing on your first chapter to give you a feel for how we work.

We have testimonials on the site and you are also free to read through our thread on KBoards for comments from happy clients.

Drop us a line on
to enquire about availability, we will try to squeeze in urgent work whenever we can.

Take a look at the site for more information.
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