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William Orr and Jennie Adams: Lawrence and Jasper County Missouri Families
by Elaine L. Orr

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Kindle Edition published 2015-03-19
Bestseller ranking: 2130389
Genre: Nonfiction

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Unlike some related families, all of William and Jennie Adams Orr's descendants are in the U.S. They expanded from Lawrence County, MO to many states.

The family hailed from Aghadowey Parish in Londonderry, N. Ireland, and were some of the earliest settlers of Lawrence County, MO, in 1837.

Product Description
The Orr and related families (Adams, Campbell, Shirley, Mitchell and more) came largely to Southwest Missouri (though some went to Indiana and Pennsylvania), and many thousands are spread across the U.S. and in Canada and Australia. A more extensive book focused on all descendants (or the 2,400 who could be found) of Paul Orr and Isabelle Boyd. This books hones in on one part of the family and the many families they married into in Southwest Missouri.

Thinking of rural counties brings farms to mind, but every town breeds dozens of professions. Orrs have been furniture makers, millers, grocers, insurance agents, undertakers, teachers and, of course, farmers.

This book has information on four generations, which takes some branches of the family into the mid-twentieth century. There are also links to useful sites (U.S. and Irish) throughout the book and in the Sources section. At the end are brief discussions on the Cherry, Beck, Toliver, and Wilson families of Lawrence and Jasper Counties.

In Ireland, the Orr and related families were in Aghadowey, which is near Coleraine in Londonderry. There are links to some churches there, and to Bann Valley genealogy sites.

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