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Invisible Gadget Guard DX Screen Protector
« on: July 09, 2009, 02:56:31 pm »
This thing is amazing. It was so EASY to put it on. I didn't have to adjust it at all, and even if you had to, it wouldn't be hard. Though I do have to warn people - the use of water is involved. I used a fine spray mist to wet it, instead of dumping a ton of water onto the Kindle screen. I do have to say I was EXTREMELY worried about it damaging the KDX, but it came out just fine. Just be careful to keep the water on the screen. Also another tip, make sure you do it in "clean" place - meaning there's nothing floating in the air like little dusties. It annoyed the crap outta me when I did it the first time. (I will explain this in a bit.) LOL. I can't stop admiring how beautiful my KDX looks.

Here comes the next amazing part though - it's durable. If you don't understand what I mean, just check out the video posted on all of their eBay listings! It'll blow your mind!

Then there's the bad news. This might be a con for some people (for me, I don't really mind). It gives off a reflection - it's dull, but enough that it might distract some readers. But for what it's worth - $9.99 if you don't catch the sale, or $7.49 if you do (with FREE shipping, might I add for both prices!), it does its job.

Here is the link to their storefront on eBay, if anyone's interested.

But to explain about my earlier mishap. I've dealt with Gadget Guard two times now. The first time I received a "defective" screen protector. I promptly told them about the issue and demanded either a replacement or refund, and they messaged me back within 24 hours! I was granted the replacement or a refund. I opted for a replacement since I still needed it, and it arrived first class mail in about two days. Their customer service was excellent. I'm VERY, VERY happy with the product, and loved the quality and price!

Overall I give it an A+!

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