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KDX case by GTMax
« on: July 23, 2009, 10:44:27 am »
First, a picture:  

It is only $8.98, not even $12 when you include shipping and, BTW, Amazon prime won't work.  (It's sold by Bargain Cell.)   But I wanted something to protect my KDX while waiting for my replacement Oberon cover. (I was a beta tester and sent the beta model back for an exchange.)  

The cover is lightly padded and very lightweight; it adds virtually no weight to the Kindle.  Basic black elastic corners hold the KDX in.  It's reasonably secure.  I've held it by the open side, dangled the KDX while shaking lightly (don't worry, I had it over a fluffy comforter just in case) and it remained in the case.  I do not think it would provide as much protection against damage if dropped as some other cases, since the corners are not particularly padded.

There is a pocket in the inside front cover but I'm not sure what I'd put there.  There's no padding there so I'd not want to put, say, the charger cord in it, as I'd worry about it damaging the Kindle.  It would be better if there was a pocket on the outside; then if you put the charger cord in it , the cover padding would between it and the Kindle screen.

Shades of Henry Ford:  You can get it in any color you like, as long as it's black. :D  There are gray straps on either side made of webbing; they're sewn on so that you can slip your hand in if you care to.  There's also a sort of 'locker loop' too, but it doesn't do much for me except make it clear which way is up.  I suppose you could use it if you had a clip in a backpack or something and wanted some extra security against someone lifting it out.

It zips all the way around except on the one side.  It's a double zipper so you can put the charger cord in at the bottom and zip up the cover, or plug your headphones in at the top and do the same thing.  The right upper elastic holder covers the volume switch, however, and the bottom elastic straps partially cover the sound holes.  All other buttons and switches are easily available.  The front cover easily folds all the way back for reading.  Really, you could put the Kindle in upside down if you wanted it to open the 'wrong' way. . .and you didn't care about the pocket, which would then be upside down on the right side.  I think you'd have the same problems with the volume switch and sound holes though.

Bottom line:  it's a decent, really inexpensive case.  I'd recommend it especially if you usually read 'naked' but want something to put the KDX in when transporting it for some reason.
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    Re: KDX case by GTMax
    « Reply #1 on: July 23, 2009, 06:55:59 pm »
    I also have one of those and agree with everything Ann wrote. I bought it because I wanted something simple (i.e. scratch protection) while I was deciding on future covers. I don't think you could do better for that price! You could probably put a stiff piece of cardboard in that front pocket if you wanted a little more protection.
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