Author Topic: A heads-up on certain cases from various vendors.  (Read 1412 times)  

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A heads-up on certain cases from various vendors.
« on: July 04, 2012, 05:57:20 am »
I had one of the first Fire cases available and at first I loved it.  Compared to the Marware light folio case I have now it was big, it was bulky and worst of all the leather border surrounded the Fire screen to such an extent that it was difficult, many times to bring up menus using the small arrow at the bottom of the screen, the bordering case simply got in the way.

My Marware case and some others eliminate the above issue by simply snapping on.  This design of course requires close tolerances in manufacture which Marware exceeds at.

Some cases avoid the former issue by simply holding the four corners with elastic straps.  My issue with that it that it looks cheesy.  Granted it makes it easiest to remove from the case but how often do you do that.

That's my rant.  Comments and criticisms are welcome.

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