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This will go on the blog eventually and is also on Amazon, but thought I'd share here for those looking for an alternative case. I saw a few folks looking for ways to read one-handed and this would be fab for those folks!

JKase(TM) Executive Series Premium Quality Custom Fit Folio Case Cover Compatible with Kindle Paperwhite Display Wifi + 3G Model (Black)

This Paperwhite case came to me at no cost from the manufacturer for review. I admit that, looking at the price, I wasn't really expecting much. It's pretty cheap. So you know where I'm coming from, I also use the Amazon cover for my Paperwhite and am pretty happy with it. I've played with the JKase for a while and I really do think it's a great alternative for those that want not only a cheaper alternative, but a different type of reading experience.

The good:

For those that are distracted by the "Kindle" word on the Paperwhite, this covers it. You slide the kindle in from the top and there's a flap that tucks behind it to keep it secure. Makes it really easy, actually and more secure than I thought it would be. I actually slung around the kindle (over my bed, don't worry!) trying to get it to fall out, but couldn't.

There's an elastic strap to keep it closed (or open when you're reading so there's no flapping around going on). That's my biggest complaint about the one I'm using now - the cover flaps open if I'm not holding it folded back.

There's a nice little "pocket without a bottom", for lack of a better word, that you can actually slide your hand through while you're reading. This is actually kind of cool because you can read one-handed and use your thumb of the same hand to change the page. I have pretty medium sized-hands, but I think if you had smaller hands it might be more of an issue.

There's also a little wallet that you can tuck business cards or your driver's license or whatever into, nothing big, but something.

The bad:

I'm not in love with the exterior. It's fake leather and it does feel it. It's a little more slick than I'd prefer.

The interior is a soft suede. Mostly, this is good and makes my kindle feel all nice and cozy, but I've had a bad experience previous with this type of material, so I'm thinking that eventually it will start to leave little bits of itself on the kindle face. It hasn't - yet - but I'm just waiting! I'll update if it does.

If you're in love with the fact that the Amazon cover turns the kindle on (like, I admit, I am), then this will disappoint. However, if that's not important to you (or you use special offers where the turning-on Amazon cover is less important), then this is a FABULOUS alternative.

It is slightly thicker on the device than the Amazon one, but it's really not noticeable.

Recommended for those that read one-handed on their device (like while cooking or whatever) and for those that don't care about the auto-on feature. Or just want something inexpensive and easy.

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    Re: Candy's Raves' Kindle Paperwhite JKase Executive Series Folio Cover
    « Reply #1 on: October 17, 2012, 01:36:00 am »
    Looking Nice!!!
    I like it.

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