Author Topic: Upgrades to older Kindles  (Read 501 times)  

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Upgrades to older Kindles
« on: May 05, 2013, 04:33:20 am »

is it possible to upgrade older Kindles with the newer technology like XRay and Time to end of chapter/book that is on PaperWhite...

I have a Paperwhite and a K3 (the last Kindle before the 1st Kindle Fire)...

I like the  Paperwhite but am using the K3 because of the Text to Voice option...

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    Re: Upgrades to older Kindles
    « Reply #1 on: May 05, 2013, 04:49:35 am »
    In short, NO.

    To the extent the changes can be made via software, Amazon has put out updates to older devices.  But sometimes the difference in firmware is enough that the additional features aren't going to work -- maybe the processor isn't up to it or something.  That's the case, I believe, with the features you mention.  You might check the Kindle Software Update page for the K3/Keyboard and make sure you have the latest version but, even so, I don't think those features will be included. :(

    And, as far as text to speech goes, that requires the device to have speakers, which the PaperWhite does not, as you probably realize.  That was a conscious decision on the part of Amazon.  I assume their customer feedback and focus groups indicated that people wanted a reasonably priced reader and most didn't have any interest in it also having speakers. 

    At this point, if you want the latest technology, features and also a speaker, you kind of have to go with a Fire if you're buying from Amazon. 

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