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Amazon vendors requesting 5 star ratings
« on: November 12, 2013, 10:08:24 am »
I get fairly frequent emails from Amazon's third-party vendors asking me to give them a five star rating. I rarely give a rating, because I feel that if the vendor did only what they said they were going to do, i.e., ship the product advertised in the specified time frame, that does not deserve a five star rating: it's a three star rating.

I feel that if they want a five star rating, they'll have to do something better than just pop the product into a box and ship it. I've had vendors in the past send along a hand-written note thanking me for my business and giving me a name and phone number to call if I'm not satisfied. I've also had a few send along something extra, such as the vendor that included a small 1" tall plastic replica of their company mascot (a cute dog). These people will get more than a three star review, because they went to some extra effort.

I'm thinking it may be a symptom of a society where there is an increasing tendency to view things by extremes with no middle ground. You have to either love something or hate it, someone is either a moron or a genius, no middle ground.

Or maybe I'm just grumpy today.


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    Re: Amazon vendors requesting 5 star ratings
    « Reply #1 on: November 12, 2013, 01:51:50 pm »
    Grumpy grumpy grumpy. :D

    Seriously, though. I get you.  I always sort of chuckle when asked if something was as I expected. My answer isn't really going to mean anything, though, of course, they think the highest response is better.  But if I expected delivery of what I ordered on the date promised, yes, I'm satisfied.  I'm not EXTREMELY satisfied.  Nor am I dissatisfied.  I'd be extremely satisfied if it came early, and dissatisfied if it came late. Or got lost.

    OTOH, if it's a company that I'm not very sure about and I rather expect that the package will be late, and it actually comes on time, then maybe I am more than satisfied.  But that's only because my expectations were so low to start with!

    But what I really hate is getting an evaluation that says, "we hope you were satisfied, please submit this to your feedback department" -- and they've already filled it in with the highest possible ratings! :o That's just dishonest.  It means SOMEONE was supposed to ask me to fill it out and instead just put all high marks in. It's a habit of Sears service people, as I have, too often, had occasion to experience lately.  When I get those I mark them way down and note that no one asked me first before filling out the ratings as originally submitted.  But I expect for most people, they just ignore it or it ends up in their spam file, and so it gets filed that they're ecstatically thrilled . . . . whether they were or not. :(  As I say: Dishonest.

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