Author Topic: HIT GIRLZ. It's like Mean Girls meets Pulp Fiction  (Read 50 times)  

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HIT GIRLZ. It's like Mean Girls meets Pulp Fiction
« on: November 22, 2020, 03:02:22 am »
BFFs Bella and MaryBeth are just typical teenagers dealing with typical teenage things: the unwinnable popularity contest that is high school, the minefield of social media--Boys! But Bella and MaryBeth have found a way to deal with the stresses of their teenage lives with their unusual after school job--Being hired assassins for the mob.

Hey, what can I say--Bullets pay better then babysitting.

"HIT GIRLZ" by writer/creator Darryl Hughes and artist Monique Macnaughton. It's like Mean Girls meets Pulp Fiction.

We hope that you enjoy our trailer:

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