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Need advice for upcoming promo
« on: March 06, 2014, 03:58:22 pm »
Ok. Decisions, decisions.

I am releasing my 4th book in my Jake Monday Chronicles on March 10th. To coincide with this release, I am also running the first book (Manic Monday) in the series for free for 5 days (March 11th-15th). I have lined up Booksends and Freebooksy as well as registered with 30 or so other freebie-alert sites for those dates.

The other books in the series are also in Select right now (they all will go off April 1).

Here is where I need the advice:

Should I run a Kindle Countdown Deal for Book 2 in the series?

I see some potential synergy, but I am hesitant to push too close to the price point for the collection (The Monday Collection, Vol 1). However, I am envisioning 2 things happening (I can hear myself making up my mind as I type):
1) Book 1 gets 6,000+ downloads and gets into the Top 100 free. This in turn will develop some lead over to the other books in the series. They see Book 2 at a discount, and the other 2--books 3 and 4--are only $2.99. So, for $6 they can get all 4 books. Not a bad deal!
2) As readers find Book 2 because they downloaded book 1, Book 2 will climb the ranking on KCD in that category, thus firing visibility for it. Readers will see that Book 1 is free and pick it up as well, boosting its ranking as well. All the books get a boost because the first 2 are such a great deal.

Is that scenario likely or is it more accurate that I will waste an opportunity to sell Book 2 at retail price?

A)Run the KCD on A Month of Mondays for $0.99
B)Keep the pricing the same and be confident in my pricing plan

LONG TERM OUTLOOK is my biggest concern. I could care less if make $300 more one way or the other this month. I want readers/fans/newsletter sign-ups/reviews/web site traffic/Twitter followers/Facebook followers/Blog followers/Google+ followers, etc.

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