Author Topic: My book is in the Kobo ad banner ... I assume they are using cookies?  (Read 229 times)  

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I'm assuming Kobo has cookies on their site that make them know I visited my own book in the Kobo store? Is anyone else seeing anything like this? I noticed it at the top of KBoards as well but didn't get a screenshot. Here's what it looked like on VRBO.

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    Re: My book is in the Kobo ad banner ... I assume they are using cookies?
    « Reply #1 on: March 31, 2014, 06:16:55 pm »
    It probably is some variation of what is called "ad retargeting". 

    Those who visit a lot of sites online may have noticed ads that seem to follow them around the Web.  You visit site A, leave and then go to site B -- where you see ads from site A all over the place.  If site A was an eCommerce site, and you looked at specific products, you may see ads for that exact product or category of products you were looking at.  The ads may be that exactly targeted.

    Just looking at the screenshot it appears to be an ad placed by Kobo showing either books recently viewed and/or related books.

    Retargeting is cookie based and used extensively today.   

    When used intelligently retargeting is effective because it can get people to come back and buy if they abandoned a shopping cart, for instance.  If not done intelligently it can be a waste of the advertiser's money (e.g., showing ads for a product if you just bought the item on that site). Or it can creep people out if done too aggressively.

    For you as an author it is pretty much a win, because Kobo is advertising your book for you on other sites.

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