Author Topic: Feels like Twilight Zone...  (Read 372 times)  

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Feels like Twilight Zone...
« on: April 04, 2014, 03:02:39 pm »
Today, I listened to a book on my Fire. Then, before leaving home, I synced it up to my PW2 to the correct page. I took my PW1 out with me to read with. I opened up the book. It didn't sync, so having remembered basically the chapter & the correct page number. I put in the page number. I have the cell on my PW1. I started reading, but I did not remember reading about this man or the elderly lady, Jessica. (The character Jessie wrote a play, but her name in the title of the play was changed to Jenny.  So, thinking that maybe the man had a connection to the murders in the book, Lulliby by Ed McBain.) I came home & looked for these characters that I read about on my PW1. I paged through many chapters forwards & backwards. I put in the same page number. I tried X-Ray for the 1st time. Can't find the storyline! I went from page 179 to around page 109. Weird huh? Has this ever happened to you? Also, it's the only book that I have in this collection, since it's an Amazon Lending Library Book.

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