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Peter S. Fischer autobiography
« on: April 19, 2014, 09:58:36 pm »
Most of you don't know who Peter Fischer is, but he was a writer/producer/show-runner/script-editor for a number of series in the 80/90s, including Columbo, Ellery Queen, and most notably, Murder, She Wrote. He was the main person that came up with most of the twists and clues for these series.

He's published an autobiographical work about his experiences in show business while working on those series and his TV movies. I find this sort of thing fascinating, and this book is no exception. I found his writing style to be very engaging, and his stories of the behind-the-scenes shenanigans to be very enjoyable. The anecdotes of working with Peter Falk and Angela Landsbury were worth the price of the book to me. Falk was a huge pain for the studio executives to work with, and Angela Landsbury couldn't resist meddling with the series after a few years. There was also some discussion of why some series failed. The author comes across as very self-effacing.

Since his retirement from show business (due mainly to disillusionment), Mr. Fischer has concentrated on writing thrillers and historical mysteries (self-published) for the last few years. I've started the first of the mystery series, but it has some formatting issues which need to be fixed in order for me to recommend them.

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