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Re: Kindle Voyage First Impressions
« Reply #475 on: March 26, 2015, 03:05:57 pm »
Just bought a Kindle Voyage a few days ago and I think I can safely say that this is the first Kindle I've owned that I want to actually use as my primary reading source. I've always liked the concept but I feel like I've spent the last five years waiting for the technology to catch upto where I want it to be.

Last year I read the fewest books I've ever read at only 17 novels, some of that was distractions from other media but at lot was the fact that I just couldn't be bothered reading from that big old chunky 1000 Peter F Hamilton hardback sci-fi novel and as for lugging it about from mine to work or to my parents every day well that got tiresome. My new Voyage however has reinvigorated my reading as I've read three books on it already, which is a heck of a lot for a snail reader like me.

My first Kindle was the keyboard model (3rd gen?) that one was great in the sun but I'd always have to angle it to find some sunlight, I expected it to be as visible in low light as printed words which wasn't the case, in situations that I could comfortably read a printed book in I didn't have enough light to read the kindle by. So after a month or two I soon got sick of that, my brother uses it now and takes it with him when he's travelling round Europe.

Fast forward a few years and I saw the promo stuff for the Paperwhite model, I thought fantastic a touch screen AND a light FINALLY a Kindle that's not stuck in the dark ages. Unfortunately I still wasn't very happy with the device, first the text seemed far poorer than on my old model, poor contrast and the lettering didn't seem anywhere near as black, but worse I had this irritating issue where certain lines of text on a page would appear as if those words were bolded which made them stand out from the rest of the text. They were a totally different shade of black from the rest of the text, switching on the page refresh on every page turn did nothing to alleviate this issue.

Second the screen seemed to be a complete magnet for dust, my minor ocd had me constantly wiping off bits of dust I could see on the screen. As for the light itself I didn't get a great model as my lighting was all over the place, I don't know if all the first gen model had such uneven lighting. So once again not the machine didn't have a great deal of use.

So now I have the Voyage and I'm much happier, the flush screen makes it feel like a much more premium device, the lighting is even and includes a light sensor and I like the shorter, slimmer and lighter design. Of course I've never used a perfect device and my niggles with this one are the light sensor is 100% to my taste, say if it chooses 8 then it's 10 that I want, so it would be good if it would remember that I always move it to 10 and in future select 10 itself in those lighting conditions, maybe it will 'learn' it after more use, ipad gets it right for me all the time. Next I find the page turn 'buttons' useless, If low pressure required to turn was a 5, medium a 7 and hard a 10 then I would need an option to have it on 1 out of 10 because I want to be able to just twitch my thumb ever so slightly and have it turn the page, not use real force.

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    Re: Kindle Voyage First Impressions
    « Reply #476 on: March 30, 2015, 12:03:33 pm »
    I got my Voyage on Friday.  I love it.  Much bigger upgrade from the PW1 than I was expecting.  Over the years I've had Kindle 1, 2, 3 and the PW, I like the Voyage the most by a long shot.  Screen is super clear with very crisp text, the light is even across the screen without the shadows at the bottom the PW had, I love the flush screen, and the page turn zones and feedback are great.

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    Re: Kindle Voyage First Impressions
    « Reply #477 on: March 31, 2015, 09:59:15 am »
    Got it! it came superfast, as usual....altho I realize for some folks it's never fast enough when they just come out, lol.

    I like it alot, screen quality (lighting, fonts) is amazing. Size and weight difference from the PW1 is negligible, expected it to be a little more noticeable but then I havent read on it for any amount of time yet (I could only test them side by side at Best Buy where they were tethered so couldnt get an accurate feel there).

    I like the look of the new front but dont care for the added 'slickness.' But that's just me personally, with my lifestyle, everything should have a rubberized coating! I will continue to read my new Voyage nekkid (yes, the device  :)) and may still add a skin to the front for a little more grip-ability.

    I have yet to test the lighting out, including the new auto adjust feature but thanks to those here on the forum, I will allow some time to pass and see how that goes.

    On to continue my Voyage!

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    Kindle Voyage First Impressions
    « Reply #478 on: April 12, 2015, 01:59:03 pm »
    I finally got my voyage Saturday afternoon . Set up went ok. I noticed that initially the touch screen wasn't very responsive when putting in my wifi pw. I had to press a couple of times.
    The screen is very nice and lighting is good . I never noticed the sensors adjusting the lighting when trying it out in a dark room .
    The page turning was great once I got used to it. The little vibrating didn't really bother me, although I was expecting to just be able to touch it and the pages turned. A couple of times it turned more than one page, but that was probably more user error than the device lol
    I think I like it better than my pw , not sure why , but I do . I was hoping I wouldn't like it and be content with my pw , but for whatever reasons I do like it . LOL
    I'm going to continue playing around with the two to see if I really want to keep it or not. But for now it's a keeper.
    One complaint I do have is the lack of charger plug to go with cord. For $199, Amazon should give you a complete charger not just a cord!!

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    Re: Kindle Voyage First Impressions
    « Reply #479 on: April 13, 2015, 07:05:35 am »
    I've been enjoying my Kindle Voyage since Christmas, thanks to my thoughtful wife.  My previous Paperwhite was sent back to Amazon where the sale credit received was used to BUY MORE BOOKS!

    Regarding Amazon not including a charger with the Voyage:  I'm of the opinion that I have enough chargers already.  As a matter of fact, so many of my devices have chargers of various shape and size, that I've consolidated my charging needs into two multiple-port chargers that I've found on Amazon.  The charger on my desk has six ports and supplies fifty watts, while the one I travel with has four ports and supplies thirty-five watts.  That way, devices like my iPhone, Kindle Voyage, Logitech rechargeable mouse, my wife's iPad, my FitBit, my Plantronics Bluetooth ear piece, etc. can all charge simultaneously.  For me, saving the additional cost and landfill capacity is a benefit.

    And now, onto WiFi vs. 3G/4G.  My iPhone and Verizon cellular plan allow me to use my data plan in any capacity desired without penalty (tethering).  Since my Voyage is used for reading only, I connect it to the net only when downloading purchases from Amazon (mostly from home, occasionally using the tethering function of my phone).  Having 3G built-in to the Voyage was a redundant waste for me.

    Finally, I really like the fact that the Voyage is a single-function device.  As the Greek philosopher Thales said, "The most difficult thing in life is to know yourself."  Well, I know enough about myself to know that I go completely ADD with access to more information, and need to limit my inputs to the matter of hand.  So, when I sit down in a coffee shop or quiet place to read, I don't want to check e-mail, wind up on Wikipedia, have a Facebook message pop up, etc.  The Kindle Voyage is excellent at what it does, and is greatly appreciated for what it doesn't:  provide distractions.  It's a wonderful device that provides me many hours of enjoyment on a weekly basis.
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