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Writersrushin - An Introduction
« on: November 23, 2014, 10:40:46 pm »
Dear Writers, Authors & Publishers,

I am Rajesh Kunnatheeri, I am the founder of website. Initially I was into writing articles and contents to different websites, later I stepped into the world of Books. It was here I started realizing complete job satisfaction, I always had a penchant for reading books and had spent much time in Libraries during my college times, I was earning for a profession in any fields related to book publishing and always wanted to be associated with Writers & Authors, but destiny landed me in the Medical Billing industry, working with US doctors and third party billing companies for more than 10 years. Though it was a lucrative career, I always felt something was missing.

During these years I got an opportunity to explore the Internet and my seed of interest to get myself associated with my desired job, sprouted again. I learnt there is a space between authors and book reviewers and wanted to bridge this gap by helping each other benefit through me. Thus the birth of, this is just a beginning and there is still a long way to pass on, I just don't want to limit with book reviews, but also ready to take any tasks, be it a virtual assistant or copy writing job, that we are capable of........... is in the business of Book review writing, content and article writing for the past two years, we have a 100% satisfied client base, ready to give us business everytime they write or publish a book, we never failed to produce competitive reviews for our clients. We are also in the process of creating a new work-flow management software to simplify our entire work-allotment process, the new application will also help clients to table their requirements with ease, so keep watching for our next update on the current tasks and future assignments.

If you want to reach us, please sign up in the below form,

For Reviewers

For Authors

Thank you,

Rajesh Kunnatheeri
CEO & Founder of Writersrushin

Enjoy Writing, Enjoy Freedom
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